The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Brad and Janet, after the wedding of their friends, announce their engagement. They go to tell their friend Dr.Scott. They take the wrong fork and end up in a large castle. The door is opened by a weird-looking guy named Riff-Raff. He, his sister Magenta and a groupie named Columbia do the Timewarp, then we meet Dr.Frank-N-Furter. He is dressed in women's lingerie, explains to Brad and Janet that he's a sweet transvestite, he invites them to his lab for the unveiling of his creation. Up in that lab his creation, Rocky is "born." Then, Eddie, an ex-delivery boy comes out, sings a song, kisses Columbia, then Frank murders him with a pick-ax. Then Brad and Janet go to their separate rooms and each gets seduced by Frank. Janet than has a romantic interlude with Rocky. Dr. Scott shows up, Frank is mad at Rocky, then they all have dinner. Then Frank reveals that the large piece of meat they are eating in actually Eddie. He then turns everyone into stone (excluding Riff-Raff and Magenta), then there is a floor show. Everyone sings, there's an orgy in the pool, and then Riff-Raff and Magenta come in, taking over. Riff kills Columbia, Frank, and Rocky then Dr.Scott, Brad and Janet escape, and they beam the whole house to planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania. Did I mention the whole thing is narrated by the Criminologist, and this is a musical?

Factual error: The criminologist describes the events of the movie as taking place "on a late November evening". In the very next scene, Brad and Janet are driving in Brad's car, and President Richard Nixon's resignation speech is playing on the radio. Nixon resigned in August of 1974. (00:12:00)

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Suggested correction: It is said by the writer of the movie that Brad taped the Nixon speech so he could listen to it later in his car, the movie does take place in late November.

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Frank: A mental mind fuck can be nice.

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Trivia: At one point on set, the cast had an off-camera Easter egg hunt. Some were never found - you can see at least three of the eggs in the film: one under Frank-N-Furter's throne, one in the main hall in place of the light, and another when they are going up to the lair in the elevator.

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Chosen answer: She kicks him in the groin when he has her cornered on the stairway.

Answer: I was told that Tim Curry AKA Frank N Furter was also accidentally kicked in the groin in the pool shot. You can see the look on his face. But it's not clear if Susan Sarandon did it or the actor playing Rocky did it.

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