24th Jun 2003

Glory (1989)

Factual error: In some of the scenes in the video during their time at Readville camp, they celebrate Christmas. In actuality, the first volunteers arrived at Readville in February of 1863, and Shaw died in July of 1863, along with most of the regiment, so there is no possibility of having a Christmas during that time.

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Suggested correction: This is not a documentary. It's a movie based on actual events. Therefore the filmmakers have a right to change things as they please.


While filmmakers can make up anything they want, for films considered to be based on historical events, they can only make up things as they could have happened. They can't make up things that couldn't have happened without it being considered a mistake (what one might consider an anachronism). Since no volunteers where with Shaw at the camp in Readville during Christmas time, it's a valid mistake to show them celebrating Christmas.


Suggested correction: The 54th regiment arrived at Readville Camp, Massachusetts on November 27, 1863, not February.

First off, the 54th did begin recruiting and training at Camp Meigs in Feb 1863 and departed March 1983, and Shaw was in charge. The correction make no sense to say they began training under Shaw after Shaw died. And, they still wouldn't have been able to celebrate Christmas based on the correction.


8th Oct 2018

Halloween 4 (1988)

Corrected entry: Dr. Loomis says to Hoffman that Haddonfield is a 4 hour drive, but when he's trying to get a ride there ultimately with the Reverend the sign says Haddonfield is 119 miles, which wouldn't take 4 hours.


Correction: And we don't know how far he's traveled since he gave his estimated time.


15th Jul 2018

Deep Impact (1998)

Corrected entry: The astronauts' communication with their loved ones was without delay, when in fact it should have been a couple of seconds.

Correction: Just like with the entry of the tidal wave taking 45 minutes to reach shore (with the correction being it would be too boring to wait the 45 minutes) it would be boring to have to sit through the seconds of delay as well.


Corrected entry: When the Fuller family and Gecko brothers are trying to cross the border, we have Jacob talking to the guard to get across the border. While this is happening, we have Seth and Richie having an argument in the bathroom. With the volume of their argument, how can the guard not hear them? (00:38:00)


Correction: Outside noise. Traffic. Others talking. That can drown out talking inside the camper.


30th Mar 2018

Kingpin (1996)

Corrected entry: In the final scene, Roy's rubber hand is pulled off and thrown into the crowd but immediately after you see Roy sitting down with his hand.

Correction: This is incorrect. If you pay attention, Roy is sitting by himself there is a janitor sweeping behind him. He then bends down, pick up the rubber hand, and hand it to Roy over his shoulder.


Corrected entry: In Ralph's daydream, when the bad guys jump the fence, it is obvious they are using trampolines to spring over.

Missy RiRi

Correction: It's a silly kids daydream that is being imagined his own way. Daydreams are like any dreams. Anything can happen, therefore not a mistake.


27th Oct 2017

Knowing (2009)

Corrected entry: Nicolas Cage's wife was killed on a business trip to Phoenix. She died in a hotel fire at 4am while he was busy blowing leaves off the lawn in 6am in the dark?

Correction: There is a 3 hour difference between Phoenix and Massachusetts. Therefore he was blowing leaves at 7am. Early enough for people to use a leaf blower.


17th Mar 2013

Dante's Peak (1997)

Corrected entry: After the dead bodies are found in the hot springs, Harry asks Rachel, "Any idea who they were?" Rachel responds, "No. Never seen them before. Backpackers maybe." Rachel would have no idea if she's ever seen them, as the bodies were literally boiled and burned. (00:20:10)


Correction: Their clothes would have contained ID, therefore she could have gone off that information.


10th Feb 2005

Miracle (2004)

Deliberate mistake: It wasn't Mike Eruzione shouting his own name that finally convinced coach Brooks to stop making the players do sprints. It was Mark Johnson, who smashed his stick against the glass in a fit of rage.

Matty Blast
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Suggested correction: This is not a documentary. This is a movie based on the events that happened. Therefore since it's not a documentary, they can make any changes to events they want.


19th May 2017

Tombstone (1993)

Corrected entry: Wyatt did not meet Josephine Marcus after she came to town for a show at the Birdcage Theater. It opened in December 1881, a few months after the gunfight at the OK corral, which occurred in an alley near the corral but not in it.

Correction: This is not a documentary. This is a movie based on the events that happened. Therefore since it's not a documentary, they can make any changes to events they want.


5th May 2017

Poltergeist (1982)

Corrected entry: The bedroom door to the kids' room is always locked, but when the mother wants to open the door, she does so without a key. Later when the little ghost-clearance expert lady wants to go in, she finds the door locked and the father has to unlock the door with the key.


Correction: They only locked the door after the girl disappeared to keep people out. Not before.


Corrected entry: During Daniel's match with Barnes, Barnes kicks Daniel in the groin and the referee warns him that one more illegal move will get him immediately disqualified. After the warning, Barnes sucker punches Daniel in the back of the head. This should have gotten Barnes an immediate disqualification but the ref lets the match continue.

Correction: Actually the kick to the groin was the first infraction that Barnes committed. It was the punch to the face (not the back of the head) that got the final warning.


Corrected entry: When Ralph is shooting the bad guys in his daydream he shoots three times and kills four men.

Correction: This is a daydream. Not real.


8th Mar 2017

Black Sheep (1996)

Corrected entry: Throughout the scene when Chris Farley is on stage at the rock concert. You can see the camera man holding the big camera on his shoulder whenever there's an overhead shot of the crowd. Especially when Chris Farley reaches to the crowd to give high fives.


Correction: It's a "Rock The Vote" concert for the Al's campaign for Governor. Obviously they are going to have cameras there filming the event. Therefore why shouldn't we see cameras on screen?


25th Jan 2017

Outbreak (1995)

Corrected entry: Before getting on the plane, Col. Daniels has a conversation with General Ford. Ford salutes Daniels, which is incorrect; as the lower ranking officer, Daniels should have saluted first as a sign of respect and protocol.

Movie Nut

Correction: Ford and Daniels are also very good friends. Doing something like that privately and not in the presence of others just shows signs of their friendship.


Corrected entry: In the chapter, "Prince's tale", there's a memory in which Snape and Lily are talking about the friends of each other (the memory begins with Snape saying "I thought we were friends"). In this memory, Lily says that James has saved Snape's life, but Snape says that he was only saving himself. Some lines before, Snape makes it clear that he doesn't know that Lupin is a werewolf. However, in "Prisoner of Azkaban", Lupin said (and Snape himself) that after James saved Snape's life, he knew that Lupin was a werewolf. So this memory doesn't match - if James already saved Snape's life, he should've known that Lupin was a werewolf. (And that's why he would say that James was only saving himself).

Correction: Nowhere does Snape say he doesn't believe Lupin is a werewolf. He mentions how they sneak out at night. Lily mentions that Lupin is ill. Snape replies "every month at the full moon?" And Lily said that she knew Snape's theory about that. That's the full extent of their conversation.


Corrected entry: Near the end of chapter thirty, it says that the only people left in the room of requirement are Harry, Ginny, Mrs Weasley, Lupin, Fred, George, Bill and Fleur. But on the next page Percy (who had recently entered the room) says sorry to Mr Weasley, but Mr Weasley had left the room along with all the other people.

Correction: It did not say they were the only people in the room. It states "The crowd was thinning. Only a little knot of people remained." It never states who left or who remained. It states that Harry joined Mrs. Weasley, Ginny, Lupin, Fred, Grorge, Bill and Fleur.


21st Nov 2015

The Green Mile (1999)

Corrected entry: When Del finally dies his jaw is slack, but when it shows his body on the gurney his teeth are clenched tight.

Kevin Brown

Correction: How can you tell his jaw is slack when he had a hood over it the entire time?


I have the movie and during Del's execution, the hood is partially burned off. After he finally dies, his jaw is completely slack.

Corrected entry: Even if the Warden could frame Crewe for the murder of Caretaker for not throwing the game, the Warden has no jurisdiction on what sentence Crewe would serve or how long, so his threat of 25 years in prison is pointless.

Correction: He obviously believed the warden. The warden made an empty threat that worked. No mistake.


22nd Jan 2015

Student Bodies (1981)

Corrected entry: When all the teachers are gathered in a room and the killer calls them, he taunts them about his crimes before saying "click" and then hanging up. However, this is impossible as both killers in the film (Principal Peters and Miss Mumsley) are present in the room when this person makes the phone call.

Correction: You also have to remember that all this took place in the dream of the female lead as evident when she wakes up and everyone "dead" is still alive and changed. For example the janitor is now a teacher.


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