Bruce Almighty

Nothing seems to be going right for Bruce: his job, his car, even his dog pees in the house. The only thing that is good in his life is his loving girlfriend, Grace, played by Jennifer Aniston. He really wants the anchor job for his channel 7 news station. Instead, he gets sent to do a live story at the maid of the mist in Niagara Falls. Just before he goes to do the story, they make an announcement, which he hears in his earpiece, that says the anchor position was given to Evan Baxtor. He gets very upset and freaks out on the boat, eventually swearing on public television. As a result, he is fired. He blames god for his downfall and calls god many different names, basically just blaspheming.

God responds to him, after Bruce claims that god could fix his life in 5 minutes if he wanted to. God gives Bruce all his powers to prove that his job isn't as easy as Bruce thinks. So, Bruce goes around with the powers at first doing tests to show that he really did have the powers. Then, he uses them to improve his life and get revenge on all the people that have mistreated him recently. He gets revenge on a gang of people, after they beat him up earlier. He gets revenge on Evan Baxtor, making him mess up on national TV. Then Bruce goes and uses his powers to get his job back. He happens to be in the right place just as a police dog digs up a dead body of a drug lord, he happens to be right near when a meteor comes crashing to the ground. He gets his job back, all the while unconcerned of the well being of others, including his girlfriend.

He eventually tries to answer prayers by giving everyone everything they want, the result is world riots and turmoil. So Bruce gives up on being god and gets on his knees begging god to let him be himself once again. He ends up getting hit by a truck because he was kneeling in the middle of the road, not very smart. Bruce dies, and ends up talking to god and he prays that grace would have someone to love her, god decides to bring him back to life for that reason. In the end, Bruce learns to be more loving and less concerned with his own interests and more for the cares of others. He becomes a very loving guy.

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Bruce: God, why do you hate me?



Early in the film, Jim Carrey is watching TV during a sports segment. He is watching Channel 7, the station he works for. This clip they showed was of actual WKBW sports director John Murphy. The clip they showed was taken directly from a real WKBW newscast, with the authentic news set, and graphics. However, when they show a clip of Ch. 7 News later, there are completely different graphics, and a completely different news set, both made for the movie.



In Egypt, the film was banned by the state-run censorship body because it felt the comedy mocks God's sacredness.