Continuity mistake: After Ryan carjacks the lawyer for the first time a truck smashes into the security car blowing it up. Before the shot of the explosion the lawyer is sitting in the car without dark glasses. After the explosion it cuts back to the lawyer's car, however you can see in the rear view mirror that the person sitting in the driver's seat is wearing dark glasses. (00:38:55)

Continuity mistake: When Ryan is attempting to drive around the bus that cut him off, he is holding the wheel with both hands and carrying on a conversation in one shot. The following shot has him holding the wheel with one hand and talking on the cell with the other. (00:24:55)

Continuity mistake: When Ryan drives through the construction site, he hits a puddle of mud that splashes up on the windshield so he puts on his wipers. The very next shot shows that the entire front of the car is clean. (00:26:25)


Continuity mistake: When Ryan video records his ex-girlfriend on his cell phone and the recording is later replayed, the angle from which he held the phone to record her face is different from the angle that is shown on the view screen of the phone. (00:06:35 - 00:10:25)

Continuity mistake: In the final fight in the boathouse under the pier, Ryan and the two bad cops are fighting and knocking each other down but none of them get sand stuck to them, even though Ryan came straight to the boat house after just jumping in the water off of the pier. In fact, he doesn't even appear to be wet at all.

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