Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

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Corrected entry: It was quoted in the film a number of times that the "Harvester Ship" was 3000 miles in diameter, ("It's over the Atlantic." "Which part?" "All of it.") yet there was apparently no problem flying to the centre of the ship in 3 minutes, and back.

Correction: Humans have incorporated the alien technology over a period of 20 years, creating much more advanced means of transportation such as jets that could fly into space. In the last movie, it took the giant destroyers less than half an hour to detach from the mother ship to their target cities.

Corrected entry: The sphere says that the attacking aliens' ship will leave if the alien queen is killed, even though moments before the sphere said that no one has ever defeated a queen.


Correction: The sphere is the most intelligent entity in the galaxy and therefore is comfortable with predicting that killing the queen will produce the result that it ultimately did.

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David Levinson: They like to get the landmarks.



When the new president talks to the world on shortwave radio, some kids are adjusting a TV antenna in one shot. Shortwave radios wouldn't work with TV antennas, they use two significantly different frequencies. Shortwave is a much longer wavelength and would require larger antennas to work.



Brent Spiner performed the majority of his scenes alone, with no other principal actors on the set. In fact, Spiner is digitally inserted into some scenes where he appears with other principal actors.