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Corrected entry: When O'Malley offers to get the Aristocats back to Paris he draws an X on the road and says "Just leave it to J Thomas O'Malley". His full name is Abraham DeLacey Giusseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley - No "J".

Correction: "Giuseppe" is the Italian form of "Joseph" or "Joe." It's not at all surprising that an Irish cat would shorten such a bulky middle name to Joe - - or "J."

Corrected entry: When the cats are running away from the milkman, you will see O'Malley pick up Marie as he is running. However, in the next shot, as they enter the shed, Marie is running in front of O'Malley.

Correction: We don't know how far they have run, so enough time to put Marie down.


Corrected entry: Scat cat and his gang of alley cats comprise five cats - Scat cat, the Russian cat, the English cat, the Spanish cat and the Chinese cat. However, at the end of the song "Everybody wants to be a cat", when the alley cats are dancing their way into the steets of Paris, there are eight cat silhouettes. (00:59:57)

Correction: It's because other alley cats have heard their music and joined the band in their carousing as they stroll off into the night.

Corrected entry: When the cats jump under the train track, the train goes by. Each time it shows them, they are in a different pose. And when they show the cats again, they are back on the track. They couldn't get up there so fast.

Correction: There is a gap between each shot. Enough time for them to move.


Corrected entry: When the Dutchess and kittens meet O'Malley's gang, the floor collapses. Isn't it funny how fast the floor was rebuilt just in time for the cats to go to bed?

Correction: It's not unusal for a part of a floor to give way. there is nothing to say that the entire floor went.


I imagine it as a piano-sized hole in the floor.

Corrected entry: When O'Malley first compliments Duchess' eyes, the area around her irises are light blue. When we see the eyes again during the 'dancing' scene with the Alley cats, they are now white.

Correction: When we see the irises as blue, she is looking up towards the blue sky, it's most likely just a reflection.

Correction: Not really trivia. Many actors do different movies around the same time.

Corrected entry: The amount of sleep medicine that Edgar put into the cats' cream would have killed them. He empties the entire bottle of sleeping pills into their cream.

Correction: It's a DISNEY cartoon. They're showing the entire bottle being put into their cream for 1) comedic effect and 2) symbolization that the cats would be asleep for a very long time, in this case long enough for Edgar to successfully kidnap them.

Movie_Freak 1

Correction: Also, the strength of the sleeping agent is not given meaning that the claim it "would have killed them" is completely baseless. For all we know, this amount and this particular formula may not have been strong enough to send a single one of them to sleep, never mind actually kill them.

Corrected entry: While Berlioz and Marie are singing "Scales and Arpeggios," Toulouse, paint all over his paws, jumps up on the piano and plays a couple chords as Berlioz plays the melody. Paint gets all over the piano keys, but when Toulouse jumps off the piano, the keys he played are spotless.

Correction: You never see the keys after he gets off the piano.

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Corrected entry: When Edgar is boasting to Frou-Frou about his catnapping achievement, he unfurls a newspaper. If you observe carefully, you will see that the newspaper title "Le Journal de Paris" is in French but all the articles are in English. (00:36:34)

Correction: There are a number of English language newspapers on sale in Paris, some of which have French (or French sounding) names. Why can't this fictional newspaper be one of them? It is being read by an English speaking person, after all.

Corrected entry: Duchess' collar changes throughout the film - particularly the early scenes before they are catnapped.

Correction: Her owner adores her enough to want to change it several times a day.

Continuity mistake: When the butler takes the mother and kittens to be abandoned in the countryside he is on a motorcycle and sidecar combination. During the trip the sidecar changes from one side of the bike to the other and back again. Also, when the sidecar separates from the motorcycle when the dogs are chasing Edgar, the wheel on the sidecar switches sides regularly as well.

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Duchess: Monsieur O'Malley, you could have lost your life.
Thomas O'Malley: So I have a few to spare. Nothing.

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Trivia: This was the last Disney movie to include "A Walt Disney Production" at the end, as well as the first movie to be completed after Disney's death in 1966.

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Question: I wasn't sure which Disney film to ask about this, as it occurs in many (Alice in Wonderland, Fox and the Hound, Lady and the Tramp etc.) - But in many of the Dinsey films, most of the time many of the characters don't cast a shadow. Is there a reason for this? Or maybe would it be considered a mistake..?


Chosen answer: It is the style of the artwork. Similarly, it is not a mistake that each individual hair is not drawn, the eyes are not really proportional to the head, etc.


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