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Corrected entry: In the episode "The Challenge" when Gretchen is finding information on the first baseman, it shows her picture and says that her name is Tracy Logan, which is a girl's name. But, in the episode "The Trail", she screams out "Let's give Spinelli the swirley" in a man's voice. The character's looks can be anyone, male or female.


Correction: Tracy is a unisex name, not just a girl's name. Example: New Orleans Saints cornerback Tracy Porter.


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Corrected entry: Throughout the series, the characters leave school in the middle of the day to go to stores, such as the Diggers in "The Game" and Randall in "Prince Randall." What kind of school lets kids do that?


Correction: The students left at lunch. Some schools still let students out for lunch so if they want to go out are allowed. Also, when the diggers left they said "Let's go after school" to buy the tiles.

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Corrected entry: The gang lives near the school..we know this because most of the time they walk back home from school. So WHY do they sometimes walk, sometimes bike, sometimes arrive by bus, sometimes by car? A bus would not need to pick them up from their houses when they are within walking distance.

Correction: An elementary school bus will often pick up students within walking distance, in fact it can even pick a student up from across the street from the school in order to insure the student's safe arrival.

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Corrected entry: The length of recess varies across the show, and it also varies when they take recess. For example, in "The New Kid" recess is 40 minutes long, taken at 10 am. But sometimes they take recess near the end of school. And in "The Break In", Mrs. Finster makes a show of TJ at lunch, and he is still punished that day, meaning recess is after lunch. Like I said, it varies a lot.

Correction: When I was in elementary school we had a recess after every single subject. That meant about five recesses a day (if you include the lunch recess.) I never noticed any of the recesses in the being up to 40 minutes long though so I can't explain the time problem.

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