My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Corrected entry: In the very beginning of the movie (with Toula's voice over) she talks of the statues of the gods in her yard. Yet throughout the movie it is obvious that they are Greek Orthodox. If they are indeed Orthodox they most likely wouldn't honor various pagan gods.

Correction: They are not "honoring" the pagan gods per se, just celebrating their Greek heritage.

Corrected entry: Besides the already mentioned scene, throughout the movie Ian's hair changes color. It is a light brown when he and Toula are on their second date at a restaurant then turns to a dark brown, almost black when Nikki catches them at the travel agency.

Correction: There are hair coloring products for men, especially those that want to hide their grey hair.


Corrected entry: When Toula's sister comes to the restaurant with her three boys she throws her coat on top of the cash register, and her scarf slips to the right side. When she leaves she picks up the coat which is covering the whole cash registers (plus the menus she is going to drop on the floor) and the scarf is lying on top of the coat. (00:10:25)


Correction: There is more than enough time between the times that you see it for someone to have moved it.

Corrected entry: At the beginning titles we can see words (like the title of the movie or the names) written in "greek" letters.The use of the letter "sigma" denoted in capital as "&931;" is used in the movie to replace the english E. In reality greek sigma ("&931;") is used for the sound of S. So we see " MY BIG FAT GR&931;&931;K W&931;DDING " in greek this would be read as "MY BIG FAT GRSSK WSDDING". In fact, the capital of letter e in greek is the same as english, namely E. For a greek-spoker this mistake is major.It is a similar mistake with the one written in your site about the name on the invitation "PORTOKALOS" written as "RORTOKALOS"

Correction: This is just an intentional play on characters to emphasise it is a greek wedding. it is not meant to be read in greek as there would be numerous other issues with it including the fact that the word "Greek" does not exist in the greek language it would be "Elliniki". The double sigma is purely for visual effect.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the mother shows the invitations to the rest of the family, there is a close shot of one of the invitations. The text is written in both Greek and English. However, the Greek spelling of the name 'Portokalos' is incorrect, because the first letter of the word is the one used for 'R' in Greek, not 'P'. According to what is written on the invitation, the name of the family would be 'Rortokalos'. Moreover, the Greek written word includes a symbol which indicates where a word should be stressed when read, which cannot be seen in any of the words of the invitation. (01:02:33)

Correction: As far as the symbol which indicates where a word should be stressed out when read is concerned, it is called "tonos" and it is NEVER used when writing in capitals. The words were written in capitals, so no use of "tonos" was necessary.

Corrected entry: If the church that Toula got married in is a proper Orthodox church, there would be no wedding song before or after the service.

Correction: In fact, in the Greek Orthodox weddings of the USA they adopt a more "American" style of weddings due to the bi-cultural personality of the people involved. Those weddings are mostly done in an American way much different to the actual Greek weddings, with wedding songs being played and bridesmaids taking part in it.

Corrected entry: When Toula sees the flier at college about Computers and Tourism, you can see the flier is attached to the bulletin board by a small green push pin. The camera angle changes when she goes to pull the flier off the bulletin board and it is now secured by a larger pin that allows her to rip the flier off the board.


Correction: Not true; it's the same pin all the way through. When Toula pulls the flier from the board, the starting angle of the shot means that a black mark on a sheet of paper behind the pin looks like an extension of the pin itself, but as the angle changes to follow Toula down the stairs it becomes evident that this is not attached and is in fact something separate.

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Corrected entry: When Toula finishes her story about her childhood and the scene changes back to the restaurant, her shirt has changed from a white blouse she was wearing before the flashback to a brown sweater. (00:07:30)

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Correction: This is meant to show the passing of time; Toula is shown in a variety of different outfits in the early scenes in the restaurant, meant to indicate how monotonous and boring her days are, and how she's constantly thinking about the same things.

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Corrected entry: In the first scene where Toula and her father are riding to the restaurant, from the outside angle, you can see that there is no car behind them. As they are talking, the angle from inside of the car shows that there are a set of headlights in back of them. After they zoom out to the angle outside of the car, again there is no car behind them.

Correction: These are not headlights - they're shop and streetlights behind them, and are consistent in the close-up and wide shots.

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Corrected entry: When the bridesmaids are preparing themselves to go to the wedding, they're seen painting their toenails, but when they put their stockings on, their toenails look unpainted. Then, when they put on their shoes (without taking their stockings off), their nails are painted.

Correction: In the first scene on the wedding morning, the bridesmaids are shown painting their fingernails - they're all sitting round the kitchen table waving their hands to dry them. We later see some people pulling on stockings, with unpainted toenails but with painted fingernails, then discarding the stockings and painting their toenails to wear with open-toed shoes. No problem there that I can see.

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Corrected entry: The house of Toula's parents has two storeys. However, in the scene after the engagement party Toula is doing the dishes in the kitchen. You see two staircases, one going up and one going down. That the kitchen is on the second floor is confirmed when she looks out of the window down onto the lawn, where her grandmother is having trouble with the sprinkler. The view from the kitchen down to the lawn is the perspective from the first floor and from far too high up to be from a raised ground level. The staircase down does not lead to a basement as Toula is looking down onto the lawn from an upstairs floor. (01:09:25)


Correction: There is such housing as tri-levels that from the outside look like they are two storys yet on the inside there can be three.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tula's mother is peeling potatoes for the dinner where there are to meet Ian's family, Tula stresses they will be there in 1 hour. Tula's uncle walks in with an entire lamb to be put on the spit. When Tula pulls up with her future in laws the lambs is fully cooked. Fully cooked in only an hour? Does not seem possible.

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Correction: It's not fully cooked when they arrive. It is done much later-after the two separate time progressions while Ian's parents are drinking. They are fully drunk and swaying before the meat is brought in by Gus.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Ian first takes Tula to his apartment, they knock over a lamp. You can hear the bulb break, however the room stays lit. (00:41:20)

Correction: We hear something break when the floor lamp is knocked over - but it wasn't necessarily the bulb. It could have been anything glass (on a table/nightstand for example) that was hit by the falling lamp. Also, by the look of the lighting in the room, it wasn't the only light on.

Corrected entry: At the engagement dinner hosted by Toula's family, Rodney and Harriet (Ian's parents) drink a few shots of the 'licorice' liqueur. After the third or fourth round they are weaving a bit and put their glasses on a proffered tray. In the next shot of them, Rodney is still holding his glass. (01:08:00)

Correction: I took the scene to be a natural progression: a time lapse, indicating Rodney and Harriet had been at the party longer and had more to drink than we actually saw. This may also explain why they were so tipsy after only a few drinks.

Corrected entry: When Tula and Ian are on their first date, the camera pans around the restaurant, then shows them at their table. They each have a glass of red wine. After Tula tells Ian that her family owns Dancing Zorbas, she takes a sip, but this time, it's white wine.

Correction: She takes a sip of water (note ice and lemon in glass) not white wine.

Corrected entry: When Ian drives Tula home for the first time, she asks him to stop a short distance from her house. Then they sit in the vehicle and kiss. This is followed by several shots of them kissing in the vehicle after different dates. The scenery out of the back window of the vehicle is in exactly the same place every time. The truck would have to have been parked in the exact same spot on the street after every one of their dates.

Correction: There is not a problem here, as there is no reason for him not to be able to park his car in the same place every time.

Corrected entry: When Ian tries (and fails) to wish Toula's father Happy Easter in Greek, her father mumbles back in Greek (with the English subtitles) "When my people were writing philosophy, your people were still swinging in trees." In the subtitles, writing is spelled with two Ts.

Correction: They may have corrected this mid production, but my video - purchased at a movie retailer - has "writing" spelled with one T.

Corrected entry: During the coffee scene, the women are trying to convince the dad to let Tula work at the travel agency. Tula is standing at the table with a coffee pot. For most of the scene there are no coffee cups on the table. Just when she decides to serve the coffee the cups with saucers miraculously appear.

Correction: If you look in Toula's hand when she walks up to the table, you can see that she has coffee cups in her hand to set on the table.

Corrected entry: In the early restaurant scene, you'll notice that Tula is wearing a simple brown ribbed sweater. When she goes outside to dump the trash and cry over the college flyer, she's wearing a different sweater. It's a lighter brown, and a different style.

Correction: Technically, it *could* be taking place on another day. After all, she does look like she's wondering "what's that paper in my pocket?".

Corrected entry: Why does Toula's grandmother attack and call Gus an "ugly Turk" as if she doesn't know much about him? Toula's voiceover earlier in the film says how her father brought his mother from Greece - this is her own son.

Correction: This is a part of the comedy. Toula's grandmother went a little crazy after the war and therefore accuses many people of being Turks, including her own son. It's meant to be funny.

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Correction: His mother has dementia, and doesn't recognize her son as a grown man. Sadly, with people with dementia, loved ones can turn into strangers.

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Continuity mistake: When Toula goes to meet Ian at the school where he works, and they are talking in the hallway, her arms occasionally move from behind his neck to the front of his shoulders. The continuity is correct at the bgeinning of the scene, but at the end it happens a few times. (00:48:05)

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Maria Portokalos: Toula, on my wedding night, my mother, she said to me, "Greek women, we may be lambs in the kitchen, but we are tigers in the bedroom."
Toula Portokalos: Eww. Please let that be the end of your speech.

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Trivia: Because of the popularity of the film, a television series titled, "My Big Fat Greek Life" acts as a sequel to it. Unfortunately, due to low ratings and poor reviews, the series was cancelled after several episodes.


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