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Corrected entry: When Rhonda, Izzy, and Big D are being chased by the demon in the truck at the end, why does Izzy throw Rhonda out of the truck? First, being thrown out of the truck the way she was, she would have hit her head and broken her neck, but she instead rolled out. Second, by being thrown out at all at the speed they were going, she would have definitely been killed. Third, why was she thrown out at all? And why wasn't Big D killed but Izzy was?

Correction: She was thrown out because Izzy was going to put the brakes on so the Creeper goes through the window, so he didn't want to hurt her. Izzy wasn't killed because he crawled out after the truck was flipped - you have to look closely at the truck when it's upside down.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the kids are turning up the radio to hear the "news" about the church (in the first Jeepers Creepers) still finding bodies, why would it be broadcasting anyway? Its 23 years later. It doesn't take that long to bring out 300 bodies.

Correction: This new movie takes place right after the last. They would still be getting the bodies and looking for more.


Correction: The boy in the cornfield is day 22. The bus is day 23. The reporter says "south of Bertwillo 4 days ago" I think that makes Jeepers Creepers day 19.


Corrected entry: In the first movie, the old black lady says that when you hear the song "jeepers creepers" or something like that, the creeper is coming for someone. How come they didn't play the song in the second movie?

Correction: The old woman says that she has had a vision in which that song is played. She never states that the song must play before he hunts.


Correction: The song was only relevant to the first film because it foreshadowed Darry's fate in the end. There is no reason for the song to play in the second movie as Darry has already met his end.

Corrected entry: After Taggart shoots the creeper the first time, he says, "He's gonna rip my gun out of my truck!". After they jump out of the truck, it gets nearly totaled and the gun is ripped off. Later at the end, he shoots the creeper with the same truck and the same gun, as if he fixed his truck and re-welded the gun to his truck in seconds.


Correction: The harpoon is strapped to the pickup.

Corrected entry: The bus is heading east. The second time it breaks down, they encounter a man in a car heading west who promises to send help. Later in the movie, that same car has been attacked, and the car and the skid marks leading off the road are headed east, not west as they should be.

Correction: The track are heading west. What's confusing is simple. They changed the filming angle from when the station wagon approached the bus to when Taggart approaches the station wagon. Even I assumed Taggart was headed west. But the station wagon going west passes the rear of the bus last. So if Taggart approaches it from the rear which is opposite of then it's obvious he was going east. If he was going west, he would have approached the bus from the front. So, Taggart started out west of the bus and headed east toward it. I'm the Super Genius now.

Corrected entry: This is something that occured to me: It seems that when the Creeper loses a body part, it can only be replaced, but not grown back. Instead of the farmer putting the pieces back together, so he'll be ready to stop the Creeper when it returns 23 years later, why not cut the Creeper's body into pieces and then keep them seperate, and therefore prevent its return? This seems like a much safer idea to me.

Correction: Taggart wants the Creeper to return in one full piece so he can fight it again to revenge his son's death; or he wants people to come see it to believe the stories about the Creeper. Either way, it's plausible.


Corrected entry: When the old couple pass the bus, they are going in the opposite direction to it. When Taggart finds their car later on, he keeps going in the same direction they had been (away from the bus), judging by the tire tracks leading off the road, so how does he ever find the kids?


Correction: The Creeper attacked the old couple from above (evidenced by tearing off the roof) and the driver pulled the steering wheel all the way to the left trying to toss it off, throwing the car into a U-turn that ended in a tree on the other side of the road (the tracks to the crash are curved, not straight). Thus it faces backward when Taggart finds it and he can find the bus by going that direction.


Corrected entry: The kids on the bus make a comment about it being hours since the creeper was there but when the farmer finds the station wagon it still has smoke/steam coming from the front. After a couple hours I wouldn't think there would be any steam coming out as the engine would have cooled off by then.


Correction: We don't know exactly when the Creeper attacked the old couple. It can fly pretty fast, and there was a large gap of time when it wasn't attacking the kids. It's possible it had only crashed the car a few minutes before Taggart finds it.


Correction: They actually say that it's been "almost an hour" since the creeper last appeared so it actually hasn't been all that long.

Corrected entry: The students discover that the Creeper has jammed both the front and back doors of the bus from the outside. They manage to open the front but leave the back. A few scenes later, the guy with glasses runs back onto the bus very quickly via the back door.

Correction: He doesn't enter through the back of the bus, he enters through the hole that the 'Bat out of Hell' made when he tried to snatch a kid.

Corrected entry: A bus roof that can support the weight of 6 athletes gives way easily to a javelin wielded by a cheerleader? Not very likely.


Correction: The athletes are spread out over the entire roof. Cheerleaders usually have a good bit of muscle from constant practice, plus this one's powered by adrenaline. The javelin is pointy and focuses the force much more than a large person does.


Corrected entry: It's obvious that the hole in the roof created by the Creeper's hand would only have fit Bucky's head. Later he fits his whole body in it.

Correction: Either the Creeper only wanted to eat something in Bucky's head and would have been satisfied to tear it off his body or it was depending on using its strength to haul Bucky through and tear the hole wider in the process. Later the Creeper grabs Bucky through a different hole close to the middle of the bus that is much larger, made when it crashed on the roof.


Corrected entry: How does the Creeper have any trouble lifting Bucky or the assistant coach, when we later see that it is strong enough to lift a truck right off the road?


Correction: It lifts the truck off the road while in flight. It doesn't use its wings to pull up the victims.

Corrected entry: If this one is supposedly within the same 23 days as the first movie, why is that he can fly around in this movie but had to drive that big panel truck in the first one?


Correction: He could fly also in the first movie, he only did it after they realized who he was. He just used the truck to scare them and not to seem as obvious.

Correction: The creature also is desperate for organs since the second film takes place right as the 23 days are up, so he isn't as concerned with secrecy as he is in the first film.

Corrected entry: When everyone runs from the school bus, there are about 20 students running into the field, but when we see them again there are only 4 survivors running from the school bus. It is never explained what happened to the rest of the students.

Correction: There is a quick aerial shot of the Creeper flying over the field, where you see a large group of the students running below. There was a smaller group that included Scotty and at least one other person the Creeper picked out that broke off from that group. The larger group was trying to reach a farmhouse they figured was nearby. It already killed some of the people it picked out and most of the remaining ones were in the group it turned its attention to (Bucky was the only one it selected that stayed close to the bus), so it isn't much of a stretch to believe that it may have decided to disregard the larger group and they made it to safety since it was more interested in the smaller group.


Corrected entry: When Coach Hanna catches the cheerleaders smoking, they turn around, caught off-guard, and have to hold in smoke in their mouths. After he turns away to get people back in the bus, they all blow out smoke and cough, even though they hadn't even inhaled any when they turned around.

Correction: They inhaled before they turned around.

Corrected entry: When the bus driver reaches out to touch the four pronged spike thing that punctured the tire she barely touches it and cuts her hand, but the man who touches it next pulls on it hard to remove it from the tire and doesn't get cut, and he has his hand around the same part that cut the bus driver.

troy fox

Correction: They don't grab it in the same place. The driver grasps one of the prongs and gets cut. The next man holds it not by the prongs but the grip in the center, which is not sharp. His palm touches the flat part of the prong and isn't cut while he pulls it out. He continues to hold it very gingerly so the prongs don't cut him while they examine it.


Corrected entry: On the bus after the first blowout, when Izzy yells "Poho update." The camera moves back towards Scott, you can see the back of the bus (under the emergency door) has been removed, presumably for shooting through.


Correction: The floor of the bus is intact. The only oddity is that the emergency door has two windows, one above and one below. Both windows have dirt on them and are lined with rubber, so they appear to be normal parts of the bus. I don't see anything else this could refer to.


Corrected entry: After the first tire blows, we see Chelsea using a mobile phone, looking like she's texting someone, but a few scenes later we're told there's no reception where the bus has stopped. How can she text with no reception, and if she isn't texting, why would she be checking her phone reception before anyone else even knows why the bus has stopped?


Correction: All we see her doing is punching buttons. She could be bored and playing a game, looking through her phonebook, messing with options, etc. Chelsea doesn't do or say anything that indicates she's trying to communicate with someone or checking reception.


Corrected entry: After the first tire blows Chelsea is using a mobile phone, but right after Izzy yells "Poho update." the camera moves slowly down the bus and her phone has disappeared. She wasn't off-screen long enough to put it away.


Correction: We see her holding it extended in her right hand and punching buttons, probably playing a game. When the camera comes back to her, her hands are offscreen and the absence of the phone cannot be verified.


Corrected entry: The first time the bus has stopped, Betty is on the bus every scene we see trying to raise someone over the radio, so how can she be standing behind the tree smoking with the cheerleaders? The time between the various scenes at the bus isn't long enough for her to get off, have a cigarette and get back on again.


Correction: Between when all the players get off the bus (the last time Betty is seen on the radio) and when the cheerleaders are discovered smoking, the coach moves from just outside the bus door all the way around to the rear driver's side, so obviously some time has passed. We have no idea how much time. Betty isn't seen again until after the players' conversation, so she had time to get back as well.


Continuity mistake: When Bucky jumps on the hood of the bus to get back in, the Creeper flies from in front of the moon towards the bus causing all the kids to run away. Bucky can still be seen staying put on the hood when they run - however in the next shot of all the kids running you see him at the front of the pack which would have not been possible given that he didn't run right away.


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Jake: That thing is gone, man. I'm willing to bet money on it.
Izzy Bohen: You willing to bet stepping off this bus, because that's the real bet.

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Trivia: The sticker on the bumper of the car that gets the roof pulled off reads "I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing" It echoes how the Creepers' victims are described on the radio report, not one complete body as they all have one or more parts missing.

troy fox

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Question: What happened to the other 20 kids that were running in the field?

Answer: The Creeper only selected a handful of the kids, not all of them. Therefore it's safe to assume the rest made it out alive.


Answer: They got away, presumably.

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