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Corrected entry: There was nowhere near enough change in the world to reflect all the answered prayers which supposedly took place. People may have prayed for dead relatives to come back to life, others might pray for the destruction of the entire world, some people may have prayed for it to rain candy bars, some people may have prayed for rain forests to grow in the middle of deserts. Someone may have prayed that a day takes longer, or that years were shorter. The fact is, the entire universe could have drastically changed if everybody's prayers were to truly be answered, but there's barely any visible effect at all.

Correction: This is too ridiculous of a statement to be a valid plot hole. Plus, people who actually believe in a benevolent God wouldn't pray for the entire world to be destroyed. And wishes aren't prayers so people who believe and pray to God with faith don't treat him as a genie to grant them ridiculous wishes, like raining candy bars. Prayer in the context of the film is specific, so inappropriate prayers, or prayers to Satan, non-Christian deities, or other beings wouldn't be "answered" by "God."


Corrected entry: God tells Bruce he can't mess with free will. However, he does when he makes Evan say lots of crazy stuff on TV.


Correction: He doesn't change Evan's mind such to make him want to say the gargled messages, he's merely controlling Evan's mouth as opposed to changing his thoughts. His will remains unchanged. On the other hand, forcing Grace to love him would be different than simply forcing her to utter the phrase "I love you" without her meaning it.

Corrected entry: During Bruce's first night as God, he 'lassoes' the moon and drags it closer to create a more romantic view. God limited Bruce's power to only affect a section of downtown Buffalo because God felt that the entire world would be too much for Bruce to handle. So how is Bruce able to change the moon's orbit and create a major disaster on the other side of the world?


Correction: Actually, God said he was only giving Bruce responsibility over the PRAYERS in that area, as opposed to all of the prayers in the whole world. Nothing was said about affecting other objects or people.

Corrected entry: When Bruce says he's Clint Eastwood and hides the handgun under his shirt, then goes to throw it in the garbage can, you can see that he's not holding a gun, but a Channel 7 news microphone. (00:32:10)


Correction: That's the joke. First he says he's Clint Eastwood, so he has a gun. Then he panics and says he's Bruce Nolan, therefore it becomes the microphone from his TV station.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: When Bruce is checking the prayers on the computer, one of them reads "bra for my sports car."


Correction: A bra for a vehicle is the cover that protects the front of the car. This is a picture of a car bra:


Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce switches everything to files, then Post Its, that scene was shot on September 11, 2002. So everyone that worked on the set, all the cast and crew, wrote down something about how they felt about the attacks on a Post-It. Every one of those was in that scene.

Correction: It was NOT shot on the day, just "not too long after the anniversary of 9/11" as the audio-commentary points out. And the prayers are NOT only about 9/11, everybody could write down a prayer about friends, the family or something other.

Corrected entry: In Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Jim Carrey visited a friend of his who was redirecting a Norwegian whaling fleet. He says "they'll find Jimmy Hoffa before they find any humpback whales". In this film, Jimmy Hoffa's body is found. (00:23:30)

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: This is a vague coincidence between two movies, not trivia.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce is training the dog that the house is not a bathroom and outside is, he goes between the words bathroom and house turning back and forth to each one. During the rant, he says "bathroom" while facing the house and "house" while facing the tree outside.

Correction: At best that would be a character mistake. But it most likely was done to show the confused state Bruce was in.


Corrected entry: After Bruce's car gets vandalised by the thugs, they manage to crack his drivers window. This wouldn't be possible, its tempered glass which means that it would shatter into little bits, its a safety feature.

Correction: In many older cars windows could be broken like on Bruces car, They used to do them like that to keep them from breaking apart like tempered glass. So it could be that his car was built before tempered glass.

Corrected entry: When Bruce's boss buys his lunch from a man in an apron, telling him it's "An exellent choice," this is a reference to the movie "I am Sam," where the protagonist had a similar appearance and used that same phrase over and over.

Correction: Somebody selling food wearing an apron is hardly an unusual choice of attire and "an excellent choice" would similarly be a common phrase in the circumstances. Without citation that this is an intentional nod by the filmmakers to "I Am Sam", this falls into the realm of pure coincidence, which invalidates it as trivia.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Grace leaves Bruce stranded at the party, he begins walking beside a lake, and his clothes are soaking wet before it starts to rain.

Correction: His clothes are soaking wet because he caused it to rain in the party to make everyone leave. He sat on the couch and got soaked, then left.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Bruce enters the diner shortly after being told he had God's powers, the waitress asks if he would like some soup - the special of the day. A few seconds later in the background there is a chalk board stating the special of the day is fish and chips.

Correction: Most diners have a soup special *and* and an entrée/side dish special. The soup in the special is generally the only soup available that day in smaller diners like this one. That's why it's special.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: After Bruce locks the camera van, when he says, "I guess every dog has his day," the small camera he's holding doesn't have the "scope" out. When he turns to the boy, the scope is out again. (The scope is the thing he blows into.)

Correction: You can clearly see Bruce unfold the "scope" before he turns to the boy.

Corrected entry: When Bruce and Grace are arguing about having a mediocre lives, if you pause it at the right moment, you will see that the box actually starts moving a second before Bruce (Jim Carey) touches it. (Most visible on DVD.)

Correction: According to site rules, if you have to pause, slo-mo, or zoom in to see something, it's not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: When all the cars move out of the way for Bruce's car the traffic lights are blinking very quickly.

Correction: This is part of the parting of the traffic. The lights change to green all the way down for Bruce's Saleen while the cars are turned to the side of the road. Bruce made them change for him.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce and Jennifer are sitting in the car at the blood drive, Bruce's watch reads: 9:05. Afterwards, when he arrives at the office, the wall clock reads: 8:35. Either the clock is going backwards or it took him 11 hours to reach the office. (00:07:35 - 00:09:10)

Correction: Or the clock or watch were not changed during the last daylight savings time change. Not necessarily a movie mistake, as it can easily be explained by a clock not being changed for daylight savings time. There was a clock at a place I used to work that was wrong for six months of the year because no one could reach the clock to change the time to daylight savings time.

Corrected entry: When Bruce first meets God, or the janitor as he thinks it is then, you can see the sign "Stairway" in many shots. A little play on the song "Stairway to Heaven."

Correction: Far too obvious to be trivia and the phrase "Stairway to Heaven" didn't originate from the song, it is an ancient expression.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce is getting Evan fired, right after Evan says "And my tiny little nipples went to France.", both cameramen lean inwards to stare at Evan, and we can see the text on the TelePrompTers. The left TelePrompTers, which Evan was reading from, says "little tiny nipples".

Correction: So Evan made a mistake, newsreaders do that all the time. It doesn't change the intent of the "news" and isn't a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: How could God have made Bruce come to him on the 7th at 7 if he can't mess with free will?

Correction: It's never said that God can't mess with free will, just that he won't, and that he won't give Bruce the power to do so either. Anyway, he doesn't need to mess with free will. He could set a chain of events in motion that culminated in that, events that are so seemingly irrelevant that it wouldn't be noticed by us. After all, he IS God.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: In the scene at the Maid of the Mist, Ally Loman tells Bruce that the Maid of the mist has been around for 156 years. Then Irene Dansfield is introduced as her mother having ridden on the maiden voyage. Her mother must have had her when she was about 80 to make that possible.

Correction: The boat tour of the Niagara Falls was 156 years old at the time the movie came out, yes, but in this time, ALL the different boats have been named "Maid of the Mist", even when new boats replaced older models. So the tour of the river past the falls is 156 years old, but the actual boat Bruce and Irene are on is younger than that. Most likely, it is the (currently running) "Maid of the Mist" I or II, who was put into service in 1955 and 1956, respectively, and Irene's mother should have had no problems catching one of THOSE maiden voyages.


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Bruce: God, why do you hate me?



Early in the film, Jim Carrey is watching TV during a sports segment. He is watching Channel 7, the station he works for. This clip they showed was of actual WKBW sports director John Murphy. The clip they showed was taken directly from a real WKBW newscast, with the authentic news set, and graphics. However, when they show a clip of Ch. 7 News later, there are completely different graphics, and a completely different news set, both made for the movie.



In Egypt, the film was banned by the state-run censorship body because it felt the comedy mocks God's sacredness.