The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Brad and Janet, after the wedding of their friends, announce their engagment. They go to tell their friend Dr.Scott. They take the wrong fork and end up in a large castle. The door is opened by a wierd looking guy named Riff-Raff. Him, his sister Magenta and a groupie named Columbia do the Time warp, then we meet Dr.Frank-N-Furter. He is dressed in womens lingerie, explains to Brad and Janet that he's a sweet transvestite, he invites them to his lab for the unveiling of his creation. Up in that lab his creation, Rocky is "born". Then Eddie, an ex- delivery boy comes out, sings a song, kisses Columbia, then Frank murders him with a pick-axe. Then Brad and Janet go to their separate rooms and each get seduced by Frank. Janet than has a romantic interlude with Rocky. Dr. Scott shows up, Frank is mad at Rocky, then they all have dinner. Then Frank reveals that the large piece of meat they are eating in actually Eddie. He then turns everyone into stone (excluding Riff-Raff and Magenta), then there is a floor show. Everyone sings, there's an orgy in the pool, and then Riff-Raff and Magenta come in, taking over. Riff kills Columbia, Frank and Rocky then Dr.Scott, Brad and Janet escape, and they beam the whole house to planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania. Did I mention the whole thing is narrated by the Criminologist, and this is a musical?

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Frank: A mental mind fuck can be nice.



When Eddie escapes the deep freeze, he wears three rings on his left hand: his middle, ring and pinkie fingers. Bizarrely, the pinkie ring actually disappears in quite a few shots, including when Eddie plays the sax and when he lifts Columbia, just before they mess around on the floor.



Many people don't realise that the actor who plays Riff Raff (Richard O'Brien) is actually the person who wrote the original stageplay of 'Rocky Horror'. He also wrote the sequel movie.