Corrected entry: Ryan had, in the movie, a cell phone with video recording, call waiting and other technological features. However, couldn't he make a conference call with 911 when Jessica Martin called him for the first time?

Correction: He probably didn't think of it with all the stress, and his not being sure the call was legitimate in the first place. Also, some people know how to access all the fun features on a phone, like the video and all, but don't spend any time learning the practical features such as conference calling, thinking they'll never use it.

Corrected entry: When Kim Basinger is trying to escape the house with her kid she is stopped and told to get out. The show a wide shot of her getting out and the mirror is damaged with a piece of it hanging from the housing, then they show a close up of her still getting out, but the hanging piece from the mirror is gone.

Correction: It fell. Gravity has this effect, especially if the piece of the mirror was barely hanging from the frame in the first place.


Corrected entry: In the final scene when Tanner is being arrested and asks Mooney to help him, the band aid on his neck wound appears and disappears.


Correction: The band aid on Mooney's neck is there the whole time. There is a shot where he has his right side to the camera and the bandage on the left side of his neck is not visible, but it is on his neck the whole time.


Corrected entry: When Ryan overhears the main bad cop threatening Kim Basinger, the voices are perfectly clear as if they were both speaking right next to the phone. But the broken phone on Kim's end was on the floor and covered with a sheet to hide from the cop. The voices would have been muted and impossible to understand. (00:17:15)

Gavin Jackson

Correction: The material that Jessica uses to cover the phone is made of knitted yarn. Yarn's density is very light so it wouldn't be surprising if the phone picked up all the sound in the room. For this same reason the bad guy would also be able to hear the loud music from the phone later in the movie.

Corrected entry: When Ryan makes an offer to exchange the tape for Jessica's family he makes a bluff and hangs up expecting them to call back. How can they call back if he didn't leave a contact number and the other line was using a cordless phone with no caller id?

Correction: Many countries/phone providers have a number to dial which reports the last number to call you (1471 in the UK, *69 in the US, etc.).


Corrected entry: Ryan's facial hair changes throughout the movie. During the first scene at the beach it's unkempt but throughout the rest of the movie it's non-existent for the most part.

Correction: Ryan's facial hair is consistent throughout the movie. During the first scene Ryan's lit from behind, which makes his facial hair look slightly darker, but it's just a trick of the light.


Corrected entry: Ryan, in this scene has gone to the impound company to retrieve the blue car and his own cell phone. He uses his cell to find the cell number to the bad cop leader's phone. I don't remember the bad cop ever calling Ryan on his own cell phone at any time in the movie except after Ryan called him first. How did Ryan call the bad cop's cell phone number?

Correction: Jessica originally called Ryan on his cell, so the number of the house where she is being held is in his cell's memory. When the lawyer cuts into the call, Ryan turns off his cell and takes the lawyer's, which gets broken. Ryan then gets his cell back from the impounded car and uses the memory to call back the prison house. Ethan (bad cop) gets the call on the house's large black mobile handset, not his cell phone (he still has the mobile because he just received the call from Jack and then ran outside immediately after the conversation was over). Ethan then gives Ryan Ethan's cell number when Ryan asks how he can contact Ethan.


Corrected entry: In the opening scene Kim Basinger is walking her son to the bus stop in flat shoes. In the next scene she returns home and is kidnapped at gunpoint. The kidnappers then drive her to a house and throw her onto the floor of the attic. In that scene she is wearing heels.

Correction: you can see that as she is walking across the street that her shoes do have heels and as she is walking with her son down the sidewalk you can hear her shoes clicking as they are heels.

Corrected entry: Ryan jumps off the pier, swims to shore and hides in the boat house. After being submersed in sea water, the Nokia cellular phone is still working when he calls up the bad cop to reveal him to the good cop in the dark boat house. At the end, the phone even plays back the video evidence. Quite an amazing phone.

Correction: Some expensive jackets have completely waterproof pockets. Since he was wearing the jacket in the water that might be how the phone still was working.

Corrected entry: The phone that Ryan uses doesn't even play back videos like it does in the film.

Correction: There is software (e.g.SmartMovie) that you can use to play videos on the phone.

Corrected entry: The first time we see the kidnapper in Jessica's room he forces her against a wooden pole and tapes her to it. Suddenly it disappears.

Correction: He does not tape her, ever. In that first scene, he uses his own belt to kind of strangle her and coarce her into speaking. At some end he simply lets go of the belt and takes it with him.

Corrected entry: When Ryan gives the man at LAX the phone, it is the lawyer's phone (silver face and a slide type). During the end credits, when the man comes out of the bathroom, Ryan looks down at the phone so they can show the credit, and we see the phone is Ryan's phone, not the lawyer's.


Correction: Ryan had dropped the lawyer's cell phone, which broke, when he was running away from one of the bad guys after leaving the bank. Ryan left his phone in the lawyer's car. He went to get his cell phone at the inpound where the car was towed to after parking it at the airport.

Jane Doe

Other mistake: The video quality on the phone would not be as good as the film makes out. In fact, as far as I know, no mobile phone has that quality. The fact that they would then be using the video he filmed off the camcorder as evidence just makes no sense, as you definitely wouldn't be able to see anything on the phone anyway.

David Hutchinson
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Ryan: Ricky Martin? You named your kid Ricky Martin?

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Trivia: The movie the kidnappers are watching is "Final Destination 2" (2003), which was directed by David R. Ellis. Also there is an announcement at the aiport for "Volé Flight 180 to Paris," a reference to the original "Final Destination" (2000). Both are New Line productions.

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