Corrected entry: When Ripley goes to rescue Newt, she only uses the tracker bracelet to try and find her. Why didn't she also take along a motion sensor? It could have not only helped her find Newt quicker, but would have given her warning if there were any aliens closing in.

Correction: They only had two motion sensors on the planet. At the beginning of the final battle, Hudson has one, which was presumably lost with him, and Ripley has the other. She carries this for some time, but seems to drop it in the lift (she has it when they enter, she's lost it by the time they leave) either to help the injured Hicks, or possibly it's been damaged by acid from the alien who attacked them there. If there were no spares on the second dropship, and there's no indication that there were, then she simply doesn't have a motion sensor available to take with her.

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Corrected entry: Did it really make sense for the Marines to try to search for the aliens with infrared viewers *after* setting everything in the area on fire with a flamethrower?


Correction: Of course it does - the fires are reasonably localised and given that, at that point, the marines have been unable to see the aliens directly, the next logical step is to try infra-red. The presence of the fires nearby might degrade the images to some extent, but that doesn't mean that it's an mistake to try.

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Corrected entry: As somebody has correctly pointed out in another submission, the hangar in the main spaceship is decompressing when the doors are open, and the draft from the escaping air is what causes the mother alien to loose grip on Ripley. How come therefore, when the doors are closed again, Ripley and Newt are able to breathe in the hangar? If all of the air inside the hangar was just expelled out of the airlock door, how come the hangar has air pressure? Admittedly, the hangar is very big, but the door is like 7 or 8 metres across, and the wind blowing is strong enough to push out the alien, so the amount of air lost in the time it is open for is massive.

Correction: While a substantial amount of air has escaped, most external views give the impression that the Sulaco is a huge vessel with an enormous volume of air on board - there is no reason to assume that the hanger is totally isolated from the rest of the ship. As such, even considering the amount that escapes, there would still be a reasonable enough pressure in the hanger once the doors have been closed, enough to breathe, anyway. Also, the ship would undoubtedly carry air reserves, which ought to be automatically released in the event of a serious drop in air pressure.

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Corrected entry: When Ripley and the mother Alien are fighting above the flood-gate, we can see that the light on the top of Ripley's robot is broken, but in the next scene this light is absolutely fine.

Correction: Only one side of the light's outer casing breaks. The other side is intact.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bishop does the trick with the knife, as they are forcing Hudsons hand out onto the table you can see there are already several knife marks on the table. Take two - take three?

Correction: Everyone at the table urges Bishop to do the trick. Apparently, he has done it before for them, leaving previous knife marks on the table.

Corrected entry: In scene where Ripley first meets Bishop he says "It is against my programming to harm a human being or through a course of action allow a human being to be harmed." Funny how he says this after doing the knife trick on Hudson (a course of action that could have definitely caused harm to Hudson).

Correction: In the knife trick,Bishop covers Hudson's hand with his own hand. The other crewmembers called for him to do it meaning they had seen him do the same trick on other occasions. Hudson was in no danger.

Corrected entry: In Alien we are told that the crew are 10 months from Earth when they find the Alien's planet. So how are the marines able to travel there in such short time in Aliens? I know Newt is one tough daughter-of-a-bitch but surely she couldn't survive for 10 months.

Correction: The Sulaco travels at an extremely fast speed, it took them about two weeks. Reading the Colonial Marines Technical Manual, I learned a whole lot of interesting useless stuff but basically they went from Gateway Station (Earth orbit) to LV-426 in two weeks.


Corrected entry: When the Marines are underneath the "primary heat exchangers," Dietrich is grabbed from behind by an alien, and her flamethrower discharges, igniting Frost. He flies over a railing and down a shaft. If you watch the sequence, you will see that when Frost hears Dietrich scream, he turns to face her, raising his pistol. At this point, he is facing away from the shaft. Flames fill the frame as he is engulfed. In the very next shot, he is on fire, and is charging full speed toward the shaft. There wasn't enough time for him to turn around 180 degrees.


Correction: Watch closely. Frost turns around with his pistol, but as he sees the flames coming at him he begins turning away again, towards the shaft. The flames then hit him while he is in the process of turning.

Corrected entry: At the end, Ripley tells Newt "Close your eyes, baby." She also covers Newt's eyes with her hand. So, how could Newt see the dropship? She certainly can't hear it with all the explosions.

Correction: She turns away and looks behind Ripley. Ripley does cover her eyes, but when Newt pulls her face away and looks behind Ripley, her eyes aren't covered anymore, so she can see perfectly fine.

Corrected entry: When Ripley is rescued at the start of the film, they use a sophisticated robot to ascertain whether she's dangerous. Why don't they use the robot on the planet, when they know there's likely to be danger?

Correction: That's because the "Company" desperately wants to retrieve the "Alien" lifeform. As robots cannot be used for gestation purposes, the "Company" sends in humans. They also send in their own man, Burke, to do what he can to get at least one lifeform into cryosleep.

Corrected entry: Hicks gave the tracker bracelet to Ripley, who in turn gave it to Newt when she put her to bed. There was no one else in the room and Ripley didn't tell anyone. So how come when they lose Newt at the end Hicks tells Ripley they can find her using the bracelet?

Correction: Hicks isn't blind...he saw it on her wrist.

Corrected entry: It would have been impossible for the aliens to produce such a large army because of a limited number of hosts that can produce them. There was no indiginous life on the planet so there should only be as many aliens as there was colonists on the planet, which is about 150. It doesn't matter how many eggs the queen lays, they must have hosts to produce the alien creatures.

Correction: 150 is an army compared to 9 marines. Also the families would have brought animals such as dogs and cats and livestock to eat. This would further increase their amount of hosts.

Corrected entry: The little girl Newt is taken and cocooned by the mother alien. Why, then is she rescued? All the other cocooned victims have been impregnated and are incubating baby aliens. Yet Ripley brings the child back in the almost certain likelihood that 24 hours after the credits have rolled, little Newt's stomach will explode.

Correction: When Ripley rescues Newt, she isn't impregnated yet. When Ripley is saving Newt from the cocoon, an egg is opening just in front of Newt. If Ripley was 5 minutes later, Newt would of been impregnated, but Ripley came on time. Also, in Alien 3 we see that Newt hasn't been impregnated.

Corrected entry: There is a scene where Ripley is getting ready to find Newt and takes 3 grenades for her gun. She later loads them and before firing cocks again and fires 4 times.

Correction: In the middle of her loading, there's a shot of the elevator descending, and in that time she could have loaded another one.

Corrected entry: During the escape of Ripley and the marines from Sub Level 3, an alien lands on the APC, and smashes the window trying to get to Ripley. She brakes, then drives over the alien. Not only does the alien's acid blood do nothing in this scene, the next shot of the APC has the window intact.

Correction: The alien that breaks the APC window has red blood, probably having just mauled one of the marines. The alien wouldn't have bled acid from breaking the window, throughout the movie the aliens had to be shot a lot of times or right in the head to actually bleed.

Corrected entry: When the Alien bursts in through the window of the APC after rescuing the marines it clearly sprays red blood when it smashes the window, even though the Alien has yellowish acidic blood.

Correction: It's not red blood - the broken glass is reflecting red light from somewhere

Corrected entry: It is hard to believe that since people have been living on LV-426 for 20 years, there are only 158. After that time there would have been at least a few hundred.

Correction: These people are they to construct an atmosphere generator (or similar), not to populate the place: its highly likely people would work there and leave after a few years as engineers do in foreign countries here and be replaced.

Corrected entry: In the previous movie, LV-426 had a ring system around it, yet in this movie, when the Sulaco enters orbit, the ring is no longer there.

Correction: LV-426 does not have a ring system. It is a moon of a much larger planet that does have a ring system. The planet and its rings can be seen low in the sky in "Alien".

Corrected entry: Given Bishop's crucial role in saving the day throughout Aliens, doesn't it seem odd that human marines are used at all in the future? He's smarter, tougher, has quicker reflexes and can be mass-produced, as Alien 3 will testify. And considering the corporate scam being played out, you'd think they'd be more careful than to send in soldiers when they could have simply made a dozen androids to assist Ripley - who could still play host to an alien foetus.

Correction: Humans beings are cheaper. The Company is very interested in the bottom line, and they just consider human beings to be more expendable than what is most likely a multi-billion dollar android.

Corrected entry: When Ripley and Newt are waiting to be lifted off the planet, the lift goes down and then comes up again with an alien on it. So the alien must have worked the lift buttons, pressing the right floor number etc. Clever little bugger isn't it?

Correction: They're automatic - they go to the top level by default

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Revealing mistake: When Newt is sliding across the grated floor, Bishop reaches out to save her and you can clearly see he's standing in a hole to make him look cut in half. (02:11:40)

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