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Used Cars (1980)

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Corrected entry: If Rudy and the gang think they will lose because they are short the one car Jeff is driving, then why not just use one of their own cars as a substitute, or flag down a passing driver to pull into the lot for a few minutes? The judge is just checking the length of the cars, so he wouldn't know either way if the one car wasn't already owned by someone else.

Correction: The judge is checking to verify that they have a mile of cars for sale. He would require proof that not only are they long enough, but also currently available for sale.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Rudy and the gang plan to jam a Presidential address and substitute their commercial. Rudy informs them that the address will occur at 9PM their time. However that would require the President to begin his talk at 11PM Eastern Time.


Correction: And why couldn't the president have an address at 11:00pm? There's no law that presidents have to have an address in prime time.


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