Trivia: The film's budget had been more than the first six Bond films added together, but Broccoli's gamble paid off. Upon release in the summer of 1979, the film enjoyed huge success globally, and the film easily recouped its budget.

Trivia: One of Drax's "master race" was Melinda Maxwell, daughter of Lois Maxwell - "Miss Moneypenny".

Trivia: Albert R. Broccoli, the producer of the film, has a cameo in St. Marks Square.

Dr Wilson

Trivia: When Bond sets the explosive on his watch the time and date shown is the same as the time and date shown in the user manual you get when you buy the watch.

Trivia: The cable that Jaws bites through was made of liquorice.

Trivia: When Bond drives his hovercraft gondola down the Piazza San Marco, a tourist gives his wine bottle quite the guilty look. It is the same tourist who gives his wine bottle exactly the same look as Bond drove his car out of the sea in "The Spy Who Loved Me". (00:39:05)


Trivia: Michael G. Wilson, executive producer, makes three cameo appearances in this film: one as a man outside Venini Glass, St Mark's Square; one as a man on a canal bridge whilst M and Bond talk; and one as a NASA technician in the central control room.

Trivia: One of the men in St Mark's Square is the director, Lewis Gilbert.

Trivia: Lois Chiles (Dr. Holly Goodhead) was originally asked to play Anya in "The Spy Who Loved Me" (1977), but turned it down when she decided to take temporary retirement. Chiles was given the role of Dr. Goodhead by chance when she was given the seat next to Lewis Gilbert on a flight.

Trivia: The destruction of the space station model was done by firing a shotgun at it to simulate it blowing up. Only one piece of the model survives, and was on display in 2018 in London at The Bond in Motion Exhibition.

Trivia: The list of the locations given in the end credits includes Outer Space.

Trivia: Roger Moore was off the production for a week in hospital as he had a kidney stone. At one point, it looked like the production would have to shut down due to his illness.

Trivia: Chang has only one line of dialogue in the whole film.

Factual error: Although it's already been mentioned that the scene of the shuttle being stolen from the back of the 747 is impossible because the shuttle wouldn't be fueled while being transported, it should also be noted that even if the shuttle was fueled, it would still be just as impossible. During the getaway, the thieves ignited the shuttle's three main engines to get free of the 747 and escape. The thing is, the shuttle's main engines are fueled entirely by the large external tank the shuttle and the solid fuel boosters are attached to during liftoff, and once the tank is jettisoned, these engines cannot be used. The only engines the shuttle's internal fuel feeds are the reaction control thrusters and the Orbital Maneuvering System (which are the two smaller engines located in the bulges just above the main engines). Both the RCS thrusters and OMS engines are almost totally useless within the atmosphere, so even if the thieves managed to get the shuttle free of the 747, they could only get it as far as it would glide unpowered. In fact, they could probably get it further if it wasn't fueled. It should be noted that this is not a fictional, futuristic spacecraft. It's a bog standard shuttle, stolen from NASA, on the back of the modified 747 used by them to transport the orbiter from its landing site to Cape Canaveral.

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[The staff of MI6 are watching a large screen that shows Bond and Dr. Goodhead making love in space.]
Minister: My god, what's Bond doing!?
Q: I think he's attempting re-entry, sir.

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Question: Just before Bond gets get on the cable car, there is a brass band wearing full costume animal outfits, a grey rabbit, pink chicken, red monkey, spotted dog. What is the song they are playing and which band is it?

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