Trivia: The sex scene between Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone was voted the worst movies sex scene of all time in an on-line poll.

Trivia: Robert DeNiro was so adamant about portraying the character he was playing, that he had his suits that he had worn in the movie made by the same tailors who had made Frank Rosenthal's suits

Trivia: Robert DeNiro's attorney in the movie is Oscar Goodman, who ironically was the attorney for Frank Rosenthal, as well as Tony Spilotro, who was played by Joe Pesci

Trivia: One of the police officers, who responds to "Ace" Rothstein's home during the vehicular domestic dispute with Ginger is referred to as Randy. This is Sergeant Randy Sutton of the North Las Vegas Police Department, who has been featured numerous times on the TV series "COPS," and has published a book '"rue Blue - Police stories by those who have lived them."

Trivia: Oscar Goodman, who played Robert DeNiro's attorney, later served as the Mayor of Las Vegas from 1999 to 2011.

Trivia: The part of Ginger was originally for Madonna, but Sharon Stone convinced the director to give it to her.

Trivia: Catherine Scorsese, mother of Martin Scorsese (Director) has a cameo in the film. She plays Poscano's mother, the old woman in the vegetable store. (01:41:45)

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