Miss Congeniality

Corrected entry: When Sandra Bullock first arrives at the pageant, there is a girl standing in the background. She is wearing the outfit that Gracie (Sandra Bullock) wears for the talent part of the pageant. Why do they have the same costume?

Correction: The girl is passing out brochures for the Miss USA events, and is actually working for the show. Gracie and Vic realize that she doesn't have a talent or a costume, so they borrow that outfit from a worker.


Corrected entry: When they are doing the bikini wax, Gracie comes out of the divider with green facial mask only on half of her face, the next scene the facial mask is red and in another scene the mask is green again and covers her whole face.

Correction: The scene changes show the various stages in her makeover. She could be having a different facial cream put on in each scene that is shown - there are no strict time measurements in this part of the movie.

Corrected entry: When Vic asks Gracie why New Jersey is called the "Garden State" and Gracie gives her answer, she then says that it is fixed to where she will make it into the Top Five. But then later when Vic is about to leave because the FBI is leaving, Gracie says after the Top 10 she is on her own. (00:58:15 - 01:17:55)

Correction: That is because the FBI was leaving, Grace was no longer required to be in the final 5 (since the job was over), so if she wanted to continue, she would be on her own (no help to advance in the contest and no FBI backup).

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Gracie-Lou is walking onto the bus on her way to the orientation breakfast, you can clearly see two people, a man and a woman, on the left side of the screen, waving at the camera. (00:35:27)

Correction: The woman in the floral dress and male teenager are simply waving to a contestant on the bus, it's done deliberately. When Gracie is on the bus, two shots later, these same two people can still be seen waving outside behind the bus. These two particular extras can also be seen walking in the background in a few shots, when Gracie gets out of the taxi. This is not a case of civilians waving at the movie camera.

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Corrected entry: In the Russian Restaurant scene after the head Russian grabs Sandra, his two goons draw their weapons. However, after she fights to get free, one of the Russians draws his weapon again to shoot an FBI agent.

Correction: They are two different men. Ivan and the blonde Russian draw their guns as Krashow holds Gracie. The fourth Russian behind them, who is Ivan's bodyguard, is the one who shoots agent Jerry Grant.

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Corrected entry: After the scene in the Russian restaurant Sandra goes home to her apartment and enters with her glasses hanging from her collar on her shirt. When she come out from the kitchen her glasses are not there, where did they go?

Correction: The glasses are not hanging on her tee shirt when she unlocks her door and enters her apartment. It was only in the previous shot, while still outside the Laika Restaurant talking with Matthews, that her glasses were hanging on her tee shirt.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Miss Rhode Island comes to Gracie's room, Gracie is wearing a white robe. When she goes to the glass door she is wearing a flimsy green robe.

Correction: After Rhode Island leaves the room, Gracie gets into bed-presumably she would have taken off her white dressing gown before this. Then she has to get out of bed after Benjamin Bratt knocks on the door, so she probably just grabbed the first item of clothing that looked half decent-explaining the change, as she probably didn't keep the white gown on whilst in bed.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the agents are having fun trying dresses and swimsuits on their co-workers we see the legs, shoulders etc of each agent, which wasn't shown in their photo (eg. The legs of their boss are black as they should be). Unless the FBI provides shots of their employees naked this wouldn't be possible.

Correction: If you notice, all of the legs and arms look the same. Either male/female, black/white. Therefore, one can conclude that the computer guessed at the rest of the body.


Corrected entry: When Sandra is dressed as the statue of Liberty and falls while walking, her hair is all over the "liberty crown", but on the next shot her hair is neatly combed. (01:21:01)

Correction: Her hair is caught up in a few of the spikes on the head piece. She had time in between shots to sort it out, and make it look nice again.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Eric is in the pool talking to Gracie, you can see writing next to the pool that says 3ft=9m. This is wrong as 3ft=1m, anybody using the metric system would get a nasty shock if they were to dive into that pool.

Correction: It's 3ft=.9m - note the decimal point in front of the 9.

Corrected entry: During the scene where Sandra brings in pizza and beer into the weight room at the hotel, Miss Rhode Island grabs the first piece and takes a big bite out it. The next camera shot of all the women going for pizza shows Miss Rhode Island grabbing another piece with her empty now empty hands... what happened to the first piece?

Correction: Miss Rhode Island passed the piece down to Miss California, to her right.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Matthews comes to Gracie's room (the first time), she leaves the room wearing her nightdress, but when she returns, she's wearing a dressing gown.

Correction: Gracie has the dressing gown in her hand when she comes to the door to let Matthews in. If you look at the bottom of the frame it is in her hand. When she steps outside to go with him, she brings it with her. That's how she has it to wear on the walk back to the room later.

Corrected entry: Gracie as a little girl at the very beginning has hazel eyes, but as an adult, Gracie's eyes are brown. (00:02:05)

Correction: Because of changing levels of pigment, eyes change colour over time, with the biggest difference between childhood (all babies are born with blue eyes before they start making pigment) and adulthood. So it is possible that she would have had hazel eyes that went brown (depending on her genes).

Corrected entry: In the scene that takes place in the trolley bus, Miss Rhode Island says that she memorized the pamphlet and that she knows all 49 contestants by name and picture, 50 including herself. That works out fine because you figure there is one contestant per state. However, at the orientation breakfast, you can see Miss District of Columbia, which would mean that there would be 51 contestants. (00:37:40)

Correction: A) RI introduces herself to Gracie because her picture was NOT in the pamphlet as she was a last minute replacement for the real NJ. Depending on the timing of the printing of the pamphlet and/or when RI memorized it versus when the disqualification was announced, there might have not been a NJ entry at all or RI might have known not to bother memorizing NJ or RI might have memorized the old NJ and just decided not to include her in the count. B) RI is pretty ditzy - I doubt she would have actually counted how many contestants there were or realized that DC was an "extra" contestant.

Continuity mistake: After Gracie is given the title of Miss Congeniality, Miss Texas (with her broken nose) and some others go up to hug her. As Miss Texas is hugging Gracie up at the podium in the first shot, the very next shot is a close-up of Victor and Matthews in the 'audience', and seen right in front of them in the audience is Miss Texas. (01:45:10)

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Victor Melling: By the way, what are you planning to do for your talent: sing, dance, chew with your mouth closed?
Gracie Hart: I will do whatever you want me to do, Yoda.

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Trivia: Ken Thomas and John DiResta who play FBI Agents Harris and Clonsky, are both ex-cops turned actors.

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Answer: Congenial-1. Kindred, sympathetic 2. suited to one's taste or nature: Agreeable. (New Merriam-Webster dictionary)

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