Factual error: Jaws cuts one of the steel ropes of the cable car by biting through it. Even with his metal teeth it would have been impossible for him to do that - to cut such a large steel rope would require hundreds of tons of pressure.

Revealing mistake: During the skydiving scene, Jaws' stuntman is obviously different. Jaws appears to have a light skin complexion and be large in physique as normal but the stuntman has a tan skin color and is smaller in physique.

Character mistake: When James enters and exits the laboratory, the door has a sign on it that warns for radioactive materials. The laboratory actually contains a biological weapon. Therefore the door should be marked with a bio-hazard symbol. (00:41:00 - 00:42:00)

Continuity mistake: In Venice, a boat with a coffin passes Bond's gondola and when the coffin opens, the man has his left hand on his suit. In the next shot, he now has his hands joined together.

Factual error: As Bond switches his gondola to hovercraft mode in Venice, a large skirt unfolds from the bottom of the craft. There could never be enough room below the deck of a gondola to store the folded skirt plus whatever fans and machinery the air cushion drive would require. (00:38:40)

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Continuity mistake: When the boat jettisons its roof, you can see the "folded glider" prop below being torn away with it towards the boat's left side. In the next shot it is centered again (of course) and unfolds properly. (01:16:05)

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Continuity mistake: When the chopper arrives at the Drax estate, the clock on the facade shows it's 4:40. A second later, when it lands, it's 11:05.

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Continuity mistake: Bond enters the Piazza San Marco with his gondola and a sailor watches him pass by. When the angle changes, Bond is meters behind, arriving towards the sailor again.

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Continuity mistake: After the elaborate sequence showing each moonraker shuttle docking with the space station, a wide show of the station shows two shuttles frozen in space not attached to anything. The most prominent is the shuttle in the top foreground. The shot looks like a still photo with the exception of the spinning radar dish at the bottom of the station.


Factual error: When a real shuttle is launched (or any other large rocket) the exhaust must be deflected sideways and guided through massive tunnels or trenches so that it does not bounce back into the base of the vehicle and destroy it. The Moonrakers lift off from inside an enclosed structure with no means of guiding the massive exhaust plume safely away. The tiny tunnel through which Bond and Holly escape would have been utterly useless to vent the exhaust of a real shuttle. In common with other movies, the noise and violence of a real launch simply cannot be portrayed accurately.

Continuity mistake: Bond is in his boat being pursued by Jaws in another boat, and as they approach the raging waterfall, Bond activates the emergency hang-glider concealed within the roof of his boat. He flies away and there is no shot of his boat going over the falls, nor is his boat shown still in the water leading up to the falls when Jaws' boat approaches the falls. Jaws and his boat are shown going over the falls, but Bond's boat seems to have simply disappeared. [During filming of the scene Bond's boat got stuck on some rocks and never went over the waterfall as planned. The stuntman doing the handglider stunt would not do it again, so they had to make do with the film they had shot. They only had 3 boats to film the boat chase - one "hero" boat, one to film the hand glider scene, and a empty boat shell to go over the waterfall, which was damaged by the rocks. Still a mistake, but there's why.]

Revealing mistake: When Bond and Goodhead are in the Space Shuttle, when we see Goodhead reach for the pen her hair shows no effects of the lack of gravity.

Tobin OReilly

Continuity mistake: Drax's henchman Chang's name changes to Chi during the film. (The DVD subtitles also call him Chang while the actors call him Chi).

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Factual error: Drax hides his station by "jamming" Earth radar. However, jamming involves blasting out noise to confuse radar. At the very least, it would alert authorities that something was up there.

Revealing mistake: When James and Holly finally escape from the space station, there's a shot of it with debris falling towards Earth. They disappear when they pass in front of the Earth.

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: When Bond is in the space station, the American shuttle is being attacked by a laser array. Bond thwarts the attack by activating a switch which causes the space station to decelerate, whereby it loses its spin and artficial gravity. People and objects start to move violently with respect to the station itself as a result of this. We see Bond and the operator being jerked back from the operations console. However, there are 5 actors close behind them who remain standing in the same position and do not move at all.

Plot hole: Near the end of the film Drax tells Bond he had his own shuttle hijacked because he needed it after another shuttle malfunctioned. OK then why didn't Drax just contact whoever he needed to before the Moonraker left on the 747 and have the working shuttle returned to his base before it left. He obviously had the time to get two of his people hidden in the shuttle so a few phone calls would have fixed his problem and the British government would have never had to involve Bond at all.


Continuity mistake: During the speed boat chase sequence, Jaws pulls out the steering wheel of the boat he is on, but when the boat goes over the waterfall, the steering wheel has disappeared.

[The staff of MI6 are watching a large screen that shows Bond and Dr. Goodhead making love in space.]
Minister: My god, what's Bond doing!?
Q: I think he's attempting re-entry, sir.

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Trivia: One of Drax's "master race" was Melinda Maxwell, daughter of Lois Maxwell - "Miss Moneypenny".

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Question: If the nerve gas doesn't infect animals, what about people's pets? How would they survive without being fed if all the owners are dead?


Answer: They would die or escape and go feral, as would zoo animals, farm animals etc.

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