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Corrected entry: When the marines look at the blueprint of the atmosphere processing plant, you can see that the plant is a smooth cone or dome like structure. You can also see the structure when the marines first arrive at the plant to look for the mising colonists. But when Ripley goes back to the plant to look for Newt, the structure of the plant changes completely to resemble something that looks like an off shore oil rig with spires and towers and pipes going all over the place.

Correction: The processor looks like a dome from the outside. When Ripley goes to rescue Newt the dropship is flown inside the processer's dome, where all the pipes and stuff can be seen, which is why it looks like an oil rig.

Corrected entry: How is it that the marine drop-ship immediately plunges towards the planet's surface when released from the mother ship, but the mother ship itself appears to be in a stable orbit around the planet? One of the two ships is defying the laws of physics.

Correction: We don't know exactly what transpires between the drop-ship and the mother ship. When the latches release, the smaller ship could be forced away by magnetic repulsion, or use a jet of compressed gas, or some other method of propulsion yet unknown to us. Any way you look at it, once it is lower than the mother ship it will continue to drop at a faster rate.

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Corrected entry: In the hive, when Hicks puts his shotgun tip into an open egg, watch the camera angle of the camera mounted on his shoulder, the gun is off to the side and it should be in the middle of the screen seeing as how the camera is mounted on the shoulder holding the gun.

Correction: The camera is on Hicks' left shoulder. He is holding the barrel in his left hand. Therefore in the camera's view, the barrel intrudes from the lower right rather than center.


Corrected entry: When Ripley is in the atmosphere processor, trying to get away from the queen and gunning down drones, the camera keeps tracking the ammo counter, and it gets down to really low...about 9. She then shoots lots more rounds (if the previous speed that the counter goes down by is any comparison), far more than she had the ammo for.

Correction: She goes down to 11 on the ammo counter, but this only refers to the rifle. She then fires several grenades and a flamethrower burst, both of which are different types of ammo. Finally, Ripley takes out a drone with the last of her bullets in two short bursts and is empty.


Corrected entry: In the director's cut watch the temperature guages on the remote sentry controls, you only see the temperature change once, regardless of whether the guns were firing or not.

Correction: The temp guages change every time we see them when the guns either start or stop firing. It's only a small change in most cases, but it still changes.

Corrected entry: In the director's cut, the marines had salvaged four robot autocannons with motion-targeting systems, two of which are placed in the access tunnel to the power plant. Right before they close the hatch, Hudson and Vasquez throw in a waste bin to test them; it is shot to pieces. Later, however, these autocannons still have their full ammo load, as seen on the computer counters.

Correction: By the time that we actually see the ammo counters, we already hear the guns going off, so there's no real way of telling how much ammo was already spent, since we don't see the count down for those two guns start off at 400.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, Ripley calls down both elevators to escape the Queen. When they arrive, she gets into the one on the right, leaving the Queen to use the one on the left. When the lifts reach the top, Ripley comes out of the one on the left and the Queen comes out of the one on the right.

Correction: Ripley gets in AND comes out of the right hand lift (Gate 28) leaving the Queen to enter AND exit Gate 27 (on the left)

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Corrected entry: When we are shown the screen of the marines names there is a curious omission. It lists the marines by rank first: Lt. Gorman, Sgt. Apone, Cpl.Hicks, Cpl. Ferro, Vasquez, Drake, Spunkmeyer, Cpl. Dietrich, Frost, Wierzbowski, and Crowe followed by the non-marines Bishop, Ripley and Burke. Where is Hudson?

Correction: The list wasn't finished. You can see that it's still loading up as the scene fades out. Its very possible that Hudson would've been next on the list, since he was not the only one missing on it.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the baby alien pops out of the woman's chest, she eventually dies but her head leans to her side instead of hanging forwards as it should do but then in the next shot of her, her head is hanging forwards. (01:09:35)

Correction: She rolled her head to the side as she died, and it slumped over when she was dead.


Corrected entry: Lt. Gorman is supposedly knocked unconcious when an overhead storage compartment in the APC comes loose and dumps a whole hord of boxes on him. I guess he's a pretty fragile guy because if you watch the scene in slo-mo the only part of his body that actually comes in contact with the boxes is his right arm. His head is never hit or even touched by them.

Correction: Gorman gets smacked right on the head when the boxes fall. Besides, for all we know those boxes could've weighed up to 100 pounds.


Corrected entry: Did it really make sense for the Marines to try to search for the aliens with infrared viewers *after* setting everything in the area on fire with a flamethrower?


Correction: Of course it does - the fires are reasonably localised and given that, at that point, the marines have been unable to see the aliens directly, the next logical step is to try infra-red. The presence of the fires nearby might degrade the images to some extent, but that doesn't mean that it's an mistake to try.

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Corrected entry: When Ripley and the mother Alien are fighting above the flood-gate, we can see that the light on the top of Ripley's robot is broken, but in the next scene this light is absolutely fine.

Correction: Only one side of the light's outer casing breaks. The other side is intact.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bishop does the trick with the knife, as they are forcing Hudsons hand out onto the table you can see there are already several knife marks on the table. Take two - take three?

Correction: Everyone at the table urges Bishop to do the trick. Apparently, he has done it before for them, leaving previous knife marks on the table.

Corrected entry: In scene where Ripley first meets Bishop he says "It is against my programming to harm a human being or through a course of action allow a human being to be harmed." Funny how he says this after doing the knife trick on Hudson (a course of action that could have definitely caused harm to Hudson).

Correction: In the knife trick,Bishop covers Hudson's hand with his own hand. The other crewmembers called for him to do it meaning they had seen him do the same trick on other occasions. Hudson was in no danger.

Corrected entry: In Alien we are told that the crew are 10 months from Earth when they find the Alien's planet. So how are the marines able to travel there in such short time in Aliens? I know Newt is one tough daughter-of-a-bitch but surely she couldn't survive for 10 months.

Correction: The Sulaco travels at an extremely fast speed, it took them about two weeks. Reading the Colonial Marines Technical Manual, I learned a whole lot of interesting useless stuff but basically they went from Gateway Station (Earth orbit) to LV-426 in two weeks.


Corrected entry: When the Marines are underneath the "primary heat exchangers," Dietrich is grabbed from behind by an alien, and her flamethrower discharges, igniting Frost. He flies over a railing and down a shaft. If you watch the sequence, you will see that when Frost hears Dietrich scream, he turns to face her, raising his pistol. At this point, he is facing away from the shaft. Flames fill the frame as he is engulfed. In the very next shot, he is on fire, and is charging full speed toward the shaft. There wasn't enough time for him to turn around 180 degrees.


Correction: Watch closely. Frost turns around with his pistol, but as he sees the flames coming at him he begins turning away again, towards the shaft. The flames then hit him while he is in the process of turning.

Corrected entry: At the end, Ripley tells Newt "Close your eyes, baby." She also covers Newt's eyes with her hand. So, how could Newt see the dropship? She certainly can't hear it with all the explosions.

Correction: She turns away and looks behind Ripley. Ripley does cover her eyes, but when Newt pulls her face away and looks behind Ripley, her eyes aren't covered anymore, so she can see perfectly fine.

Corrected entry: When Ripley is rescued at the start of the film, they use a sophisticated robot to ascertain whether she's dangerous. Why don't they use the robot on the planet, when they know there's likely to be danger?

Correction: That's because the "Company" desperately wants to retrieve the "Alien" lifeform. As robots cannot be used for gestation purposes, the "Company" sends in humans. They also send in their own man, Burke, to do what he can to get at least one lifeform into cryosleep.

Corrected entry: When Ripley and Newt are waiting to be lifted off the planet, the lift goes down and then comes up again with an alien on it. So the alien must have worked the lift buttons, pressing the right floor number etc. Clever little bugger isn't it?

Correction: They're automatic - they go to the top level by default

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, Ripley rescues Newt amidst the computer voice reminders that the station is going to explode, however she stops long enough to pick a fight with the Alien by shooting a bunch of the young ones. The Alien detaches from the egg sack production line and starts chasing Ripley. If she had just left Mom alone the explosion would kill everything.

Correction: After Ripley rescues Newt, Ripley threatens the eggs, which causes the Queen to signal the adult aliens to back off, and apparently to let her go. As she starts to back out with Newt, one of the eggs opens up and a facehugger starts crawling out. That's when Ripley shoots the Queen a look and starts wasting the eggs.

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Revealing mistake: When Newt is sliding across the grated floor, Bishop reaches out to save her and you can clearly see he's standing in a hole to make him look cut in half. (02:11:40)

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Hudson: Game over man... Game over!

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Trivia: The name 'Sulaco' was taken from a novel by Joseph Conrad. The name of the novel? 'Nostromo' of course.

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Question: I know that the studio chose James Cameron to direct due to the strength of his script, but why wasn't Ridley Scott offered the chance to direct? And was the studio considering a sequel before Cameron joined?


Chosen answer: The studio was considering a sequel before Cameron was involved, but regarding directing it, Ridley Scott told "The Hollywood" in a 2008 interview, "They didn't ask me! To this day I have no idea why. It hurt my feelings, really, because I thought we did quite a good job on the first one." The studio liked Cameron's script and at that time he had enough clout to be able to insist on directing it.

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It would have been a gamble to choose Ridley Scott as he had no experience with action films, James Cameron had proved himself with films such as Terminator.

Answer: It really was all down to James Cameron having already written the script and proving himself capable of directing with 'The Terminator.' It was just a quicker, easier, and almost certainly cheaper decision to let him direct his own script rather than get someone else, even Ridley Scott. While the producers had wanted to make an 'Alien' sequel almost immediately, at the time the head of 20th Century Fox didn't want to pursue it fearing it would be seen as an obvious cash-in and flop. When a new executive at the studio came in a couple years later, the project was put back on track, and I believe Cameron was the first to be approached to write the script.

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