The Expendables 3

Corrected entry: When Barney first sees Smilee fighting, he's wearing a white shirt. When Barney talks to him, it's brown and when they come out onto the street it's white again.

Correction: The shirt is always white. It just gets dirty on the back during the fight and when in the locker room we only see the back.

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Corrected entry: When Stallone and Grammar are going to see Galgo, they are supposed to be in Arizona. The car they are in has a European Union license plate.

Correction: It's not uncommon to see a car with European license plates in the States. I see it a few times a year.

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Corrected entry: At the end, the timers restart counting down from 3 seconds - not enough time for Barney to get to the roof and run across it before the building blows up.

Correction: The building was wired to blow sequentially, from one side to the other. The building did, in fact, start blowing up well before Barney got to the roof, and was very visibly still blowing up as he ran across the roof. The film does not even try to convince the viewer that Barney got out of there before the explosions started. It's a pretty intense moment, actually, as he races the explosions across to the helicopter.

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Corrected entry: When Barney's new "team" is captured, he is given 48 hours to rescue them. In that time, he flies 6000 miles from Romania to New Orleans in a 300 mph turboprop, does maintenance on the aircraft, picks up his old team, and flies another 6000+ miles to another country, where the team enters a decrepit hotel to effect a rescue.


Correction: 300mph for 6000 miles is 20 hours. Twice is forty hours. There's nothing to suggest it took him more than 8 hours to do his maintenance work. So there's his 48 hours.

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Barney Ross: Better get out of that seat and move to the back, Christmas is coming.
Galgo: But it's only June...
Barney Ross: Galgo, get out of the seat!



Their 'spot' for drinking is apparently in the French Quarter because of the street signs. That said, they are drinking Budvar beer. If you know about Budvar, it is the original Budweiser beer from the Czech Republic. Budweiser sued Budvar and won, preventing them from using the name 'Budweiser', even though Adolph Busch came up with 'Budweiser' after going to Pilsner, Czechoslovakia. Budweiser being the bully, and their lawyers and all, won the lawsuit. So now the beer is sold as 'Czechvar' in the US and 'Budvar' everywhere else, meaning they couldn't be drinking it in the USA.



Jason Statham almost drowned when the truck he was driving crashed into the sea after its brakes failed.