High School Musical

Trivia: After the credits, there is an enjoyable one minute scene with Sharpay and Zeke.


Trivia: One of the basketball players (number 44) choreographed all the dances.


Trivia: In the cafeteria, all the milk cartons had a lemon and lime drink in them. The reason for this is that if they were filled with real milk, it would have turned sour during filming.


Trivia: In this film (unlike HSM2), Zac Efron's (Troy) singing voice is actually Andrew Seeley's singing. It is Seeley who sings "Get'cha Head in the Game" in its entirety and the reprise of "What I've Been Looking For." The only parts that are actually Zac's vocals are: the first four lines of "Start of Something New," the singing on Gabriella's balcony, and the very first sentence of "Breaking Free." The producers wanted a tenor, which Zac is not.


Trivia: The scene where Troy goes to Gabriella's house and they do the Romeo and Juliet style scene had to be cut short in filming because fireworks were going off at a nearby wedding reception.


Trivia: In the scene Mrs. Darbus is introduced into the movie, Troy was talking about "pink jelly". At that point, he was told to make anything up in those few seconds.


Continuity mistake: When Troy is in the locker room with his teammates, Chad is handed the framed photo of Troy's father and there's a white sticker on the back of the frame. In the next shot, when Chad gives the frame to Troy, the sticker is gone. (00:58:50)

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Gabriello Monetize: The Wildcats' superstar is...afraid?
Troy Bolton: No, no, I'm not afraid. I'm just...scared.

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Question: Chad tries to discourage Troy from singing with the line, "If you sing in musicals, you're going to end up in my mom's refrigerator." Any clue as to what this means?

Answer: When Chad brings up Michael Crawford (the iconic Phantom in musical performances of Phantom of the Opera) he points out that Crawford's picture has never been on cereal (Wheaties) boxes like popular athletes. Chad says that his mom saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway 27 times, and she put Crawford's picture "in" her refrigerator. So then Chad tells Troy that if he plays basketball his picture will end up on a cereal box, but if he sings in musicals his picture will only end up in his mom's (or anyone's) refrigerator. Apparently since Chad's mom was nuts about Michael Crawford, one of her "crazy diet ideas" was to put Crawford's picture in the fridge to help her stick to her diet.

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