The kidnappers are after the Martins because Jessica's husband witnessed the corrupt cops killing criminals and recorded the incident on his video camera. Ryan gets the camera and calls up the kidnappers. He offers to trade the tape for the Martins. The kidnappers smash the tape and Ryan escapes. Using his cell phone, Ryan manages to lead Mooney to the head kidnapper, who is gunned down by Mooney. The Martins are being held in a van by one of the kidnappers, but Ryan bashes his head in with the car door. Tanner also gets busted when Ryan reveals that he copied the tape onto his phone and shows it to the cops. Jessica asks Ryan if there's any way she can repay him, and Ryan asks her never to call him again.


Other mistake: The video quality on the phone would not be as good as the film makes out. In fact, as far as I know, no mobile phone has that quality. The fact that they would then be using the video he filmed off the camcorder as evidence just makes no sense, as you definitely wouldn't be able to see anything on the phone anyway.

David Hutchinson
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Ryan: You know, it does me no good to hand over the video tape and then you guys turn around and take us out.
Greer: I swore I wouldn't do that.
Ryan: Like you swore "to protect and serve"?

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Trivia: The movie the kidnappers are watching is "Final Destination 2" (2003), which was directed by David R. Ellis. Also there is an announcement at the aiport for "Volé Flight 180 to Paris," a reference to the original "Final Destination" (2000). Both are New Line productions.

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