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Corrected entry: Lt Stark says that the antennae are all shot after the explosion when they first are on the Event Horizon. She says that no one is coming to get them. Then before Miller goes to arm the explosives, Miller says that they are going to send out a beacon to get help. (00:34:30 - 01:22:00)

Correction: It doesn't matter which ship had non working comm. antennas in this scenario because "beacons" are not on-board infrastructure. They are self-contained location transmitters stored on-board inactive until needed, at which point they launched or fired off from the ship, being activated in that process. This would be fixed complement quantity satellite/peripheral emergency-expendable evacuation materiel.

Corrected entry: When the Lewis & Clark is approaching the Event Horizon it matches its speed, yet the two ships continue to close on each others' positions. This might mean that the two ships are travelling towards each other, instead of on the same course, but then matching speed should only take place when the Lewis & Clark is ready to connect to the Event Horizon.

Correction: I don't recall any moment where it is stated that the Event Horizon is actually in motion. They actually have to watch their speed to not crash into the Event Horizon when they approach it.

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Corrected entry: When the crew boards Event Horizon for the first time they say that it's in deep freeze. So the temperature must be well below zero. But the bottle that floats by in the picture contains water in liquid not frozen form.

Correction: It might not be water as the bottle is not labeled as such. Many chemicals in liquid forms have a freezing point well below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and remain in that liquid state at extremely low temperatures.


Corrected entry: The crew members whom the ship shows images of death (their own or otherwise) are shown accurate images we see later on. However, when the Captain is shown the death and torture of his current crewmate D.J., the body is hanging from the hooks almost vertically while the actual body is slanted in a much more horizontal position. The ship could show that future, but not the past?

Correction: The ship was manipulating their minds and using their thoughts and memories to scare them, not showing them the future and the past. Take Miller for example, he keeps being shown his old friend who was burnt to death and uses it to scare him. So essentially when D.J. was klled, Weir was able to kill him like in the nightmare but may have not carried out it out exactly like it was shown in the image.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Peters is about to see the image of her son in the medical station, she picks a bone saw up to defend herself. These are used for autopsies more often than not, and would probably not be laying about even in a medical station on a ship. Also, there was no blood on the blade indicating that even if it had been taken out to be used by the previous crew, it never saw any use. So what's it doing there?

Correction: The previous crew might have had the tool in backup incase it was needed. Also the ship was a mess when they find it, items were floating everywhere and with the gravity off it might have been moved. Peters might have just seen it lying there and decided to use it as she was pretty terrified at what was making the noise.

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Corrected entry: When Miller, Peters and Justin first board the ship, Miller says something about there being ice crystals everywhere. But earlier in the film, when you first see inside, you can clearly hear the sound of water moving about inside the bottle.

Correction: At the start of the film, Sam Neil has a nightmare about the Event Horizon and suddenly wakes up. The shot where you hear the water moving inside is part of this nightmare meaning that this shot can only be taken as figment of his imagination not as how the Event Horizon actually looked.

Corrected entry: D.J. is a little rusty on his Latin. In translating the recording with all the screaming on it, he says "liberate me" is "save me", which is correct. Later, he corrects himself by saying the recording was actually "liberate tutte me" or "save yourself", which is incorrect. "Save yourself" would be "Liberate sua" (singular) or "Liberate sue" (plural). "Tutta/Tutte" means "many, lots of, or all of" as in one of my favorite Italian dishes, pasta tutta mare, "pasta with lots of seafood." Just a little first-year Latin from me to you...

Correction: First of all, "liberate sua" does not mean "save yourself". Second, the Latin words heard are not "liberate tutte me", which wouldn't make much sense considering it's supposed to mean "save yourself", but "liberate tutemet" which does mean "save yourself".

Corrected entry: Shortly after Justin is sucked into the gravity drive a huge "energy" wave rips through the Event Horizon. At this time, Miller is in Medical. The energy wave causes one of the doors to Medical to fly off its hinges. The resultant blast wave causes Miller to slam into the wall and then fall to the ground on his chest. However, gravity hadn't been restored on the Event Horizon. No gravity, no fall.

Correction: Please remember that Miller is wearing magnetic shoes, so he is pulled down to the ground again.

Corrected entry: When Justin gets sucked to outer space, he should freeze almost instantly, because space is too cold.

Correction: Contrary to popular belief, you wouldn't freeze right away, or even within seconds. To freeze your body needs to radiate away the heat it contains, which means the liquid in Justin's body would start to boil, which then turns to steam and freezes. It would not happen instantly, but would take a few minutes.

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Corrected entry: When the crew boards Event Horizon for the first time, there is a liquid bottle floating in the foreground. We can hear the water sloshing inside the bottle. It shouldn't be possible as the lack of gravity and the centrifugal force of the bottle's rotation should make the water stick to one side of the bottle and not move.

Correction: None of this matter because it should have been frozen.

Correction: Absolute nonsense. There are plenty of real-life videos online showing how liquid behaves in zero-gravity and in space. Just because there's no gravity doesn't change the fact that liquid can move, undulate, flow and slosh about when affected by movement or an outside force. In fact, the lack of gravity and properties of water make it move, wobble and undulate fairly dramatically with any movement or outside force. So it makes perfect sense that the water is still lightly sloshing about inside of the bottle tumbling through the air (and the air is full of debris that are all bumping into each other, so it's probably not constantly even moving in the same manner), despite the lack of gravity.

Plot hole: In the scene where Lewis and Clark nearly hit the Event Horizon, One of the crew is calling out the closing distance and another confirms this information. Regardless of clouds obscuring their view they were aware of their proximity and the fact that they were speeding towards it and forced to attempt an abrupt stop makes no sense.

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Miller: What are you telling me, that this ship is alive?
Lt. Starck, Executive Officer: You wanted an answer, and it's the only one I've got.
Miller: No, what I want lieutenant, is to survive the next 10 hours.

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Trivia: Many of the corridors in the Event Horizon are coffin shaped - perhaps foreshadowing the fact that it is a "death" ship?

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Chosen answer: The movie never explicitly says; but science is as yet unsure what happens to a given piece of matter once it crosses a black hole's event horizon, so who knows? The ship could have been thrown seven years forward in time, or far enough away that it took seven years for it to drift close to Neptune. Pick any explanation you like.

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