Miss Congeniality

Trivia: Gracie's and Vic's hotel room in the movie are both marked 103 for some reason. The crew did it on purpose, for reasons unknown.

Trivia: Ken Thomas and John DiResta who play FBI Agents Harris and Clonsky, are both ex-cops turned actors.

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Trivia: At the preliminaries, Stan asks of Miss Rhode Island, "Describe your perfect date" and Cheryl answers oddly, "April 25th." Marc Lawrence the screenwriter says in the DVD commentary that it's an actual answer given by a contestant in a pageant, that he found in research for the film. (01:05:40)

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Trivia: Ever wonder where they got the beautiful Miss Ohio? The woman who plays her part is the real Miss Texas, a subtle tribute to the state the movie was shot in.

Trivia: The book young Gracie is reading at the start is 'The Invisible Intruder,' featuring the famous and oh-so-perfect Nancy Drew, teen detective.

Trivia: On the commentary, the director and screenwriter both say that not only are Vic's and Gracie's rooms numbered 103, but the agents' surveillance room is also numbered 103. Yet when Gracie unlocks the door to the surveillance room, after beer and pizza at the club, we see that the room number is 106, not 103, as claimed on the commentary. (01:12:00)

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Trivia: Whenever they show the director and equipment room of the pageant you can see a Canadian flag behind them and it has a circle around it with a cross through the maple leaf. You may need to zoom in on the DVD but it is there. It's rumored to be an inside joke because of how many movies are now being made in Canada, due to lower production costs there. (01:23:55)

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Trivia: Scott Grossman, the choreographer, plays himself in the film. He does the choreography in many pageants, including Miss America and Miss Teen USA. (00:42:45)

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Trivia: Gracie Hart is determined to be a top notch FBI agent in order to follow in the footsteps of her mother Emily, who was a respected FBI agent, who died while in the line of duty. After the briefing, she is seen passing the photo of her mother on the memorial wall, when she speaks with McDonald about following orders and the Citizen case. Also seen in the deleted scenes.

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Revealing mistake: Gracie hugs the Russian waitress in order to have a better view of the disc hand-off appear on the monitor. As she raises her left hand that holds the book/camera lens, we see that the digital feed that appears on the monitor stays steady and level, even though she is raising the book/camera lens higher and closer to her face. Obviously the feed that we see on the monitor is not taken from the book/camera lens. (00:04:10)

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Question: I heard in the DVD commentary that what the Russian gangsters are saying in the beginning is total bull, because they ran out of time to translate the actual dialogue. Is there anyone from Russia, or who speaks Russian, that can understand what they are saying?

Answer: Yes, I can speak Russian, and what they said in the movie did make sense but they spoke so horribly it was almost impossible to understand them. But it wasn't bull.

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