Corrected entry: An oddity with percussion revolvers: the ball can penetrate clean through a human body, blowing blood and gore all over the landscape, yet it cannot penetrate a half-inch of walnut or mahogany, as evidenced by Django successfully using the cupboard as cover.


Correction: They never shot the cabinet, he gave up.

4th Apr 2018

The Ranch (2016)

Season 2 generally

Corrected entry: In the second season, Abby wants to take a job in Denver. Colt claims it's 300 miles away, while Beau and Maggie have to drive 6 hours to Grand Junction. Since Denver is pretty much in the center of Colorado, there is no place 300 miles from Denver.


Correction: "The Ranch" takes place in a fictional town, however the opening sequence has shots of the real towns of Norwood and Ouray. While Norwood is just over 200 miles from Denver, as the crow flies, the quickest driving route is 330 miles. When most people talk about how far away something is, they usually mean driving distance, which includes all the twist and turns of the roads that add miles to the distance.


7th Jul 2015

M*A*S*H (1972)

Dear Sigmund - S5-E7

Corrected entry: After being loaded with wounded, an ambulance accelerates, turns left and moves out of sight. Immediately after there is the sound of a crash, and the ambulance is lying on its left side. Radar states that it turned too fast and rolled over...but in that case, it would be on its right side.


Correction: The ambulance driver was quickly heading for the next left turn on the road out of camp, but instead wound up driving into the sloped rocky ditch on his left, hence the vehicle rolled onto its left side. Nothing wrong with its depiction.

Super Grover Premium member

18th May 2016

The Hateful Eight (2015)

Corrected entry: When the second stage arrives at Minnie's, all aboard are aware that the scheduled stage had arrived earlier. But OB, the second stage's driver, (in fact none of the new arrivals) doesn't wonder where the first stage's driver or shotgun rider is.


Correction: When Warren, John Ruth, Mannix, and Daisy enter Minnie's, John asks Oswaldo if Joe Gage is their driver. Oswaldo says that their driver went to sit the blizzard out with a friend.

2nd Jul 2015

A Knight's Tale (2001)

Corrected entry: While William unhorsed Adhemar, sans should be noted that Adhemar also broke his lance. The question is, against what? Unless he aimed for William's legs, or his horse's plating, the lance tip would have skewered William like a shish kabob.


Correction: During the unhorsing of Adhemar, Adhemar's lance is never shown striking William and only breaks upon hitting the ground.

Correction: Adhemar's lance is sheared and broken by William's own lance as he delivers the final thrust. Maybe unrealistic, but you can see it.

2nd Jul 2015

The Italian Job (2003)

Corrected entry: As Charlie walks by Wrench, he asks about the stuff on the table. Wrench tells him it's just extra engine parts. Apparently at least one Mini didn't need a starter motor, and one didn't need a crankshaft.


Correction: Extra engine parts implies just that, they were extra. He's not saying they were left over parts or parts needed for the Minis.


7th Feb 2014

In Harm's Way (1965)

Corrected entry: As USS Cassidy is breaking out of Pearl Harbor, the ship's captain and XO are chasing her in a launch. The view of the launch from the bridge is interrupted by a twin 5"38 mount rotating back and forth. Unfortunately, every other view of the USS Cassidy reveals that her stern mount is a single 5-incher.


Correction: This in incorrect. All guns seen in this shot are also seen prior to her getting underway in Pearl Harbor. There is a 5" single gun mount at the stern, but there is also a twin, open mount between the rear turret and the bridge and that is what is seen traversing through the shot.

2nd Oct 2010

Sudden Impact (1983)

Corrected entry: During the last gunfight, Harry puts 3 or 4 rounds from his Auto-Mag into Mick, who then falls through the roof of the carousel and impales himself on the unicorn horn. Although it was demonstrated that those .44 rounds would penetrate 1/8 inch steel, none of them made it through Mick's body, as there was an absence of exit wounds in his back.


Correction: A .44 round will penetrate 1/8 inch steel, however, from a ballistic perspective, a projectile from the weapon will enter the human body, then tumble and ricochet uncontrollably until it loses energy. This causes massive trauma within the body. There are very rarely exit wounds through the back.

3rd Dec 2014

Die Hard 2 (1990)

Corrected entry: Apparently, Colonel Stewart had anticipated quite a few casualties among his own men - he only provided for 5 snowmobiles to make their escape.


Correction: This is not a plot hole. He planned to need 5 snowmobiles. His other men may have been intended to use another route to escape or to remain behind and ensure the escape succeeds.

Corrected entry: When Barney's new "team" is captured, he is given 48 hours to rescue them. In that time, he flies 6000 miles from Romania to New Orleans in a 300 mph turboprop, does maintenance on the aircraft, picks up his old team, and flies another 6000+ miles to another country, where the team enters a decrepit hotel to effect a rescue.


Correction: 300mph for 6000 miles is 20 hours. Twice is forty hours. There's nothing to suggest it took him more than 8 hours to do his maintenance work. So there's his 48 hours.

Phixius Premium member

25th Jun 2014

The Last Ship (2014)

Show generally

Corrected entry: The DDG class that the "Nathan James" belongs to utilize gasoline-fueled turbine engines, yet they "unrep" from an old liner that would have used bunker oil, incompatible with their engines.


Correction: Arleigh Burke destroyers use turbines that are multi-fuel capable, including heavy distillates like bunker fuels.

6th May 2014

Used Cars (1980)

Corrected entry: Rudy and the gang plan to jam a Presidential address and substitute their commercial. Rudy informs them that the address will occur at 9PM their time. However that would require the President to begin his talk at 11PM Eastern Time.


Correction: And why couldn't the president have an address at 11:00pm? There's no law that presidents have to have an address in prime time.


17th Oct 2010

Rough Riders (1997)

Corrected entry: The American troops were issued 30 caliber Krag-Jorgensen breech loading rifles, yet, at the 1:13 hour on the second disc, a trooper is firing what appears to be a civil war-era percussion muzzle loader.


Correction: It is true that the main issue weapon for the US Army in 1898, was in fact the Krag Rifle .30-40 Army. It was only issued to regular infantry, and the carbine was issued to the US Cavalry. Several units STILL had the 1873 .45-70 Govt Springfield Rifle and Carbine, due to lack of money spent by the government to acquire the newly adopted longarm. Along with this, the mixed issuance of both the .45 Colt Peacemaker and the 1890 double action .38 spl Colt and Smith and Wesson revolvers. With National Guard units participating in the campaign, many still had the 1873 Springfield in their armories. My Great Grandfather served with the 1st Vol. Cavalry, which has several National Guard units supporting it, and noted the difference of weapons carried by members of several units. Some had their own sidearms, and a few in the Guard units had brought their own lever action Winchester rifles, many chambered in the older .45-70 Govt round, like shown in the scene with Frederic Remington painting.

17th Nov 2010

Predators (2010)

Correction: As you say yourself, Royce makes this observation pretty early in the film. While the sun hasn't visibly moved in the time period between their arrival on-planet and him noticing, the film continues for a considerably longer period of time after that, long enough for the sun to eventually set. The planet simply has a longer rotational period than Earth - it's not actually tide-locked.

Tailkinker Premium member

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