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Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore (1996)

75 mistakes

Happy Gilmore mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Happy is trying out for the hockey team, he sends a slapshot in front of the coaches and it breaks the glass. In the next shot the glass is intact.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie he is not taken onto the hockey team. After he is hustling at the driving range he goes to toughen up. As he is toughening up, Chubbs unplugs the machine. The kid tries it, but he never plugged it back in and the machine still manages to work.

Other mistake: During the last tournament scene at the beginning of it look at the Media Tower the crashed V.W. is already there but that part has not happened yet.

Revealing mistake: In at least one scene, you can see the ruts that the filmmakers made in the greens to make Happy's putts go where they wanted them to.

Happy Gilmore mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Happy tosses the IRS agent out of Grandma Gilmore's window, he falls down the steps outside and it is blatantly obvious that he is wearing kneepads under his suit pants.

Plot hole: In the final tournament when Happy is stuck in the rough, he swings five times. Assuming he hit his drive into the rough and hit an AMAZING shot from the edge of the water into the hole, he still could do no better than a seven on the hole. Happy only lost one stroke on the hole.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where the Volkswagen is driving on the golf course to run over Happy, you can see tracks in the ground where the car had already been.

Continuity mistake: The exact same shots of the golf ball sailing through the air are used two or three times, especially during the last golf tournament.

Continuity mistake: When Happy pleads with Chubbs to take him for lessons, he shakes Chubbs' hand. He pulls off a few fingers, but not his ring finger. When the shot changes to behind Chubbs, you can see that his ring finger is not there.

Revealing mistake: When Happy and Bob are rolling down the hill, you can see from the face that it's Bob Barker's stunt double.


Plot hole: During the scene when Happy is being reprimanded in Doug's office for the fight he had with Bob Barker, why is it that Shooter is permitted to be in this meeting? It would seem that only Doug, Virginia and Happy should be present as it is none of Shooter's business.

Continuity mistake: When Happy is about to putt and the tower starts to fall, his caddy is behind him. In the next wide-angle shot, his caddy is in front of him, or at least between Happy and the hole, where before Happy was between him and the hole. A couple of shots later, when Virginia runs up to Happy, the caddy is back to his old position again.

Benjamin Tiffany

Other mistake: When Happy hits the ball in the alligators mouth, he is on the complete other side of the lake where the gator is located, and there is a crowd of people blocking his view, but somehow he can still see through the people and over the lake, to notice the gator taking his ball.

Sir William

Continuity mistake: At the final golf tournament, Happy's grandmother tells him she just wants him to be happy. In one shot, both her hands are up towards Happy, in the next shot only her left arm is up, and in the next shot both hands are up again.

Continuity mistake: After Happy gets hit by the car he's lying on the ground and you can see he's only wearing the Subway shirt. But when he tees off near the end he's wearing a shirt over the subway one.

Continuity mistake: When the alligator takes off with Happy's golf ball in his mouth, he takes off and slides down into the pond where he goes through a patch of water-lilies. When Happy dives in the water after the alligator there are no water-lilies.

Continuity mistake: Happy and his new caddy are discussing the shape of the green and the caddy says the green is slanted to the left. When Happy tells him it only seems that way because he's missing a shoe, the caddy is standing with his feet shoulder-width apart. When the camera cuts to the close-up of his feet, they're together, yet the caddy didn't move.

Matty Blast

Continuity mistake: When Virginia and Happy are dancing on the skating rink, when the camera is zoomed in on them, Virginia is holding the hockey stick. Then when the camera zooms out, look closely and you can see she isn't holding the stick.

Plot hole: The bet between Happy and Shooter is in no way legally enforceable. Even if it was legal to make such a bet and it have it be enforced, the only person who can verify it was ever even made is Virginia who's obviously biased as Happy's girlfriend. The only way Shooter would actually honor the bet is to keep his word, which is completely out of character (he is the bad guy after all). And I'm sure with the money he's earned he can hire a bodyguard to protect him from Mr. Larson.

Continuity mistake: When Happy wins at the end, people start running towards him. One of these people is a girl with a blue shirt. Then there's a shot of cheering people that are standing to the side without running to Happy, including Richard Kiel, and the girl with the blue shirt

Continuity mistake: The point in the movie when Shooter is mad about the beach ball being thrown on the green, watch his ball. It changes its position on the green from one view to another.

Continuity mistake: During the scene in the Subway restaurant, Virginia's cup quickly rotates back and forth 90 ° depending on the camera angle so the logo is always fully visible.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Happy is talking to Chubbs in the parking lot, when Happy hits Chubbs' hand off, you can see that Chubbs is throwing his hand rather than getting it hit off by Happy's hockey stick. You may have to watch in slow motion.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Happy first meets Chubbs, Happy backs his car into a couple of trash cans after Chubbs mentions big bucks. When Happy backs into the trash cans and stops he leans out the open window with his elbow over the side; you can see this through the back window. But when it shows a close up of Happy in the next shot, he's sitting calmly in the car with both arms in his lap.

Continuity mistake: When Virgina hits the puck during the skating scene, the puck can be seen going in that blue area in front of the net. In the next shot, however, the puck is only halfway towards the net.

Continuity mistake: When Happy is taking grandma Gilmore to the nursing home you can see a picture of grandma on the rear view mirror. When the lady jumps on the car and Happy throws food on her you can see the picture of grandma Gilmore is no longer there.

Continuity mistake: In the final round, when Happy and Shooter McGavin are about to tee off on the first hole, they show a picture of the 18th green with the Volkswagen Beetle already crashed into the TV tower. However, this doesn't happen until Happy gets hit by the car later in the game.

Other mistake: When Happy is trying to "fix" the air conditioner in his grandma's room you can clearly see there is a white board in back of the machine. When the machine falls out and hits the lady on the ground you can see it's no longer there.

Continuity mistake: The wound that Happy gets in his fight with Bob Baker becomes larger and fresher when he is in the subway place, and the next day the wound is gone.


Continuity mistake: When Shooter's ball goes into the crowd and ends up on Mr Larsen's foot, Mr Larsen's hair is parted on his left side at the beginning of the scene, but parted on the his right side after Shooter plays his ball off his foot.


Continuity mistake: When Bob Barker is first seen he is wearing tan pants. When he and Happy start to fight, they are grey.

Happy Gilmore mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Happy and his Grandmother arrive at the nursing home, Happy puts his Grandmother's suitcase under the bed. In the next shot it's not there anymore.

Continuity mistake: Near the start we see Happy dropping off his Grandmother at a rest home. When they arrive Happy is driving on a walkway through the compound. Odd place to be driving don't you think?


Continuity mistake: During the segment where the V.W. bug hits the media tower there are a few inconsistencies. First off when the bug hits the tower the pole wraps around the front end staying intact. In the next shot it shows the pole is broken and sitting on the hood. Then there's a shot where it shows a guy laying on the ground and the bug in the background. Now the bug has backed up about 4 feet and the pole is now not broken and only bent.


Continuity mistake: On the last hole, Shooter McGavin overshoots the hole and the ball ends up going past the green. However once he shoots the ball off the man's foot and onto the green, we now see him coming onto the green from the fairway side at the bottom of the screen, not from behind the green past the hole.


Continuity mistake: On the last hole of the big tournament, it goes from overcast to sunny between shots depending on the camera angle of Happy or Shooter McGavin.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Mr. Larson bends Shooter's golf club, the camera shot from behind Larson shows him bending the club until both ends of the club are parallel. But in the next shot, from in front of Larson, the club is not bent as much as in the shot before.

Continuity mistake: When Happy hits the ball during the bet with the two movers, we see a point of view shot of the ball traveling towards a house. When we get a shot of the owner of that house being hit, it's a different house.

A l e x

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie during the final round of golf Happy is wearing a tee-shirt under a button shirt that is open. All through the round the tee-shirt goes from a Subway shirt to a white shirt with a brown strip across the chest. It is much more noticeable during the last putt. He has the stripe shirt while putting then when he makes it and every one rushes to him it is the Subway tee-shirt.

Continuity mistake: When everyone's chasing Shooter, after he steals Happy's jacket, there's a closeup of Mr. Larson. To his right, there's a guy in a dark blue shirt. When it cuts to a wideshot of everyone, you see the guy in the blue shirt, but you don't see Mr. Larson.

Continuity mistake: When there is the small explosion when the car hits the radio/satellite tower, you can tell that it was filmed after the car itself crashed. The car was positioned, and the explosion was set off, so there is no movement in the car, even though it should still be shaking from the impact.

Deliberate mistake: In the beginning of the movie when Happy first discovers his swing, the balls that hit the people down the street are never visible upon impact.


Continuity mistake: When Chubbs tells Happy "you're gonna concentrate on golf," in the shot from the front he starts bringing his left arm out from behind his back. We then cut to a shot from behind him and both arms are still securely held behind him.

Jon Sandys

Revealing mistake: When the car hits Happy you can see the flack jacket used to perform this stunt underneath his shirt.


Continuity mistake: At the Waterbury open, when Happy first putts, there a a guy telling his friend, 'this is pathetic' There is a cluster of trees right behind him. Then when Happy punches him, the trees are no where near him, but way in the distance.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Happy and Bob Barker are fighting, it is obviously rainy. Yet a few times when there's a shot of Bob alone, the background behind him is a bright, sunny day.

Continuity mistake: When Happy and Bob Barker are fighting they roll down the hill, just as it appears that Happy wins the fight Bob grabs him by the throat. Bobs pants have a small wet stain on the butt area. After he hits Happy and walks away the wet spot is the whole area of his butt.

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Larson bends Shooter's golf club, he's holding the head of the club in his left hand. When it cuts to a shot behind him, the club's head is in Mr. Larson's right hand. When they show him from the front again, the club head is back in his left hand.

Continuity mistake: At Happy's first tournament (the one he goes to with Chubbs), when Chubbs does the 'it's all in the hips' motion there is a lake behind him and Happy. However, when Happy then hits his ball and we see the overhead shot from the ball's point of view, we can see that there's no lake anywhere near them - it's just a green fairway.

Continuity mistake: When they are playing in the Michelob Invitational, Shooter McGavin's caddy is wearing the vest for the Visa Everglades Open. The flag (in the hole) also shows this same event. They play another tournament before they get to the Everglades.


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Orderly: All right, turn your hearing aids up. I got great news. We're extending arts and crafts by 4 hours today.
Elderly lady: My fingers hurt.
Orderly: What's that?
Elderly lady: My fingers hurt.
Orderly: Oh, well now your back's gonna hurt, cuz you just pulled landscaping duty. Anyone else's fingers hurt? Didn't think so.



The evil nursing home guy is played by one Ben Stiller, then a rising star, although his role is uncredited.