Continuity mistake: When Bond arrives to Venice he grabs a card from Venini Glass. From the immediate opposite angle the cards is gone.

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Visible crew/equipment: When the pilot aims a gun at Bond, there's a black bulky object reflected (filming crew or equipment) on the ice cube which disappears in the opposite shot.

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Continuity mistake: Before Bond jumps out of the boat with the delta wing glider, the sky swaps from sunny to cloudy and back to sunny, between shots.

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Continuity mistake: After Bond and Goodhead jump on the grass and he says "for saving my life" her arm swaps from being around his nape to by her side.

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Continuity mistake: After Jaws' cable car crashes and everything explodes, he appears inches away from a table and chair with a 7UP ice cube on. A shot later a girl comes running and the table is 3 meters away, lying fallen on the floor.

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Revealing mistake: During the cable car scene, when Bond and Goodhead are sliding down, not only is the image in the background a still image (check the boat left of the island, and the waves next to the coast on the right), but the very same shot of them sliding downwards is used twice.

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Factual error: The station's gravity is turned on and off several times before and during the battle. The film establishes the gravity is on because the station is rotating. Bond and Holly turn off the gravity to prevent the Americans from being shot down. Then, after the American Marine shuttle docks, gravity is restored and is never seen being deactivated again. However, the station begins to take on serious damage from the battle and literally begins falling apart. Even setting aside the fact that the mass shifts would affect the station's ability to produce gravity, the external shots of the damaged station don't indicate it's even rotating anymore, but everyone inside is still able to move around as if gravity is still active up to the final destruction of the station.


Continuity mistake: When Bond is in the speed boat he puts a white helmet on, cut to the front of the boat when the wings are deployed and the helmet is missing, then the long shot of the hand glider and the helmet is back, Bond is also dry despite getting soaking wet by the explosions.

Other mistake: When the shuttles dock we see a close up of one docking, on the side of the shuttle is the hatch which completely misses the docking arm but we hear the sound of it making contact.

Revealing mistake: During the boat chase in the jungle, in several of the front shots of Bond's boat you can see the wake from the camera boat in front of him.

Visible crew/equipment: During the speed boat chase you can see the charges floating in the water - they are black squares/rectangular.

Revealing mistake: During the speed boat chase Jaws waves the 2nd boat past. The boat goes from right to left and the camera boat goes left to right - in the background you can see the wake from the camera boat. It's doing a 360 degree turn, completely different to the one Jaws is on.

Revealing mistake: During the boat chase in the Amazon the second boat blows up twice and is moving very fast but the third explosion shows the boat stationary with no time to stop.

Continuity mistake: When Bond and Goodhead are in the back of the ambulance the interior does not match the outside - the windows are a different shape and the roof is too high.

Revealing mistake: When Moonraker 6 jettisons its small fuel pods, the one on the right has a visible wire behind it.

Continuity mistake: There's not enough time for Drax to say his goodbyes to Bond and then get to the cockpit of Moonraker 5 in the same time that Bond sets up his watch to blow the vent.

Visible crew/equipment: When Bond changes from gondola to hover mode, look at the wooden posts in front of him. You can see the water jets supplying the bubbly water to simulate hover mode.

Factual error: Moonraker 6 with Holly and James on board jettisons its booster rockets after reaching space. The solid fuel boosters are jettisoned after they burn out at about 50 km height, far below orbit. Their empty weight is considerable, it is highly doubtful if the shuttle would even be able to carry them into orbit. (01:28:55)

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Continuity mistake: When Jaws bites through the cable car cable, the angle of the cable shows it to be in the top station. Yet he then travels up in a cable car to reach Bond and Dr Goodhead.

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[The staff of MI6 are watching a large screen that shows Bond and Dr. Goodhead making love in space.]
Minister: My god, what's Bond doing!?
Q: I think he's attempting re-entry, sir.

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Trivia: The film's budget had been more than the first six Bond films added together, but Broccoli's gamble paid off. Upon release in the Summer of 1979, the film enjoyed huge success globally, and the film easily recouped its budget.

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Question: If the nerve gas doesn't infect animals, what about people's pets? How would they survive without being fed if all the owners are dead?


Answer: They would die or escape and go feral, as would zoo animals, farm animals etc.

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