Bruce Almighty

Continuity mistake: When Jim and Jennifer are in the kitchen and Jennifer is commenting on how she thinks her boobs have gotten bigger, Jim is squirting ketchup onto his plate. When he first does this the ketchup goes everywhere all over his plate, cuts to Jennifer and then back to Jim and the ketchup is now in a nice neat pile. (00:44:30)

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Suggested correction: At this point in the movie, Bruce (Jim) already has his "God" powers, and so it can be assumed, as he didn't of course mean to spray his ketchup everywhere, that he "willed" the spilled ketchup into a nice neat pile to clean up the mess. If you had "God" powers and ruined your food, you'd magically fix it, wouldn't you?

This is a valid mistake due to filming. There's no indication he used his God powers to fix it. If he's going to use his powers, why bother picking up the bottle with his hands at all?


Well he would have used the bottle because Grace was right there, so he needed to appear mortal. While it's possible he used his powers to fix it, there's nothing specifically to suggest he did so. And again, he was right in front of Grace, so he'd have to hope she didn't notice.

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