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Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, the priest hands Evita a goblet of wine. Before she can drink, she faints. the goblet drops to the floor but it is empty. (01:45:50)

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Suggested correction: I'm sorry but the goblet is not empty. When she drops it on the floor you can see a small splash of a dark coloured liquid on the marble floor of the church. People may assume that there should be more visible liquid from the goblet but if Evita was the only one taking of the wine, then there would be only a small amount inside the goblet.


Continuity mistake: Parts of the movie were filmed in Budapest/Hungary, and in the funeral scene Hungarian shopnames are to see behind the big pictures of Evita on the housewalls.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the waltz for Eva and Che, Eva's hair falls out of place, but in the next shot it is perfect. (01:48:13)

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, where Banderas is introducing us so enchantingly to the background to the film, while polishing glasses behind a bar, the fan behind him in the corner changes speed several times instantaneously.

Factual error: During the riots and the start of the film a model of armoured car and grenade launcher are seen, which were not manufactured until the 1970's.

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Continuity mistake: When Eva is campaigning for Peron's release from prison, at one point she's at a microphone, standing among a crowd of people. There's a woman in an orange dress who's off to her left in the wide shots, but in the close ups of Eva, the woman is suddenly directly behind her.


Revealing mistake: When Eva is leaving with her suitcase, you can tell by the way she is holding the suitcase that she is ready to open it when it hits Magaldi.

Continuity mistake: In the flashback of Evita on the train, in the wide shot she has her hand up on the side of the window. Then it cuts to the closeup, and she puts her hand up again.


Continuity mistake: While she's singing "Buenos Aires" Madonna's stomach gets bigger and smaller all the time. For the exterior night time shots in Buenos Aires, she's pencil thin; for the shots in the nightclub she's noticeably larger. Again, when she's descending the stairs from Magaldi's flat, she has her suitcase covering her stomach. Madonna was pregnant at the time of filming, but as such it is still a mistake within the film to see her figure change that drastically for no reason in the storyline.

Continuity mistake: When Magaldi is performing "On This Night of a Thousand Stars" at the charity concert, as he holds the last note of the song, his arm changes back and forth from being raised, lowered, balled into a fist, and fingers spread open. (00:41:55)

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Eva Perón: What's new, Buenos Aires? I'm new! I wanna say I'm just a little stuck on you - you'll be on me too! I get out here Buenos Aires! Stand back - you ought to know what you're gonna get in me: Just a little touch of star quality.

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Question: In a few things I've read, Antonio Bandaras is credited as playing Che Guevara but in the credits of the film he's listed as only 'Che'. Is the character actually meant to be Guevara?


Chosen answer: Though (very) loosely based on Che Guevara, the character of Che is NOT supposed to be him, as was stated by both Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.


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