The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Corrected entry: When Frank first appears his heels are black and white, but from the lab scene and after, he's not changed clothes but his heels are different and all black. (00:25:15 - 00:41:25)

Correction: When Frank first appears he's wearing the black/silver cape with black/silvery white platform shoes. After Frank gets into the lift and heads up to the lab, we don't see Frank onscreen again until Brad and Janet are brought up to the lab. Until then there's plenty of time offscreen for Frank to put on his green surgical gown and all black platforms.

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Corrected entry: After Dr. Scott exposes Frank + company as aliens, Frank replies 'Go on, Dr. Scott. Or should I say, Dr. VON Scott.' Brad is outraged, but it doesn't make much sense. Why would it be so shocking to hear that he has a German surname? He's spoken with a German accent throughout the movie. Simply stating his real name wouldn't imply that Dr. Scott is a Nazi. It is obvious that he is German. Richard O'Brien (creator of Rocky Horror) even states on the DVD commentary that he's always disagreed on this being in the film.

Correction: Actually Richard O'Brien says that he just wished Dr. Scott had spoken with an American accent rather than a German one. Also Brad is not outraged but confused, which makes sense; it is obvious that Dr. Scott is German and he doesn't understand why Frank is making such a big deal about it.

Actually the script implies that Von Scott is a former Nazi - because as Scott states after Frank brings up his alleged real name - "they couldn't prove nothing." Brad obviously is willfully naive when the real name is brought up. And I think there certainly is nothing wrong with making fun of Nazis.

Corrected entry: When Frank-N-Furter is singing and slowly walking out over the swimming pool in the mist just before jumping in, you can see him carefully feel for the edge of the platform with his foot. (01:20:50)

Correction: There is no reason why Frank-N-Furter should not need to feel for its edge, so he can jump in. Not a movie mistake.

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Corrected entry: Before the song "Dammit Janet", just after the newlyweds leave, there is a boom mic visible at the top of the screen.

Correction: Just after Ralph and Betty drive away, there is a light fixture over the church doors (swaying a bit) that is only partially visible, when Brad and Janet stand there, that you have mistaken as a boom mic. There is no boom mic seen overhead.

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Corrected entry: At the wedding Janet is wearing black shoes but when she and Brad are at the castle she is wearing the same type of shoes except they're white.

Correction: How do we know this all takes place on the same day? There could have easily been time for a change of shoes between scenes.


Corrected entry: Throughout the entire time when Brad and Janet are talking after the wedding, you can see the boom mic above them. It's bobbing, and every time it comes down you can see it at the top of the screen.

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Correction: Actually the "boom mike" is only seen when they are in front of the church doors. This is because it is actually the lantern that hangs above the door.

Corrected entry: Right at the end Riff Raff explains that his laser gun fires a stream of antimatter particles. However if this were really the case then whoever he shot with it should have exploded violently as the matter and antimatter meet.

Correction: They wouldn't have got that far: they would have exploded on contact with the air upon leaving the barrel of the gun. (Presumably the gun has some sort of antimatter containment device, or it would explode upon being loaded.) This is another universe, where all sorts of weird things are possible, anti-matter guns amongst them. The rules don't apply.

Corrected entry: When Brad and Janet's station wagon gets a flat tire, the light in the car is a bright white that is emanating from the floor (note the shadows above them and the ones on their faces). If the light was from the dashboard or dome light, it would be more yellow and cast downward shadows on their faces.

Correction: Every car I have ever owned had lights in the floorboard that came standard with the vehicle, including a dome light that can be switched on or off seperately. The dome light simply does not turn on, while the floorboard lights are apparently on, causing the white light and upward cast shadows.


Corrected entry: In the beginning, at the wedding scene, Brad goes from wearing a kilt in one shot to dancing in pants for the 'Dammit Janet' musical number.

Correction: Though it appears Brad is wearing a kilt he is in fact just wearing a tartan cummerbund.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Frank is singing 'Sweet Transvestite', he sings: "so you got caught with a flat wheel, how 'bout that." However, neither Janet nor Brad mention anything about having a flat wheel, only that their car broke down.

Correction: 1) He's just using a figure of speech. 2) It's a musical. He's saying it to stay in rhythm and in the style of the song. 3) Frank raises an eye brow at the camera, potentially insinuating he had something to do with the flat tire.

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Corrected entry: When Janet is in the tank with Rocky and the faces of the other characters appear above her singing the line 'creature of the night', Frank's mouth moves different from the words; his line is badly dubbed.

Correction: His mouth isn't out of sync.

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Corrected entry: In the pool scene, in the background, you can clearly see when Tim Curry was accidentally kicked in the groin.

Correction: Not a mistake, it could happen in that kind of situation. There are legs and arms going in all directions.


Corrected entry: In the ballroom, during the Time Warp, the liquid in the water dispenser is purple-red in colour. When Frank-N-Furter drinks from it, it is clear.

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Correction: The water never changes colour. During timewarp it is possible to see that the dispenser is only half full. When Frank-N-Furter gets his drink you can only see the top half without any liquid. When he throws the cup at the camera the liquid is clearly red, you may need to watch it in slow motion to see it.


Corrected entry: When Frank-N-Furter takes a drink from the water dispenser, the water level in the drum doesn't change when Frank takes water from it.

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Correction: When Frank-N-Furter drinks from the water dispenser we only see the top half of the dispenser. During timewarp we can see that the dispenser is half full also. We can see Frank-N-Furter get a cup, fill it, take a sip then throw it at the camera all in one shot.


Corrected entry: When Frank-N-Furter whips the tablecloth off, none of the assembled cast knew that there was a mockup Eddie corpse underneath. the shock they express was real.

Correction: Not quite, they did know it was there, for if you look at it frame by frame we see 1 or 2 of the cast members "freaking out" before you can even see the corpse.

If you listen to Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn's commentary on the 40th anniversary Blu ray, they actually do say that the cast didn't know Eddie's corpse was there! I can only assume the early reactions are just the cast following their directions in the script.

Corrected entry: After the "Hot Patootie" number, when Frank is chasing Eddie into the freezer, there's already blood in the freezer as Eddie crawls in.

Correction: Ever notice that giant gaping wound on Eddie's head? The blood is in the freezer because before the movie, Frank had given Eddie a partial-lobotomy. The half of Eddie's brain that was removed was given to Rocky. I'd imagine that when a transvestite removes half of your brain, there may be some blood.

Where does it state that he was given a labotomy or had half his brain removed? I have watched the movie a lot and haven't ever heard of this? I am currently watching it and trying to find the place where this is said.

When everyone gets stuck to the lab floor (before Rose Tint my World), Frank leans against the ice box and questions if it was a bad idea splitting Eddie's brain between him and Rocky as Rocky is acting "too much like Eddie." That's why Eddie has that huge gash across his forehead.

Frank: "It's not easy having a good time... even smiling makes my face ache... and my children turn on me...Rocky's behaving just the way that Eddie did. Do you think I made a mistake, splitting his brain between the two of them?"

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Corrected entry: When the Time Warp is starting with Riff Raff and Magenta singing their seperate parts, When Magenta comes up to Brad and says "Not for very much longer" instead of being very weirded out, Brad accidentally smiles and almost laughs at her. (00:19:45)

Correction: Having paid close attention during the whole song I've spotted Brad smiling a number of times. I think he's decided to humour everyone, which is supported by the way he talks and smiles afterward as he and Janet head toward the elevator. She's scared, he isn't. He just thinks they're being 'quirky'.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, when Janet is saying how radiantly beautiful Betty was, if you look at the top of the screen (seen on the DVD) you can see the boom mic over their heads and the shadow of it on the church doors.

Correction: I've corrected one like this before, but it seems to have disappeared. The "boom mic" and its shadow are a light fixture that is hanging over the church door.


Corrected entry: Couple of deliberate mistakes. A billboard appears in the cemetery at the beginning of the movie and Brad has socks on when Frank N Furter turns on the magnetic floor - socks don't magnetize to the floor.


Correction: First, the billboard is outside the church grounds. Second, many commercial cemeteries have billboards advertising themselves or public service announcements - which a billboard promoting the town would be. Third, it's not a magnetic floor - it's a Sonic Transducer as is clearly labelled on the switch. Plus, only submit one mistake at a time.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, after the Transylvanians have blasted off, you see Dr. Scott's wheelchair smashed on the ground. Shortly thereafter, you see Brad and Janet wheeling him in it.

Correction: I checked both US and UK versions on the 25th Anniversary DVD, after Dr. Scott is shown laying on top of the smashed wheelchair, the Criminologist says a few lines, then the credits roll. Neither Dr. Scott, Brad, or Janet is shown again except in still shots during the credits.


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