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Corrected entry: In the scene when Billy is having dinner with his father and his co-workers, when Billy is eating his soup, the soup never enters his mouth. The actor who plays Billy (Adam Sandler) tilts the spoon and the soup goes directly into the bowl again, but when he goes to talk to Carl he wipes his face to make it look like he has eaten his soup when really he hasn't.

Correction: This is done purposely. Adam Sandler does this for comedic effect. It's supposed to be funny.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Billy is talking to the O'Doyle mother, she claims that the father is in jail and won't be out for a very long time, yet a few weeks later, the father is seen driving the car with all the O'Doyle kids.

Correction: The red-haired woman picking up her son from school (whom I assume you are referring) was never identified as Mrs. O'Doyle, she's Scotty Logan's mom. If you watch the scene with the O'Doyle clan driving off the cliff again you'll see Mrs. O'Doyle; not the same person by a long shot.

Corrected entry: In the end, when Billy is graduating, his academic robes are actually that of a Doctorate. You can see that his sleeves have stripes on them. Only doctoral robes have those stripes.

Correction: Anyone can purchase doctoral robes. Billy is known for his over-the-top antics and celebrations, and one could easily believe that he wanted the doctoral robes because it's over-the-top. It's consistent with his character.

Corrected entry: The Elementary school Janitor is spying for the evil guy that wishes to overtake the company, and goes to the Madison office block - why does his take his mop with him? It's extremely unlikely that he would take his own mop to school, and thus carry it around with him.

Correction: With all the useless information that the janitor gives to the evil guy, I think it's safe to say he's a pretty weird character, and thus is portrayed even more strange, by carrying his mop around.

Corrected entry: When Billy is calling Danny McGrath closer towards the end of the movie, you can hear the ringer ringing before he is done dialing.

Correction: The ringing you are presumably referring to isn't actually the ringing coming from the phone but the start of the song that plays throughout the scene, which is Telephone Line by the Electric light orchestra. Listen to the song if you don't believe me.

Corrected entry: During the music sequence, Billy is still wet. Somehow Veronica is dry, and changed, and the whole 3rd grade class joins in the sequence but Veronica came alone.

Correction: It's a FANTASY scene. The clown, all the kids, Veronica, and everyone else showing up randomly and Veronica's quick change were all done for comedic effect.

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Corrected entry: When Ms. Vaughn is at a graduation party with Billy in the yard, Billy tells her that he moved out into a tent behind the house. But throughout the movie it shows Billy waking up in the mansion, even though there was a bed in the tent.

Correction: Just because there is a bed in the tent doesn't mean he sleeps there at night. He could just use it to relax.

Corrected entry: When Billy is in the first grade, he is making a snowman. All the other students are making perfect looking snowmen with cotton balls, but Billy's is nothing but a huge mess of cotton balls, construction paper, and paste. It looks nothing like a snowman. However, when Billy is outside of school and is putting the moves on one of his classmate's moms, his teacher, Miss Lippy, brings out all his stuff from class that day, including his snowman, which now looks absolutely perfect.

Correction: The teacher could have helped him during an unfilmed bit.

Corrected entry: When Billy drives to his first day of high school you hear him turning off the engine of the car. If you look at the hood scoop, it is still shaking because the car is still running.

Correction: The hood of the car is vibrating because the music being played in the car is so loud, not because the car is still running.

Corrected entry: The scene after Veronica Vaughn says, "You're losing your mind, Billy!", when Billy goes to her house, there is a shot of Billy's pool. In that shot the pool is clean. When Ms. Vaughn is beating up Billy in the pool, there are beer cans in the pool. (01:05:23)

Correction: The shot we see is of the fountain, the "pool" part where the beer cans are are not visible in this shot as it is off to the side and blocked by the shrubs. When she's walking towards Billy, the cans are seen in the pool.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Billy is drunk, and he goes to Veronica's house, when she closes the door, you can clearly see that she has a wedding ring on her left ring finger. Earlier, when Billy and his friend call her to ask if she has a boyfriend, she says no.

Correction: There's no proof or indication it's a wedding ring, the character could have simply chose to wore a ring there. In real life, the actress who played Veronica (Bridget Wilson) was not married at the time of filming and wasn't married until 2000.


Corrected entry: Before the last competition commences and everybody is sitting in the big hall, Miss Vaughn is sitting with the 3rd grader, Eric, on her right hand side. After Billy has delivered his speech, Miss Lippy is now sitting next to Miss Vaughn, and Eric is no longer in sight.

Correction: He is seated in front of Miss Vaughn and Miss Lippy the entire time in the auditorium.

Corrected entry: During third grade graduation party, Miss Von tells Billy how proud of him she is for standing up for another school mate "yesterday" on the field trip. The field trip was one week prior, because Miss Von said on the day of the field trip "you will graduate next week."


Correction: No she doesn't. She says "Next week you'll have another class to impress and another teacher to annoy" This could have been on anyday of the week with the graduation party the day after up to and including Saturday and the scene still holds true.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie Billy says he'll go to school for 2 weeks per school-year which gives him 24 weeks to go all the way to graduation. His dad says if he finishes by June 15th he wins. Billy was just in the pool no more than a day ago and it was obviously pretty warm outside, how is this possible if it's 24 weeks from June 15th? That would make it December the previous year.

Correction: This would be true for some areas in the US, however it never seems to be established in the film where it actually takes place so it's impossible to say it would be too cold to go swimming.


Corrected entry: In the part where he is putting water on his pants because its cool, the water pours out. But the kid before him had to keep pumping to get water out.

Correction: On water pumps like that, they must be primed. The water needs to be pulled up from the well so it needs to be pumped a few times to begin with but once it gets going, until it settles again, it will easily continue to dispense water.

Corrected entry: At the beginning when Billy's in the pool, he has sunscreen in one hand, and a beer in the other. Then when he swims to his friend, they are gone.

Correction: He was pretty drunk then, so he may have just dropped the beer and sunscreen into the pool so he could swim to his friends.

Corrected entry: When it shows all the desks of each grade that Billy has to complete, Erik (the guy who wants the company) puts two holes into Billy's head and then later on when he progresses to higher grades the eyes have magically repaired themselves.

Correction: Erik could have easily replaced the picture of Billy. He might not have wanted anyone else to see that he had mutilated the picture.

Corrected entry: Billy Gets a Valentine from the headteacher. It is a card which we see him open to read what's inside, but when they show up the writing in the inside it is clearly a single piece of paper without a front.

Correction: He just turns it over, he doesn't open it, hence why it looks like one bit of paper.

No, he does open it.


Correction: It was a home made card. The heart shape piece of paper with the writing on it is attached to the heart shaped cover. You can see when he's reading it that it's attached to the cover.


Revealing mistake: On Billy's first day of school when he is outside waiting for the bus and it just passes him you hear the noise of kids on a bus, but when it passes no one is in it.

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High School Principal: If there's any attempt by either contestant to cheat, especially with my wife, who is a dirty, dirty, tramp, I am just going to snap.


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Trivia: The pool that Billy appears in is of the exact same set of pools Navin R. Johnson [Steve Martin] used in The Jerk.

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