Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie there's four shots of Jay and Silent Bob beating up a clerk in a convenience store. In the first shot they pull the clerk over the counter and his foot knocks a sign down, which lands on the counter. In the third shot the sign has disappeared. (01:28:05)

Correction: This scene has several jump-cuts throughout, to show elapsed time. It is not a mistake, therefore, as the sign could easily have gotten knocked down in between cuts, which signify at least a short time lapse.

Corrected entry: During the shoot-out scene at the end of the movie, the two girls firing at Will Ferrell each appear to be shooting full sized Smith and Wesson 4006's. After the scene cuts to Jay and Silent Bob talking to Banky, it switches back to the girls shooting a smaller semi-auto (looks like a Walther PPK).

Correction: The girls probably switched guns while off camera. They might have run out of proper ammo, an decided to continue firing with their "backup" guns. After all, they are a super-organized (and somewhat violent) squad, so it makes sense they would carry more than one gun.

Corrected entry: When Jay falls to his knees outside the Diamond Exchange and cries "Justice." The choir-like singing says "Justice is dead, or so Jay thinks." Very relevant lyrics.

troy fox

Correction: Without a reason why the lyrics are especially relevant, it is too balatantly obvious to be considered trivia.

Corrected entry: In the scene of the diamond heist, before the one throws the sound sensor, she closes it and you can hear it click, signifying it is locked shut. But then she throws it and it opens up in mid-air, revealing the LED lights, then closes again. Why would it open if it was locked shut in the first place?

Correction: The click is from the plastic on the top part of the casing hitting the plastic on the bottom part of the casing. Try opening and closing a CD case for the same effect.

Corrected entry: At the very end of the film when Jay and Silent Bob have flown off to beat all of the people who bad-mouthed them: when the guy in the store gets beaten up, you can see that when Jay and Silent Bob lift him up and throw him down, he hits the shelves. At the top shelf, you can see that the items are cardboard because they go flying up on a string.

Correction: The items that go flying up are not on the shelf but are samples of lottery scratch-offs on a hanging display. The actual items on the shelf are behind the scratch-offs and don't move.

Correction: The erection looks to be a strap on, and Jay is just positioning himself with his hands to his side and thrusting his pelvis forward to make look even bigger than it is and to hold his jacket away to keep it from covering the hard on.

Corrected entry: How is it that Jay and Silent Bob can just walk into Mooby's, go on the Internet, and type something on a web sites message board? First of all, they would need to create a screen name for that website. And second of all, didn't Holden just tell them what the Internet is? How do they suddenly know how to use it?

Correction: Holden explained to them how to use the Internet, and moviepoopshoot could have had it to where guests can sign the message board too. In a cut part of the scene, Holden explains the net to them in further detail.

Corrected entry: In the van, right after Jay asks Brent if he can talk to him, Brent gets up with the guitar in his right hand. Before he sits down, the guitar is in his left hand.

Correction: he could of swithch the guitar to the other hand to help give him leverage or to help him sit.

Corrected entry: When the 3 girls go inside the Diamond Exchange to the room with the sound alarm, why would they have all three jump past the lasers? Wouldn't it be safer to have just one do it?

Correction: Each girl, as stated in the movie, had a special skill to bring to the diamond thefts. We do not know how the theft should have happened because the fart set off the alarms. This turned the theft into a "smash and grab".


Corrected entry: When Jules Asner is talking outside of the Miramax studios, she says nobody knows what Jay and Silent Bob look like, but Federal Wildlife Marshall Willenholly was on the news earlier on in the day broadcasting the C.L.I.T. video.

Correction: The C.L.I.T. video only shows extreme close ups. She's hardly close enough to either of them to get a good look at either of their faces.

Corrected entry: When Jay and Silent Bob are in Mooby's restaurant, Jay hears the cow noise, meaning that Justice walked in. Then the camera cuts to see Justice entering the restaurant, for the second time.

Correction: When Jay turns around he's having a daydream about Justice so naturally she would walk though the door again.

Corrected entry: When Jay, Silent Bob and the orangutan are running from the diner while being shot at they all go through a sewer pipe to escape and Silent Bob gets stuck in it. The pipe is obviously big enough for Silent Bob to fit through yet somehow he gets stuck.


Correction: The sewer pipe seems wide enough on the outside, but it gets narrower as he goes down, causing him to get stuck.

Corrected entry: When Jay and Silent Bob are in Mooby's Jay gets Silent Bob to type something on the computer for him. If you look at Silent Bob's hands, he's just typing the same two keys over and over.

Correction: bob types the same 2 keys over and over because that is the joke.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Holden is showing Jay and Silent Bob the internet, watch the side of the monitor carefully. You can see the reflection of someone running across the background.

Correction: This isn't true because this happens several times. It is actually people and cars going by in the background, although we can see the shadows of them.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jay and Silent Bob are trying to steal the monkey, Jay takes the tranquilizer gun. They never take any darts, they just take the gun. Later in the movie the monkey shoots Marshal Willenholly in the butt. Where did he get the dart from?

Correction: Most trank guns have a dart already pre-loaded into the gun so that you do not have to waste valuable time loading it up before you can get a shot off.


Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the movie Jay is singing a song from Morris Day and The Time and the kid says Morris Day sucks. After that, Randal comes out and says for the record, The time sucks. How did he know Jay and the kid were talking about that if he was inside?

Correction: Just after this occurs, Randal is complaining to Dante that he is trying to watch Clash of the Titans and all he can hear is the two stoners screaming about Morris Day. Randal can hear them although he is inside the video store. In fact, there are several scenes in Clerks where Randal is shown inside the video store and you can hear Jay talking outside. The glass window is not soundproof.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the four chicks are in Black PVC Jumpsuits, right after they finish their Entrapment sequence, the blonde triggers the alarm. They were barefoot at the end of the sequence, and ran out of the room, but the running sequence a second later out the door, they had boots back on. If you blink you will miss it.

Correction: If you watch the scene closely the girls never actually run pass their boots, so they could have stopped and put them back on.


Continuity mistake: When Jay and Silent Bob first get into the van with the girls and Brent, Brent reaches out to squeeze Justice's thigh with his left hand, but as the camera picks up the actual squeeze, it's Brent's right hand squeezing her thigh. (00:24:30)

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Jay: Hey, aren't you the guy that fucked the pie?
Jason Biggs: Yeah, yeah. You see? You see? It's never...it's never "Hey you were in Losers, weren't you?" Or "Dude, you rocked in Boys and Girls." No, it always comes back to that fucking pie. I'm haunted by it!
James Van Der Beek: You put your dick in a pie.
Jason Biggs: Enough.

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Trivia: Brodie says "Would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?" He said the same thing in Mallrats.


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Question: This may seem like a silly question, but I was wondering where I can get a black catsuit (with the matching boots) like the ones the girls were wearing during the bank heist scene?

Answer: Frederick's of Hollywood or Victoria's secret might carry them.

Grumpy Scot

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