My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Toula starts off feeling sorry for herself because she's alone. She then meets Ian one day as he's meeting with a friend in the family restaurant. She decides to do something with her life so she signs up for a computer class at the college and then starts working at Aunt Voula's travel agency. One day, Ian passes by and notices her and asks her out. They go out on dates and then he asks her to marry him. Her family is having trouble accepting their engagement, but they come to realize that Ian and Toula really love each other.

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When Toula goes to meet Ian at the school where he works, and they are talking in the hallway, her arms occasionally move from behind his neck to the front of his shoulders. The continuity is correct at the bgeinning of the scene, but at the end it happens a few times.



The man who plays Ian's friend Mike is played by Ian Gomez, who is Nia Vardalos' husband in real life.