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Corrected entry: Near the end, Mick and the other two bad guys are chasing Sondra to the carousel. Mick shatters the glass door with his rifle on the right. after a chase,she runs to the same glass doors only to shatter the left door this time, while the right door is now intact.

Correction: It's not the same doors. It's the doors on the other side of the carousel. You can tell because not only is the surrounding area different, but the door style is different. The first door (which had the keys in the lock) had a push bar across each door. The second doors (which have no keys in them) have door handles but no push bar.


Corrected entry: In two scenes, at the pistol range to get used to his Automag pistol and in the hotel room when Harry has lost his model 29, S&W and is getting his Automag pistol. In both scenes, Harry picks up the Automag pistol, then a magazine and pushes the magazine into the pistol butt. Both times the magazine has no cartridges in it. You can see the spring through the witness slot on the side of the magazine. The pistol won't fire if there are no cartridges in the magazine.

Correction: Both times it's very clear both magazines have cartridges in them. The first time you do see some of the spring near the bottom, but this is because the magazine isn't fully loaded. In one shot when he's loading the magazine into the gun, you can even see the cartridge at the top.


Corrected entry: During the last gunfight, Harry puts 3 or 4 rounds from his Auto-Mag into Mick, who then falls through the roof of the carousel and impales himself on the unicorn horn. Although it was demonstrated that those .44 rounds would penetrate 1/8 inch steel, none of them made it through Mick's body, as there was an absence of exit wounds in his back.


Correction: A .44 round will penetrate 1/8 inch steel, however, from a ballistic perspective, a projectile from the weapon will enter the human body, then tumble and ricochet uncontrollably until it loses energy. This causes massive trauma within the body. There are very rarely exit wounds through the back.

Corrected entry: Harry and his buddy Horace do some skilled target shooting outdoors, but no real cop would practice shooting without hearing protection, especially when using a .44 caliber Auto-mag.


Correction: Hearing protection is required on the range, not in one's backyard. What a "real cop" would do is up to the individual person. Quite a few people target shoot, hunt, etc. with no hearing protection, real cops included.


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Visible crew/equipment: At one point Clint Eastwood is out in the woods practising his shooting with his new .44 auto-mag pistol. While he's doing this, a car pulls up and a black male begins to get out with a shotgun. (We later learn that this is his partner). As the man with the shotgun is opening his door, if you look at the reflection in the car window, you can clearly see the reflection of a man with a camera and another man standing next to him.

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Trivia: The famous shoot out at the Acron took six hours to film. The real SFPD received 20 911 calls from people around that area who thought a real shoot out was going on.


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Answer: Probably, but action/police movies often are unrealistic about depicting laws and police procedures.

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