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Corrected entry: In the episode "The Challenge" when Gretchen is finding information on the first baseman, it shows her picture and says that her name is Tracy Logan, which is a girl's name. But, in the episode "The Trail", she screams out "Let's give Spinelli the swirley" in a man's voice. The character's looks can be anyone, male or female.


Correction: Tracy is a unisex name, not just a girl's name. Example: New Orleans Saints cornerback Tracy Porter.


The Shiner - S3-E9

Corrected entry: In this episode, the kid with shoulder length black hair and a red shirt talks and acts as a girl. But in every other episode the kid has been in, this person has talked and acted like a boy.


Correction: He could have been acting like a girl for a dare.

The New Kid - S1-E2

Corrected entry: Near the beginning, the kid in the tan jacket says, "6th graders." Later in the episode, when Gus makes his stand to King Bob, the same kid says the same thing. It's the same shot, as you can tell by his mouth movements.

Correction: So? Maybe he always says it like that. This isn't a mistake.

The Great Can Drive - S1-E20

Corrected entry: At the end, when the can pyramid is knocked down, I personally think that it's illogical that one can tapping another one could knock down the whole pyramid, let alone for that matter even make the top can only fall off, when the can hit at the very bottom.

Correction: And i don't think the kids would go mad from being kept inside when it is raining (another episode). It's a cartoon so they will exaggerate.

The New Kid - S1-E2

Corrected entry: When Gus steps on the bus, he is pointed to the back seat, which has a "New Kid" sign over it. The back seat cover the whole back of the bus, whereas in the middle, there should be an emergency exit door.

Correction: I don't really think that the kids watching this are going to be worried because there is no emergency escape, and besides, its a CARTOON.

This Brain for Hire - S4-E26

Corrected entry: If Gretchen did everybody's homework, wouldn't Miss Grotke notice many homework entries in Gretchen's handwriting?

Correction: Gretchen is very smart so a likely reason is that she can do different handwriting. I can if i want to or if i try and make it neat or scruffy.

A Career to Remember - S3-E4

Corrected entry: The bench that Spinelli and the inventor of Gumoflex shoes sit on has an ad for Gumoflex shoes.

Correction: Thats not really trivia, you can see it easily.

Teachers Lounge - S1-E17

Corrected entry: In this episode, everyone pronounces Mrs. Grotke with an a sound (like gra), but in every other episode, they pronounce it as "Gr-oh-tkee"

Correction: Maybe she told them afterwards (not in the cartoon) that you don't pronounce it like that. You don't see every sinlge second of every single day.

This Brain for Hire - S4-E26

Corrected entry: TJ says his dog ripped up his homework, you can see the paper has writing on it and he ripped it up himself - why do his homework then make an excuse?

cameron davies

Correction: Maybe he know he did it all wrong and instead of being told he was wrong he wanted to get rid of it.

Operation Field Trip - S2-E4

Corrected entry: We can see that the kids were on the bus for a very, very long time.When the bus breaks down, Gus shout something that says that there gonna lose half of the time, 20 minutes. What kind of field trip is only 40 minutes when they need to travel ridiculously long?

Correction: Maybe Gus got it wrong. He isn't perfect.

The Fuss over Finster - S4-E33

Corrected entry: When TJ is giving the speech and the crowd can be seen, behind Lawson you can see Stinky Peterson. But in the episode where Gretchen nearly goes to Ophenheimer, Prickly says Stinky went to Ophenheimer too.

cameron davies

Correction: In almost any episode when the gang talk about something bad happening to someone, they talk about Stinky Peterson. If this were realistic he would have changed schools, died etc dozens of times. It's just sort of a running joke, that bad stuff always happens to him.

Tattletale Heart - S4-E8

Corrected entry: During the food fight, Ashley A. is wearing a pink sweater. During the cleanup and afterwards, she is back in her normal outfit.


Correction: The Ashley's are a bunch of stuck-up snobs; this has proven time and time again. None of them would be caught dead wearing something unfashionable or dirty. It's pretty clear everyone got hit in the food fight, so her sweater must have food stains all over it. She probably went off and changed into some other outfight when there was a break or she got interviewed.

Recess is Cancelled - S4-E7

Corrected entry: When the teachers try to sneak off to their bathroom break, there are three doors, back-to-back-to-back. The door in the middle must lead to an EXTREMELY thin classroom.

Correction: It could be two classrooms with a closet in the middle.

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Corrected entry: Throughout the series, the characters leave school in the middle of the day to go to stores, such as the Diggers in "The Game" and Randall in "Prince Randall." What kind of school lets kids do that?


Correction: The students left at lunch. Some schools still let students out for lunch so if they want to go out are allowed. Also, when the diggers left they said "Let's go after school" to buy the tiles.

Call Me Guy - S4-E10

Corrected entry: When the kids are in the classroom, the dolphin poster that is usually on the end of the blackboard is missing.

Correction: Just becuase the poster is USUALLY there doesn't mean it's a continuity error. Ms. Grotke could have moved it to a different spot in the room just to give the classroom a different look, it could have fallen, or she could have just taken it down because it was getting old, just to name a few possibilites.

Prickly is Leaving - S4-E11

Corrected entry: When Prickly finally gets his promotion, he decides not to go. Yet in most other episodes he's always going on about leaving.

cameron davies

Correction: I think most people dream about leaving their current jobs. More than likely, after he left, he realized that there was more love of his current job than he realized or wanted to give up.

Ken Hogan

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Corrected entry: The gang lives near the school..we know this because most of the time they walk back home from school. So WHY do they sometimes walk, sometimes bike, sometimes arrive by bus, sometimes by car? A bus would not need to pick them up from their houses when they are within walking distance.

Correction: An elementary school bus will often pick up students within walking distance, in fact it can even pick a student up from across the street from the school in order to insure the student's safe arrival.

Schoolworld - S4-E21

Corrected entry: When S.A.L tells Principal Prickly that he's retired he says drive safely, but later locks him in his office.

cameron davies

Correction: Perhaps this mistake is over my head, but I don't really see a clear mistake the way it presently reads. If possible, rewrite and recorrect it.

Super Grover Premium member

The Trial - S1-E16

Corrected entry: When Randall throws the rock, he says that he threw it straight in the air, but when you actually see him throwing the rock, he throws it straight ahead.

cameron davies

Correction: The fact that Randall is mistaken about how he threw the rock in the air constitutes a character mistake, not the show's mistake.

Super Grover Premium member

Teachers Lounge - S1-E17

Corrected entry: In Spinelli's idea of what the teacher's lounge is going to be like, one of the teachers is on the running machine and he says he is going to run for another 20 minutes, or so, then get back to class. About 30 seconds later he is suddenly playing basketball with Miss Finster.

Correction: That whole thing with the gym is Spinelli's fantasy, so she probably isn't paying enough attention to realise that the teacher is in two places at once.

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