Miss Congeniality

Audio problem: As the contestants walk off stage in their swimsuits during the pageant, we hear the choreographer, Scott Grossman, say to some of them, "Good job. Good job." However, it's obvious that his mouth is not actually saying those words. (01:26:00)

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Audio problem: Before Gracie's self defense talent performance, she's standing with Vic and Matthews. The Pageant Matron sticks her face between the curtains and in the close-up says, "Oh here you are, you're up next." In the next wide shot we hear her continue to say, "New Jersey," however looking at her lips she's really saying, "You're up next," once again. (01:28:20)

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Audio problem: When Gracie discovers that the contestants 'drank her talent', she licks her finger and runs it on the glass making the first note, but there is another note heard when she has her finger at her mouth again to lick it. (01:28:30)

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Audio problem: When the final five contestants are being interviewed and Gracie does her 'if anyone hurts one of my new friends' speech, you can see that she says, "I will take them down," but it has been dubbed over so she says, "I will take them out." (01:31:32)

Audio problem: While describing Miss Rhode Island during the Top 5, Kathy continues to say, "with a minor in elementary particles" however when Kathy can be seen on the live feed of the jumbo-tron onstage, she is just smiling and not saying those words. (01:32:20)

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Audio problem: The winner is being announced and when Stan says, "Which means our new Miss United States..." his mouth movements are slower than the audio of his voice. Then when he sings, "She's beauty and she's grace," in the aerial shot of him, he's smiling, not singing. (01:38:15)

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the film when Miss Rhode Island is crowned Gracie tries to take the crown from her. Miss Rhode Island beats her with her bouquet of roses. All of the blossoms are knocked off of the stems. A few seconds later when Gracie is fighting Miss Texas the blossoms are back on the roses that Cheryl, Miss Rhode Island is holding. (01:35:00)

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Gracie Hart: My teeth - What are you going to do with my teeth?
Victor Melling: Hopefully, remove the beer stains and steak residue.

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Trivia: Ken Thomas and John DiResta who play FBI Agents Harris and Clonsky, are both ex-cops turned actors.

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Question: I heard in the DVD commentary that what the Russian gangsters are saying in the beginning is total bull, because they ran out of time to translate the actual dialogue. Is there anyone from Russia, or who speaks Russian, that can understand what they are saying?

Answer: Yes, I can speak Russian, and what they said in the movie did make sense but they spoke so horribly it was almost impossible to understand them. But it wasn't bull.

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