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30th Jun 2007

Drake and Josh (2004)

Correction: They eventually get the idea to use the drill to unscrew the wall - that is, until Meghan decides to unplug the drill from down below. This is how the two boys come to be stuck in the treehouse.

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19th Nov 2004

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dorothy gets to the crossroads right before she meets Scarecrow, the camera shows the field where Scarecrow should be, but he is not there until the camera shows the field again.

Correction: Although it seems that the camera never moves, these two shots are actually from completely different angles. (The two shots show two backgrounds that are not at all alike). This indicates that not showing the Scarecrow the first time is correct.

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Correction: That is the song in the ride on which the movie is based, so naturally they include it in the film. The movie is a fictional work, so why shouldn't they use a pirate song aired in modern times?

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Corrected entry: Why does Toula's grandmother attack and call Gus an "ugly Turk" as if she doesn't know much about him? Toula's voiceover earlier in the film says how her father brought his mother from Greece - this is her own son.

Correction: This is a part of the comedy. Toula's grandmother went a little crazy after the war and therefore accuses many people of being Turks, including her own son. It's meant to be funny.

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Correction: His mother has dementia, and doesn't recognize her son as a grown man. Sadly, with people with dementia, loved ones can turn into strangers.

Brian Katcher

Corrected entry: How did Scott get Jack Frost to say "I wish I wasn't Santa at all," recorded on the pen, if Jack never said it or never had the pen before Jack became Santa?

Correction: When Scott is in the North Pole amusement park, Curtis is advertising pens that you can record things on, and proceeds to give Scott one of them. Later, Scott and Jack Frost meet up, and Jack says something along the lines of "I'm surprised you actually fell for it. you were stupid enough to say, 'I wish I wasn't Santa at all.'" Scott then says, "What was that?" and you can see him take the pen out of his pocket and press a button. Jack then repeats the phrase, and Scott records it. This is how Scott gets to be Santa again.

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18th Nov 2006

The Aristocats (1970)

Corrected entry: The amount of sleep medicine that Edgar put into the cats' cream would have killed them. He empties the entire bottle of sleeping pills into their cream.

Correction: It's a DISNEY cartoon. They're showing the entire bottle being put into their cream for 1) comedic effect and 2) symbolization that the cats would be asleep for a very long time, in this case long enough for Edgar to successfully kidnap them.

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Correction: Also, the strength of the sleeping agent is not given meaning that the claim it "would have killed them" is completely baseless. For all we know, this amount and this particular formula may not have been strong enough to send a single one of them to sleep, never mind actually kill them.

20th Oct 2006

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Corrected entry: When the Sanderson Sisters first return to the house, Sister Sarah reaches up and finds her Lucky Rat tail just where she left it. It's been 300 years; the Rat Tail would have decomposed in that amount of time.

Robert Sullinger

Correction: She's a witch, remember? Maybe she put a resistant spell on it.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, a line from the song Deliver Us is playing as Moses returns from the mountain with the Ten Commandments. The line is as follows: "Deliver Us to the Promised Land" However, in the time line of the exodus from Egypt when Moses received the Ten Commandments, the Israelites were still wandering in the desert, not in the promised land as the song suggests.

Correction: It was a long journey for the Hebrews to reach the promised land, it didn't just stop there. The filmmakers obviously wanted to end the movie at that point because the film was already very long, and they didn't want to add yet another half hour showing the Hebrews wandering around. And by reaching the other end of the Red Sea, the Hebrews achieved their goal of getting away from the Egyptians. So, theoretically, they did reach the promised land, which was freedom for them.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Frank is singing 'Sweet Transvestite', he sings: "so you got caught with a flat wheel, how 'bout that." However, neither Janet nor Brad mention anything about having a flat wheel, only that their car broke down.

Correction: 1) He's just using a figure of speech. 2) It's a musical. He's saying it to stay in rhythm and in the style of the song. 3) Frank raises an eye brow at the camera, potentially insinuating he had something to do with the flat tire.

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Corrected entry: In the movie, the woman who found and raised Moses was the Pharaoh's wife. In the Bible, it was the Pharaoh's daughter who found Moses and raised him.

Correction: Once again, they show in the beginning of the movie that they changed some of the things that were written in the Bible in order to benefit the movie. Judging that this is a very minor change made in order to entertain the audience, it is not a mistake. Pharoah's daughter is never shown in the film, while his wife is shown many times. It may have confused the audience (particularly younger children) if they showed a very minor character (not to be shown in the film at any later point) find the baby.

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1st Oct 2006

Billy Madison (1995)

Corrected entry: In the scene when Billy is having dinner with his father and his co-workers, when Billy is eating his soup, the soup never enters his mouth. The actor who plays Billy (Adam Sandler) tilts the spoon and the soup goes directly into the bowl again, but when he goes to talk to Carl he wipes his face to make it look like he has eaten his soup when really he hasn't.

Corrected entry: When Jack sings his song on top of that cliff there is a full moon behind him. The next night at the town meeting, the moon is crescent. There would not be that much change in only one night.

Correction: We're talking about a make-believe town with a pumpkin replacing the sun. The moon can very well change to contribute to the fantasy in this movie.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie the supposedly school band starts playing their instruments and everyone is getting ready to sing 'We're all in this together" How does the band know what to play?

Correction: This is like saying, "In the songs from this movie, how does everyone know what to sing?" It's a musical where numerous people can burst out into song whenever about anything. Judging that this is very different from real life, the band bursting into song is not a mistake.

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Corrected entry: At the scholastic decathlon, Taylor transmits the code to the gym, and the laptop says that the code was transmitted.Taylor then shuts the laptop. We then see the cords, and then the malfunction in the gym. Then, we are back at the scholastic decathlon, and the laptop is still open and says that the code was transmitted.

Correction: They reopened the laptop in order to send the NEXT code- the code causing the stinky chemical so that the scholastic team (particularly Gabriella) is free to go to the auditions. That's why it says "Code Transmitted" a second time- you'll see that a few seconds later the chemical malfunction begins.

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25th Jun 2004

Recess (1997)

Recess is Cancelled - S4-E7

Corrected entry: When the teachers try to sneak off to their bathroom break, there are three doors, back-to-back-to-back. The door in the middle must lead to an EXTREMELY thin classroom.

Correction: It could be two classrooms with a closet in the middle.

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18th Jun 2006

Billy Madison (1995)

Corrected entry: During the music sequence, Billy is still wet. Somehow Veronica is dry, and changed, and the whole 3rd grade class joins in the sequence but Veronica came alone.

Correction: It's a FANTASY scene. The clown, all the kids, Veronica, and everyone else showing up randomly and Veronica's quick change were all done for comedic effect.

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