Casino (1995)

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Factual error: About a half hour into the movie, Nicky goes into the sports book to collect. There is a cigarette machine behind him and the price of a pack of cigarettes is marked $2.50 In the 70's a pack of cigarettes was more like one dollar. (00:33:04 - 00:33:35)

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Suggested correction: Not only were vending machine prices for cigarettes higher to begin with, they simply jacked the prices up because they could. Think about how much a soda costs at a movie theater or airport.


I remember buying cigarettes out of a machine in the 80's - never needed more than 4 quarters.

There was a news report from 1988 still available online where a small pack of cigarettes from a vending machine was $3.50 (14 quarters). You must have found a super cheap machine selling very small packs and you weren't buying them in a betting parlor.


There is a huge difference between early 70's and 88.

That wasn't the point of my comment. Whoever said they never paid more than $1 in the 80's isn't remembering right or fibbing (which is why I didn't include it in my correction). The correction is still valid because the cigarettes weren't being sold in stores. Just like one time I had to paid almost $10 for a "$5 footlong" at an airport Subway or $3 for a vending machine soda at a theater when they were $1 at every other vending machine.


Character mistake: At their wedding reception when Ginger is talking to Lester on the phone he reminds her of when he watched her as a young "long legged colt." As a juvenile female horse she would have been a long legged filly.

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Suggested correction: No mistake. Not many people know the terms of young and old animals. I myself don't often hear a juvenile horse called a filly, so I don't remember that when I see one.


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Revealing mistake: Near the end when Ace gets into his Cadillac, in the first shot facing the front of the car, there is a protective glass in front of Ace (the same width as the windshield) with the dashboard in between that glass and the windshield. Note the vertical edge of the glass is visible at the right side, and the rearview mirror's sticker on the windshield casts a shadow onto the second glass. During the stunt, the flames on the dashboard are between the glass shield and the windshield, keeping the actor safe from harm. (02:46:05)

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Nicky Santoro: We're supposed to be robbin' this place, you dumb fuckin' Hebe.

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Question: Sam and Nicky both refer to "back home" but they do not explain where it is . I thought it was Kansas City because that is where the bosses are, but it's revealed that they are only there because "its as close as they could get to Vegas without being arrested". Does anyone know where in America Sam and Nicky are originally from?

Answer: Frank Rosenthal (the basis for Sam Rothstein) and Tony Spilotro (the basis for Nicky Santoro) were both from Chicago, so that is likely "back home".

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