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Corrected entry: When Gabriella is singing in the hall, how come no-one heard her singing? In the corridor next to her there are lots of people and she was singing pretty loudly.

Correction: Because this is a musical. It's just how musicals work.

Corrected entry: During the song get your head in the game if you look closely you can see two teammates bang into each other.


Correction: This really isn't trivia a lot of basketball players bump into each other during a game even in practice.

Corrected entry: During "Breaking Free" Gabriella gets nervous and misses her opening cue. Then, the music replays again, but this time Troy is the one who is starting the song, when Gabriella should be.

Correction: This has been debated so many times. Troy was about to sing, but he saw how scared Gabriella was and stopped the song to talk to her.

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Corrected entry: During the last big game, the East Wildcats are wearing white uniforms, and the visitors are wearing blue uniforms. Because the Wildcats are the home team, they should be wearing their "color" uniforms (red) and the visitors should be the ones in white.

Correction: The home team wears white jerseys in basketball. Colored uniforms are for away games.

Corrected entry: During "Getcha Head in the Game" Right before everyone is about to do the big basketball dance the guy in the background to the left of the screen mouths "I Gotta" while Troy's singing them.

Correction: It's a musical - if people can sing verses after each other in perfect rhythm, then it is possible that the person who was mouthing Troy's words was simply singing along as a possible backing singer.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Gabriella and Troy are in the cafeteria after they have the fight, Gabriella walks away from Troy to a lunch table with a tray in her hand and sits down. After a brief cut to Troy and the two traitors, there is a shot of Gabriella without a tray, followed by another shot a second later with the tray back again.

Correction: It is not "a brief cut" between the shot of the tray being in front of Gabriella and then not. There are actually FOUR shots after Gabriella sits down. When she sits down she is very upset and looks down at her tray miserably, and we see a boy next to her - trayless. Then four shots later we see Gabriella again, but her tray is now in front of the boy next to her, and he's eating from it - because she obviously lost her appetite being upset, she let him have her tray of food. After the shot of Gabriella without the tray, there are no shots with a tray back in front of her.

Corrected entry: When the Evans siblings are sitting in the library, copying the article about Gabriella winning a math contest, the picture of her is on the left side of the text, on the computer, but when it comes out of the copying machine it is on the right side of the text.

Correction: When Sharpay and Ryan search the internet, the top two results refer to Gabriella. Sharpay clicks on the the first, under the heading "Whiz Kid Leads School to Scholastic..." and the story comes up with a photo to the right, showing Gabriella in a blue shirt holding a plaque, to which Ryan remarks, "Wow! An Einsteinette." Then, when Sharpay clicks on the second top result under the heading "Sun High Marvel Aces Statewide...", the story comes up with a photo on the left, showing Gabriella in a yellow striped shirt holding a tall trophy. When Taylor rushes over to Gabriella during detention she is holding two folded sheets, with the two different stories and photos. Although we see Sharpay removing only one of the printouts, she obviously made copies of BOTH stories to sneakily place in Taylor's locker. We don't have to actually be shown every action on screen.

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Corrected entry: Taylor always has a little posse following her. When she plays the video to Gabriella watch the boy with blonde hair behind her (I believe his name is Alan). At one point he has thick black glasses and then as it flicks back to him, they're gone.

Correction: I just viewed this and it does not happen. The blonde guy always has the black glasses on.

Corrected entry: When Coach Bolton is giving his "You are the team" speech, there is a banner behind him that says, "Go Wildcats! Pounce on thee Knights." "The" is spelled with two Es.

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Correction: The meant to use the Old English word Thee, because they are talking about Knights. They are using it wrong, but that is a character mistake, and an error most people who do not know about proper grammar in Old English would make.


Corrected entry: When Gabriella sings her solo song, notice there is no students in the hall and she is all alone. Suddenly when she turns a corner there is alot of students.

Correction: In the previous scene, Chad tells Taylor that their plan will commence during lunchtime. Taylor also asks Gabriella to join them for lunch as she starts crying. During "When There Was Me and You", it's likely that everyone is either in the cafeteria or outside the school. By the end of the song, lunch could have already ended, and thus students are back in the halls.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Troy is waiting for Gabriella for their rehearsal, he looks at his left arm as if staring at a watch but actually he's not wearing anything on his left arm.

Correction: He is teasing her by making it look like he's been waiting a long time; pretending to look at a non-existant watch is an old gag.

Corrected entry: Chad's basketball number is 8 when in reality the number 8 cannot be used in basketball, only the digits 0-5.

Correction: Actually in most cases it is the rule that only digits 0-5 can be used in basketball however, exceptions are made on occasion. For example Kobe Bryant wore the number 8 jersey for many years. Google his image and you can see a picture of him in a number 8 jersey. It wasn't until 2006 that he became number 24. Therefore it is entirely possible that Chad's number is 8.

Corrected entry: During the call back audition, Gabriella is afraid and Troy has to talk her into singing. Yet in the song, he starts, so he couldn't have known that she was not going to come in on her entrance, since his was first.

Correction: All he had to do was look at her face to see she was scared and wouldn't sing.

Corrected entry: After Sharpay is hit with the french fries, Ryan grabs it off her shirt, but the french fries are still perfectly in the basket.and not on her shirt.

Correction: Because all the fries are stuck together with the cheese. They do take a couple of "single" fries off of her.

Corrected entry: When Troy gives Kelsi the "play ball" he is wearing his basketball jersey, but as they start dancing, he is in his warm up gear.

Correction: This is a musical. People don't usually break out into song randomly either. Many musicals have people swap clothes when its about to go into a dance routine. Getting technical, this shows the change from a natural, could happen movie to the sort of, wacky, crazy musical dance routine which is all a bit, not real.

Corrected entry: According to Sharpay, she and her brother have starred in the school's productions for the past four years. However, as Juniors they could have only been attending high school for three years.

Correction: First of all, she says they have been in seventeen school productions; she didn't say at which schools. Secondly Sharpay may be referring to middle school and elementary school too, not just high school, because they couldn't have been in high school that long. Later on Taylor tells Gabriella that Sharpay hasn't gotten beat for a part since Kindergarten. So we know Sharpay has been in theater for most of her school career.

Corrected entry: When Troy and Gabriella swap cellphones to give each other their number, they take a picture and put in a number. Both Troy and Gabriella put in less than 6 keystrokes, while the US standard for cellphone numbers is 7 digits.

Correction: If you look closely you can see they each put in seven digits.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gabriella corrects her teacher's error on the chalkboard, the numbers over pi change between shots, without correction by the teacher.

Correction: There are 3 equations and the camera only shows 2 at a time because it cuts to the teachers face. When you see a shot of her whole body, you see that there are 3 equations.

Corrected entry: After the principal says that they need to get out of the gym for safety, the camera has a wide shot of the gym. When the team runs back to the locker room, you can see a camera, the camera guy, and the guy carrying the cords for the camera on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.


Correction: That is just the camera filming the Championship. Some big basketball games are filmed, it was not the camera that is filming the movie.

Corrected entry: When Sharpay and Ryan are singing "What I've Been Looking For" Sharpay bumps into Ryan and stops singing but in the audio you can still hear her singing.

Correction: If you look closely while Sharpay is singing you can still see her mouth moving after she bumps into Ryan.

Continuity mistake: When Gabriella and Taylor walk through the cafeteria, Sharpay starts walking across the balcony to the stairs, cut to wideshot of the cafeteria and she is back at the center of the balcony with Ryan, motionless, but when it cuts to the next shot she and Ryan are already halfway down the stairs.

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Sharpay: We need to save our show from people who don't know the difference between a Tony Award and Tony Hawk.

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Trivia: In the cafeteria, all the milk cartons had a lemon and lime drink in them. The reason for this is that if they were filled with real milk, it would have turned sour during filming.

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Question: Chad tries to discourage Troy from singing with the line, "If you sing in musicals, you're going to end up in my mom's refrigerator." Any clue as to what this means?

Answer: When Chad brings up Michael Crawford (the iconic Phantom in musical performances of Phantom of the Opera) he points out that Crawford's picture has never been on cereal (Wheaties) boxes like popular athletes. Chad says that his mom saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway 27 times, and she put Crawford's picture "in" her refrigerator. So then Chad tells Troy that if he plays basketball his picture will end up on a cereal box, but if he sings in musicals his picture will only end up in his mom's (or anyone's) refrigerator. Apparently since Chad's mom was nuts about Michael Crawford, one of her "crazy diet ideas" was to put Crawford's picture in the fridge to help her stick to her diet.

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