Other mistake: The video quality on the phone would not be as good as the film makes out. In fact, as far as I know, no mobile phone has that quality. The fact that they would then be using the video he filmed off the camcorder as evidence just makes no sense, as you definitely wouldn't be able to see anything on the phone anyway.

David Hutchinson

Other mistake: Ryan drives the stolen security car through the construction site and over muddy slopes and potholes, and the car becomes saturated with dirt and mud covering the hood, the roof, and the sides of the car, but as he exits the construction site and pulls into the phone center parking lot the camera pans around to the driver's side and his window is rolled all the way down, but somehow Ryan does not have a speck of dirt on him or his clothes. (00:26:25)


Other mistake: When Ethan and Ryan fight in the boat shed you can see that one of Ethan's hits doesn't go even nearby Ryan's face and still he falls! (01:19:45)

Other mistake: When you see the recording of Ryan's ex-girlfriend speaking his cons, she says them in a different order than when she first said it.

Cellular mistake picture

Other mistake: This mistake occurs in the scene where Ryan (Chris Evans) has just stolen the lawyer's car and is pulling into a tunnel. When Jessica (Kim Basinger) speaks, the English subtitles read "You can't loose me", instead of the grammatically correct "You can't lose me." This also happened earlier in the police stairwell. (00:39:55)

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