Independence Day: Resurgence

New this month Factual error: When David and Catherine are heading to the alien city destroyer in Umbutu, which used to be part of the Congo, they are surrounded by desert landscape similar to the southwestern US. No such landscape exits anywhere in the Congo. The country is covered in rainforests and grasslands. You can even see the Sandia Mountains which are in New Mexico in some shots.

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie when the mothership takes off the central saucer section is in place, yet we saw the queen alien fly off in it earlier on.

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Factual error: When the new president talks to the world on shortwave radio, some kids are adjusting a TV antenna in one shot. Shortwave radios wouldn't work with TV antennas, they use two significantly different frequencies. Shortwave is a much longer wavelength and would require larger antennas to work.

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New today Suggested correction: After 20 years of reverse engineering alien technology, humans probably found ways to make antennae smaller.

You still cannot alter the laws of physics. An effective antenna must have a certain size, which is controlled by the wavelength of the radio waves.

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Continuity mistake: The former president's daughter is shooting her semi-automatic pistol at the downed alien craft. Her pistol runs out of ammo and the slide locks open. She then sees her boyfriend get out of the ship. Once she recognizes him in the next shot, the pistol slide is closed as if it is not out of ammo.

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Other mistake: Just before Patricia Whitmore's plane (no. 107) is shot down, it is briefly shown with its number mirrored.

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Continuity mistake: Early in the film, as Jake and Charlie are towing a new weapon system to its destination on the Moon, we see Earth in the background, more than half illuminated by the Sun. Jake says they are 7 miles away and closing on their lunar destination (which should only take a matter of moments). A few moments later, as Jake and Charlie are still in approach, we see Earth in the background again, but it is now in a waning crescent, only 1/3 illuminated by the Sun. This would indicate over a week's passage of time.

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