Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Trivia: Brodie says "Would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?" He said the same thing in Mallrats.


Trivia: When Jay and Silent Bob enter the nun's car there is a miniature statue of Buddy Christ (from Dogma) on her dashboard.

Trivia: At the beginning of the film a large banner is hanging outside the Quick Stop, which reads, "I Assure You We're Open." This is the same banner Dante was forced to hang up in "Clerks" after learning gum was stuck in the Quick Stop shutter locks, and he was thus unable to open them.

Trivia: Chris Rock says "George Lucas is gonna sue somebody" referring to the bong-saber fight between Silent Bob and Mark Hamill, but it looks like Mr Lucas instead stole something from this movie. Count Dooku's light saber from "Attack of the Clones" has the exact same bend that Bob's bong saber had.

Trivia: One of the film's trailers includes Randall telling Dante, "If you had been funnier than that, ABC wouldn't have cancelled us." This is a reference to the short-lived "Clerks" cartoon.

Trivia: Both Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher appear in the film. It was the first time the two had starred together since 'Return of the Jedi'. Neither of them knew that the other was involved in the project until shortly after filming had been completed.

Trivia: At one point, Jay says "You're the one who makes all the blueprints" to Silent Bob. This is a reference to Mallrats, where Silent Bob DID make all the blueprints of the plans to stop LaFours (and they always included an arrow pointing to "LaFours stupid hat").

Trivia: Will Ferrell's character's name is actually a combination of character's names from 'Land of the Lost' (Marshall, Will & Holly). In the 2009 remake, Ferrell plays the father of those two characters.

Trivia: Jay's t-shirt has the word "Berzerker" on it. This is the name of the song Olaf Oleeson, Silent Bob's cousin from Russia, sang in "Clerks."

Trivia: The pseudo Scooby gang have a heavy Buffy/Angel link. "Fred/The Guy" is played by Marc Blucas, Riley in Buffy. "Shaggy/The Dude" is played by Matthew James, the demon Merl from Angel. "Velma/Bookish girl" is played by Jane Silvia, who was in the first episode of Buffy series 4, playing "Conservative Woman". The only person who doesn't have any link is "Daphne/Redhead beauty", played by Carmen Lee (Jason Lee's wife from 1995-2001). Although if you're really going for tenuous Angel links, she was in a film called "Cowboys and Angels" in 2000. (00:16:30)

Jon Sandys

Trivia: In Kevin Smith films, there are often references to previous ones he's made. When Jay and Silent Bob are looking at the moviepoopshoot.com site in Mooby's, there is a review for 'Dogma' on the left.

Trivia: At the end of the big shootout scene, when Justice is about to give herself up to Willenholly, she says something to Jay but calls him "Jason" which is actually his real name. Arguably not a mistake, as Jay could be short for Jason, but still worth listening out for.

Trivia: At the beginning of the movie Jay and Silent Bob are singing Jungle Love and the 2 little kids buying the weed say "What the hell are you singing?" Jay answers back "You don't know Jungle Love? That sh*t is the mad notes, written by God herself and handed down to the greatest band in the world, the m*therf*ck*ng Time." God herself, an obvious reference to Dogma and God being a woman.

Trivia: Movie Poop Shoot was actually a web site that had movie news on it updated every day. It used to be the exclusive Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back update site, but after the movie came out it became a general update site for movies in production, before eventually being taken down.

Trivia: When Jay And Silent Bob are in Hollywood and running away on the bikes (after the "Good Will Hunting 2" shoot), you can see an actor wearing a Daredevil costume rolling out of the way. Ben Affleck hadn't yet signed to Daredevil, but Kevin Smith is a big fan and had written several Daredevil comics. These are available in a collected edition with a foreword by Ben Affleck, again long before he signed up to be in the Daredevil movie.

Trivia: Kevin Smith's wife in real life is Jennifer Schwalbach, who plays the brunette with the pony tails.

Trivia: At the end of the movie, Jay and Bob beat up a person using the screen name "MagnoliaFan" for trashing their movie. This is a reference to Kevin Smith's well publicized dislike of director Paul Thomas Anderson's movie "Magnolia"

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Jay: In this world gone mad, we will not spank the monkey, the monkey will spank us!

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Question: Why was there a big emphasis when the girls came out of the van in the jumpsuits? Everyone in the theatre was cheering, but I didn't get it.

Answer: Because they are 4 really pretty girls in really tight clothing. Duh.

Grumpy Scot

Answer: Four beautiful women wearing tight black leather outfits would make anybody cheer.

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