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Corrected entry: When Nicky assassinates Anna Scott, who was interviewed after her court appearance in her kitchen, he holds her head and shoots her repeatedly with a handgun in the head. It appears that while shooting her with his right hand, the bullets would have had to strike his left hand or arm.

Correction: The scene is accurate. It is based on the murder of Tamara Rand, who claimed to be a partner in the Stardust casino. She was shot five times in the head by Anthony Spilotro, on whom Joe Pesci's character Nicky Santoro is based. He used a silenced .22 pistol with split, 'dum-dum' bullets. Rand had restriction bruises on her head and neck showing Spilotro held her still the way Santoro is shown holding his victim "Anna Scott". The split bullets did not have the velocity to enter, traverse and exit a human skull, as Spilotro (and thus Santoro) knew, and his hand and arm were in no danger. (In fact one bullet did exit, through Rand's ear. This is accurately depicted in the film.).

Corrected entry: After Pesci and De Niro's meeting in the desert, Pesci gets into his car and you distinctly hear the sound of tyres peeling out. Am I wrong or is this impossible on sand?

Correction: The desert outside Las Vegas isn't pure sand, but rather a dry lake bed. It is certainly possible to squeal tires on this type of surface.

Corrected entry: Lester gets beat up by two guys, but after they throw him in his car three guys walk away.

Correction: One guy was already waiting outside.

Corrected entry: Sharon Stone repeatedly smashes her car into De Niro's in the driveway, yet if you look closely in the shots as she gets out of the car, there is no damage to the front of her car, not even a broken headlight or glass on the driveway.

Correction: You can see that there is damage to the bumper and section under the bumper of the Mercedes. The bumper becomes misaligned and is pushed in. Also the license plate falls off. This damage can be seen when the police officers walk up past the Mercedes. She is really running that Mercedes into the other car.

Corrected entry: When De Niro and Stone deposit the cash million into safety deposit boxes, there are several skinny boxes storing the money. When Stone retrieves money from the bank on at least two occasions, it is one great big box.

Correction: It is a different bank. The one big box is from their bank in Vegas. The money in LA was banked under an assumed name.

John Elwen

Corrected entry: When Joe Pesci and his brother are dragged into their desert grave, their limbs are still very much intact. If they had really been beaten that violently by several men with metal bats, their limbs would have turned to mush.

Correction: It's obvious that the men concentrated their beating on the head, face, and torso of the brothers (as evident in the severe swelling and damage visible). It also would not make much sense to beat their arms/legs, as the intent was to kill, not to maim or disfigure.

Corrected entry: When Sam opens the bank account in L.A. under the name of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Collins, the banker calls him Sam when he says to him you must really trust your wife.

Correction: Sam "Lefty" Rothstein (and the real person upon whom the character was based, Frank Rosenthal) was known all over Las Vegas - he had his own television show! The teller knows who he is and he knows he is opening a bank account under a false name. Why should he care?

Corrected entry: When Pesci flings a playing card at the dealer, the card gets stuck in his shirt button but when the shot changes, the card has disappeared nor has it dropped back on to the gambling table.

William Bergquist

Correction: The "shot change" you are speaking of is when they pan over to the pit boss, to see if they will honor Nicki's "hit" request, so there was ample time for the card to fall off the dealer's shirt button while they pan to the pit boss who nods yes. It takes at least a full 2 seconds.

Corrected entry: (Possibly only on the VHS version) When Ace is firing the guy for the faulty machine, the guy asks "You firin' me?" Ace responds, "No I'm not firin' you. I'm firin' you." He then glances to Don Rickles to keep from laughing as the camera quickly cuts away.

Correction: De Niro's character is mickey taking the guys voice (and stupidity) and shares that joke with Don's character - its a subtle joke between co-workers at the cowboys expense.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Robert DeNiro is proposing to Sharon Stone, they show a panoramic view from their apartment of modern day Las Vegas, showing alot of hotels built in the nineties (most notably the Stratosphere Tower built in 1996 and Caesar's Palace renovated in 1997). The proposal happened in the Seventies. (00:38:55)

Correction: This movie was made in 1995 and unless the movie makers figured out time travel than the Stratosphere and Caesar's Palace renovation must have been done before 1995, not 1996 and 1997.

Corrected entry: Director Martin Scorcese makes three separate cameo appearances. The first is at the Casino hearing, sitting next to Mr. Greene. The second is when Robert DeNiro answers the door after calling back home for help to find his daughter. The third is the scene in the count room. He is in that scene as well.

Correction: It is not Scorcese. It is an actor who happens to look a lot like him.

Corrected entry: When Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone deposit the cash in case of kidnappings and shake-downs, they deposit it in L.A. When Sharon Stone goes to the bank to withdraw it, she just drives to a bank in Vegas. We know it's in Vegas because Las Vegas policemen go with her.

Correction: She doesn't get the shake-down money. It is money from their bank account in Vegas. Earlier, we see her take her daughter to the bank so she can play with the jewellery. Also the bank manager tells Ace that he cannot stop her taking money out as it is a joint account. The money in LA is under the name of Mr and Mrs Collins.

John Elwen

Corrected entry: When Robert De Niro is at the restaurant with Sharon Stone when he catches her with James Woods. He put a stack of money on the table, In one scene the bills are flat, in the next scene they are curled up on the edges, then they go flat again.

Correction: You only see the money twice and both times they look almost identical in both shots.


Corrected entry: After Nicky robs the jewelery shop by banging through the wall, he fences the diamonds to the two Arabs. The Arab that is sitting down says, "This diamond has flaws in it." Then they both start speaking Arabic. Then the one sitting speaks English again and the mobster says. "Oh now he speaks English?"

Correction: The mobster only said that after the older Arab, that was sitting at the desk quoted him a price in english after he finished arguing with the other Arab, that was sitting on top of the desk.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the end of the movie, Robert De Niro's car is blown up, his jacket sleeve catches on fire and he jumps out of the car, where two guys help him to get away from the car -all in broad daylight. In the next shot he is being carried away in a stretcher with the car still burning in the background, and it is completely dark.

Correction: There is no time stated when the car went off (maybe 6pm). So, it is plausibe that it went off close to night time and by the time the paramedics arrived, treated De Niro and placed him in the ambulance, it could have turned to night.

Corrected entry: When Robert DeNiro is walking through the casino near the earlier part of the movie, he talks to Don Ward about the station being a mess and how he has to have a cleaner station. Billy (his casino manager) is asked if he can be let go, and he said that he was the county commissioner's cousin. Later on, after he is fired for the 3 big jackpots, he meets with Phillip Green and later with Pat Webb, and it is revealed that he is the county commissioner's brother in law.

Correction: If he married the the sister of his cousin, the country commissioner - of course, she would also be his cousin - he'd be both his brother in law and cousin. Marrying cousins is not illegal.

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Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the film where Robert De Niro gets into his car and it explodes, you can clearly see the cut where they have replaced him with a dummy. (00:00:50)

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Trivia: Robert DeNiro's attorney in the movie is Oscar Goodman, who ironically was the attorney for Frank Rosenthal, as well as Tony Spilotro, who was played by Joe Pesci.

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Chosen answer: In the end.

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