Miss Congeniality
Miss Congeniality mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Cheryl, Miss Rhode Island, is bringing Gracie hot chocolate, you can see the top cap on the thermos is loose, camera then zooms on Gracie, then back on Cheryl, and suddenly the top cap is fully snapped on.


Continuity mistake: During the orientation breakfast while sitting at the table, in the close-up Miss Hawaii asks, "Did it sound like I was finished?" and her hair is behind her shoulders. In the next wide shot her hair is in front of her shoulders. This continues back and forth for the next three shots of her.


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Miss Congeniality mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When they are having pizza and beer at the club, Miss California puts her slice down on the silver pie platter on the table as Gracie and Cheryl take a seat. In the shot from behind Miss Texas the pie platter is seen again and the arrangement of the slices is different on the platter. Also when Hart says, "We'll stay here", and in this front shot she takes a bite of her slice and Cheryl picks up a new slice and takes a bite out of hers. In the back shot, Cheryl picks up a new slice and takes a bite again.


Continuity mistake: When McDonald is talking about the new 'Citizen' letter that the FBI received, he puts the letter on an overhead projector, and none of the agents have a copy of it. When the shot goes back to the rest of the agents, every agent has a copy - where did they come from? (On the DVD, in the out-takes, we see part of this scene which explains how the agents get their memos, but still a mistake.)


Audio problem: Before Gracie's self defense talent performance, she's standing with Vic and Matthews. The Pageant Matron sticks her face between the curtains and in the close-up says, "Oh here you are, you're up next." In the next wide shot we hear her continue to say, "New Jersey," however looking at her lips she's really saying, "You're up next," once again.


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Revealing mistake: When Gracie is speeding towards Starbucks in Manhattan, before she crosses the intersection to make the U-turn, an aerial view of the block in the background is seen. The parked cars are spaced with small islands in between and are parked perpendicularly to the sidewalks. These shots are very obviously not taken in Manhattan, but rather in Austin.


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Continuity mistake: After Cheryl's fire batons performance she runs off stage and hugs Gracie. In the first shot while hugging, she's holding her batons in her left hand and she puts her right hand up to her mouth. However in the subsequent shot Cheryl's left hand is near her mouth and she's holding her batons in her right hand.


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Continuity mistake: As Matthews and Gracie go at each other on the mat, they have each other pinned. He has her face between his crossed feet. In the close-up she says, "Alright let's just suspend reality for a second and pretend I said yes..." The laces on his sneakers/trainers are tied very differently in the close-up than in the previous and following wide shots.


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Visible crew/equipment: After Gracie leaps off stage onto the gun man and yellow shirt man, she and the two men fall to the ground. A piece of the light blue safety mat can be seen under the legs of the yellow shirt man. Don't confuse it with the blue pants of the woman sitting center screen. It can also be seen in the news broadcast that's on TV later. Use slo-mo if necessary. This is not a Pageant mat.


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Continuity mistake: When Gracie is leaping off stage after yelling, "Gun! Gun! Everybody down!" there are two wide side shots of the leap. Those shots are one sequence that was split to put the close-up in the middle. In the 1st, her hand is already on the shoulder of the man in the yellow shirt. Then there's a close-up of Vic's, Kathy's, and Stan's reaction to the leap, but their eyes are still in the air facing towards the stage as we see Gracie flying past their faces. In the 2nd wide shot, she's back to where she was in the 1st shot.


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Continuity mistake: Right before Agent Hart is revealed in her new "pretty" self, you see the three other agents waiting by the side of a car waiting for her to come out of the warehouse. When you see them from the back, Matthews is leaning against the car. Music comes on and you hear the hangar door open. From the back you see Matthews stand up, you switch to a frontal view and you see him stand up again.


Plot hole: Just before playing the water glasses, Gracie plays a couple notes, one of which is very high. She drinks some water out of the glass to lower the pitch. The problem is that the pitch goes up when you remove water from the glass, not down. Drinking out of the glass would've made the note sound higher. Some people and websites will make you believe that the pitch is going down due to an increase in the size of the resonant chamber but singing glasses have nothing to do with cavity resonance. Glass singing is caused by the molecules in the glass vibrating in resonance with each other. More water dampens the motion, slowing it down and lowering the pitch. Some of the confusion comes from schools not teaching children that liquids and gasses are both fluids. In the case of water in glasses, the water is not changing the cavity as much as one thinks, just damping it. And finally, if you don't believe me, don't Google it, try it.

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Continuity mistake: When Ivan, Krashow and the other Russian sit, the unoccupied table between them and Gracie is seen. That table is seen again when the waitress walks over to pick up the tip and clear it. The position of the utensils, used napkins, etc., are different in both shots. This is before she touches any dishes. Also, on the table that Krashow leans on as he's choking we see the bread off the board, and the knife under the napkin, but in the next close-up of the table, the bread is on the board with the knife under the loaf.


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Continuity mistake: In the Laika Restaurant, standing at the back bar, Jerry holds a gun on Ivan's Russian bodyguard with the yellow shirt, seen when McDonald and his men burst into the restaurant. There's a male customer crouched down at Jerry's feet. While Gracie says, "You're not killing anyone, you peanut eating ..." the bar is visible behind them and the man crouching is seen, but Jerry and the Russian bodyguard are not at the bar. Gracie flips Krashow and in the next close-up, Jerry is back at the bar near the crouching guy, with his gun still pointing at the Russian bodyguard, who then shoots Jerry. Then in the next shot, that Russian bodyguard is not at the bar like in the previous shot, only Ivan and another Russian are there shooting at McDonald and his men.


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Miss Congeniality mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Victor and agent Matthews rush back stage at the pageant and are stopped by the Pageant Matron. There is a monitor next to Victor and it shows Miss Rhode Island twirling her batons without flames, and also as soon as Vic calls Matthews 'muffin', in the background we see Cheryl raising her flameless baton on stage in the background. Yet in the previous and following shots the batons have flames.


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Other mistake: In the first scene where they show the talents (they are outdoors) there's a girl playing the flute. For all you musically inclined, she takes a noticeable breath while the note is still playing.


Continuity mistake: When Gracie is doing her water glasses performance, she sees the cowboy with a gun. In the first shot of the gun and when Matthews tells Gracie to wait until they have a visual, though the guns are long and silver in all shots, the gun's hammer and muzzle are noticeably different in these shots.

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Continuity mistake: McDonald and his men burst into the restaurant and Gracie holds her gun out in front of her with both hands aimed at Krashow, Ivan and the rest. In the first shot her braids are in front of her shoulders, second shot behind her shoulders, next few shots in front, then yet again behind her shoulders, and then another shot with one braid in front.


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Continuity mistake: Gracie rushes into the dressing room saying, "I overslept my beauty sleep," and Cheryl's bangs/fringe are wide and poofy having just come out of the roller. Yet in the mirror's reflection shots, Cheryl's bangs/fringe are narrow and flat and Miss Hawaii and Miss California differ in their positions too.


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Continuity mistake: Gracie sings "You want to smooch me" to Matthews, and he takes a Milky Way candy bar and bites into it. There is a back shot of Matthews, then a front shot and then a back shot again. In the front shot the wrapper and the bite he takes differs from the previous and following back shots.


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