Dracula 2000

Dracula bites Mary, and by doing so is able to show her how he became Dracula. We find out that he was origionally Judas (the one who betrayed Christ), and becoming Dracula was a curse. Mary and Dracula fight, and Mary ties cable around Dracula's neck and flings him over a building where he dangles from a big luminescent cross. Before Dracula is set on fire by the rising sun, he releases Mary from being a vampire and he asks forgiveness to God. At the very end we learn Mary is now guarding Dracula's ashes to make sure he doesn't return and we see a close up of Mary's eyes and then Dracula's...the screen goes black.


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Dracula: You think you can teach me about betrayal? Didn't your father ever tell you, Mary? I can't die. He won't have me.
Mary: Did you ever ask?
Dracula: For what? Forgiveness?



When Marcus attacks Simon at the loading dock, as Simon flies through the air after Marcus kicks him, you can see the face of Johnny Lee Miller's stunt double.



Anyone notice this? After Mary sees a vision of herself making out with Dracula at the record store, she runs out and tells Lucy to cover her shift. At that moment, Lucy is standing in front of a rack of CDs by singer "Vitamin C". Colleen Fitzpatrick, a.k.a. Vitamin C, is playing Lucy.