Jeepers Creepers 2

Question: It's mentioned in a correction that Izzy is killed in the crash. Why is this said when he can be seen crawling away from the crash just before Double D has the showdown with the Creeper.

Answer: The car explodes a while after it crashed, too fast for Izzy to get away.

Question: When the Creeper lands on top of the bus, you can see he is missing his right wing and his left arm is mangled to the bone. After eating Dante's head, he flies away with two wings and both arms. However, he didn't eat either of Dante's arms and there weren't any extra wings lying around to eat. So how did he get his left arm and right wing back? (00:53:55)


Answer: Eating human flesh helps the Creeper regenerate his whole body, no matter which part he ate.


Question: What happened to the other 20 kids that were running in the field?

Answer: The Creeper only selected a handful of the kids, not all of them. Therefore it's safe to assume the rest made it out alive.


Answer: They got away, presumably.

Question: Three questions: 1. At the end of the movie, the creeper is missing several limbs, and then falls asleep for his 23-year slumber. When he is mounted for the exhibition he has all his limbs. How did they grow back if he was asleep? 2. Why didn't the farmer give the creeper to the Air Force or something? He has enough visual witnesses to make the military believe him. 3. Why didn't the farmer just burn him instead of mounting him as an exhibition? He plans to fight it with his dusty harpoon when it wakes up, but the farmer could barely fight it when he was younger, now that he is much older he has no chance. Why not just turn it into ashes if the military wouldn't want it? Please don't tell me the ashes could recombine when the ashes wake up.


Answer: The farmer sewed them back on. They do a close up where you can see a thick black "thread" or "wire" connecting the limbs that were cut off in the accident.

Answer: The Creeper's limbs most likely slowly grew back as he slept. The farmer didn't want to turn it over to the military, he wants to finish the job himself. He didn't kill the Creeper, the battle was ended when because he hibernated.

Question: Why did the Creeper go after only certain students instead of all of them?

Answer: Because the Creeper only went after those with body parts it liked.

Question: In the beginning of the movie, a car passes the school bus. The car had a huge cockroach on it. What kind of person would put a cockroach on their own car? It can't be just an accessory. Is there anyone who knows about that? What exactly is that for?

Bunch Son

Answer: The truck belongs to an exterminator. The big cockroach would just be a way to get noticed while driving around. It's the same truck the 3 kids find later.


Question: In the first movie there was a song that played every time the creature was about to attack. Does anyone know why the filmmakers decided not to play that song in the second movie?

Answer: It could be any number of things. The artist in question could have refused to allow them to use the song. In The Fast And The Furious, they had the name "NOS" on the nitrous. But in all other films in the series it is known as "N2O" as NOS didn't want it in the films anymore.

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Answer: The song "Jeepers Creepers" was only relevant to the first movie, and not the second, because it foreshadowed the ending. The song didn't have anything to do with the creature about to strike, it had to do with a vision the resident psychic Jezelle (who only appears in the first film) saw involving the song, a vision that eventually came true. The song was a subtle hint about Darry's fate, which is why it played several times.

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie, it states that every 23rd Spring, for 23 days it eats. I am no farmer, but isn't there that saying KNEE HIGH BY FORTH OF JULY? From the looks of that corn, it looks like it is October or even November...Definately NOT SPRING in TEXAS.

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Jake: That thing is gone, man. I'm willing to bet money on it.
Izzy Bohen: You willing to bet stepping off this bus, because that's the real bet.

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Trivia: The sticker on the bumper of the car that gets the roof pulled off reads "I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing" It echoes how the Creepers' victims are described on the radio report, not one complete body as they all have one or more parts missing.

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