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Corrected entry: Dracula is repeatedly shown as having the ability to defy gravity. Given this, it makes no sense that Mary is able to hang him by his neck until the rising sun kills him. If he can defy gravity, he should easily be able to float upward and loosen and unwrap the cable from around his neck.

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Correction: Hanging from a noose, like silver and sunlight, are weaknesses he has due to the circumstances surrounding his death as Judas Iscariot.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Dracula and Mary first meet face to face Dracula has a bruise on his cheek. In none of his previous scenes was he seen taking a blow to his cheek, and even if he had, it would have certainly healed considering he had been shot three times mere moments before and those wounds have already healed.


Correction: It isn't a bruise on his cheek, it's a burn from daylight; earlier in the scene, the thief shot a hole in the plane causing daylight to pour through and it burns his cheek. It is safe to assume that an injury caused by his weakness take longer to heal.

Corrected entry: While on the cargo plane, Dracula's casket is airtight and can't be pried open, yet when ghostly fog starts to seep out from under the lid, you can see the the lid is propped open with wood on the inside, letting the fog escape.

Correction: They never said the casket was airtight, they just could not get it open, and since Dracula was able to get some blood, that could explain the fog.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, Dracula drops Mary over the edge of the building.How did Mary manage to fall several stories of a building onto a concrete pavement and not only survive but walk away as well?

Correction: Mary has become a vampire by this point, so it's entirely possible for her to survive.

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When Marcus attacks Simon at the loading dock, as Simon flies through the air after Marcus kicks him, you can see the face of Johnny Lee Miller's stunt double.



Anyone notice this? After Mary sees a vision of herself making out with Dracula at the record store, she runs out and tells Lucy to cover her shift. At that moment, Lucy is standing in front of a rack of CDs by singer "Vitamin C". Colleen Fitzpatrick, a.k.a. Vitamin C, is playing Lucy.