7th Jul 2015

M*A*S*H (1972)

Hawkeye - S4-E18

Plot hole: When Hawkeye wrecks his jeep on his way back from an Aid Station, he has a Korean girl take a message to the 4077th, which he claims is 20 miles south. However, in virtually every episode, it is claimed that the 4077th is located 4 miles from the front lines.


Plot hole: It's a good thing Jake left the he is lying in the bed of a pickup with a full-auto weapon, and he can't take out the radiator of a vehicle 20 feet back, with not one, not two, but 3 clips of ammunition. A few rounds through the radiator, coolant is gone, and the motor seizes.


4th Nov 2014

The Sackett Brand

Plot hole: When Tell is shot and falls over the cliff, he loses his gun belt, which holds his bowie knife, and never recovers it. Later, when he slits open the tent, he talks about how his bowie knife is razor sharp, so sharp that he often shaved with it.


23rd Oct 2010

The Crowded Sky (1960)

Plot hole: Commander Heath ignores the prime directive of naval aviators when he boards the T-33 for the flight to Washington D.C. and fails to pre-flight the aircraft.


14th Oct 2010

In Harm's Way (1965)

Plot hole: As Torrey's task force seeks out the Japanese, the JL talker on the bridge informs the Captain that the starboard lookout reports a ship on the bow. Immediately everyone goes over to the port side to see the vessel, which appears (through the binoculars) to be about five miles distant. Poor lookout discipline.


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