The Hateful Eight

Corrected entry: When the second stage arrives at Minnie's, all aboard are aware that the scheduled stage had arrived earlier. But OB, the second stage's driver, (in fact none of the new arrivals) doesn't wonder where the first stage's driver or shotgun rider is.


Correction: When Warren, John Ruth, Mannix, and Daisy enter Minnie's, John asks Oswaldo if Joe Gage is their driver. Oswaldo says that their driver went to sit the blizzard out with a friend.

Corrected entry: Whilst Joe Gage and O.B. are taking General Smithers' dead body outside, Bob is smoking a Manzana Roja cigarette and then the shot cuts to Daisy sitting at the dinner table. During the change between these two shots, for a frame the shot inadvertently goes black as if the editor forgot to remove one of the film cells.


Casual Person

Correction: Sorry, but this is simply not true. There is no extra time of black between those shots as compared to the many other short shots in that part of the movie. Not even a single frame, if you could tell.


Corrected entry: What happened to the shotgun rider on the stage coach? He just disappears when the gang started killing the patron and owner.


Correction: When the stagecoach comes in carrying Jody and his gang, there is an older male driver, and a woman sitting shotgun with him. Both of them are killed on screen. The man is shot by Jody, and the woman was shot by Joe Gage. The only other person that is outside when that Stagecoach shows up is Charlie, who is also killed on screen by Joe Gage.


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Major Marquis Warren: Move a little strange, you're gonna get a bullet. Not a warning, not a question...a bullet.



Six-Horse Judy has a distinctive New Zealand accent. But the New Zealand accent would not have been in existence as early as the period in which the movie is set. The non-Maori inhabitants of 1860s/1870s Auckland were largely British or Irish settlers who would have spoken with the accents of their native countries, as would their New Zealand born children.



The guitar that Domergue plays and that was subsequently destroyed by Ruth was a priceless antique from the 1870's on loan from the Martin Guitar Museum. Six replicas were made for the film, however Kurt Russell wasn't correctly informed and destroyed the original. Due to this the Martin Guitar Museum said they would never lend an instrument to film shoots ever again.