The Hateful Eight

In the dead of a Wyoming winter a few years after the Civil War, a bounty hunter (John Ruth) with his prisoner (Daisy), another bounty hunter (Major Warren) and the newly-elected Sheriff of Red Rock (Mannix) find shelter in a remote country store already inhabited by four strangers - a caretaker and 3 others seeking shelter from an approaching storm. Unbeknownst to the bounty hunters, the four strangers are part of a criminal gang who already killed the store owner and employees. They are there to rescue the prisoner, who is the sister of one of the gang members. As they all hunker down against the storm, John Ruth and the stagecoach driver are poisoned and die. Major Warren, shocked by the poisoning and now suspicious of the motives of the 4 strangers, unleashes a blood bath of violence that kills everyone leaving Mannix and himself mortally wounded, with the prisoner receiving her rightful justice.


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Major Marquis Warren: Move a little strange, you're gonna get a bullet. Not a warning, not a question...a bullet.



When Warren begins shooting Bob, a massive blood spurt is shown each time he shoots him. Each time he is shot, the blood spurts don't line up with the area where Warren shoots at. The first time Warren shoots Bob, the gun is showing firing at his stomach, but the blood is shown spurting from his chest and the second time he shoots Bob, the gun is fired at the top of his chest, but the blood spurts come from a couple of inches below where he was shot.



The guitar that Domergue plays and that was subsequently destroyed by Ruth was a priceless antique from the 1870's on loan from the Martin Guitar Museum. Six replicas were made for the film, however Kurt Russell wasn't correctly informed and destroyed the original. Due to this the Martin Guitar Museum said they would never lend an instrument to film shoots ever again.