Corrected entry: In scene where Ripley first meets Bishop he says "It is against my programming to harm a human being or through a course of action allow a human being to be harmed." Funny how he says this after doing the knife trick on Hudson (a course of action that could have definitely caused harm to Hudson).

Correction: In the knife trick,Bishop covers Hudson's hand with his own hand. The other crewmembers called for him to do it meaning they had seen him do the same trick on other occasions. Hudson was in no danger.

Corrected entry: In Alien we are told that the crew are 10 months from Earth when they find the Alien's planet. So how are the marines able to travel there in such short time in Aliens? I know Newt is one tough daughter-of-a-bitch but surely she couldn't survive for 10 months.

Correction: The Sulaco travels at an extremely fast speed, it took them about two weeks. Reading the Colonial Marines Technical Manual, I learned a whole lot of interesting useless stuff but basically they went from Gateway Station (Earth orbit) to LV-426 in two weeks.


Corrected entry: When the Marines are underneath the "primary heat exchangers," Dietrich is grabbed from behind by an alien, and her flamethrower discharges, igniting Frost. He flies over a railing and down a shaft. If you watch the sequence, you will see that when Frost hears Dietrich scream, he turns to face her, raising his pistol. At this point, he is facing away from the shaft. Flames fill the frame as he is engulfed. In the very next shot, he is on fire, and is charging full speed toward the shaft. There wasn't enough time for him to turn around 180 degrees.


Correction: Watch closely. Frost turns around with his pistol, but as he sees the flames coming at him he begins turning away again, towards the shaft. The flames then hit him while he is in the process of turning.

Corrected entry: At the end, Ripley tells Newt "Close your eyes, baby." She also covers Newt's eyes with her hand. So, how could Newt see the dropship? She certainly can't hear it with all the explosions.

Correction: She turns away and looks behind Ripley. Ripley does cover her eyes, but when Newt pulls her face away and looks behind Ripley, her eyes aren't covered anymore, so she can see perfectly fine.

Corrected entry: When Ripley is rescued at the start of the film, they use a sophisticated robot to ascertain whether she's dangerous. Why don't they use the robot on the planet, when they know there's likely to be danger?

Correction: That's because the "Company" desperately wants to retrieve the "Alien" lifeform. As robots cannot be used for gestation purposes, the "Company" sends in humans. They also send in their own man, Burke, to do what he can to get at least one lifeform into cryosleep.

Corrected entry: Hicks gave the tracker bracelet to Ripley, who in turn gave it to Newt when she put her to bed. There was no one else in the room and Ripley didn't tell anyone. So how come when they lose Newt at the end Hicks tells Ripley they can find her using the bracelet?

Correction: Hicks isn't blind...he saw it on her wrist.

Corrected entry: It would have been impossible for the aliens to produce such a large army because of a limited number of hosts that can produce them. There was no indiginous life on the planet so there should only be as many aliens as there was colonists on the planet, which is about 150. It doesn't matter how many eggs the queen lays, they must have hosts to produce the alien creatures.

Correction: 150 is an army compared to 9 marines. Also the families would have brought animals such as dogs and cats and livestock to eat. This would further increase their amount of hosts.

Corrected entry: The little girl Newt is taken and cocooned by the mother alien. Why, then is she rescued? All the other cocooned victims have been impregnated and are incubating baby aliens. Yet Ripley brings the child back in the almost certain likelihood that 24 hours after the credits have rolled, little Newt's stomach will explode.

Correction: When Ripley rescues Newt, she isn't impregnated yet. When Ripley is saving Newt from the cocoon, an egg is opening just in front of Newt. If Ripley was 5 minutes later, Newt would of been impregnated, but Ripley came on time. Also, in Alien 3 we see that Newt hasn't been impregnated.

Corrected entry: When they are all in the room in the beginning having a meeting with Ripley, pictures of the Nostromo crew are coming up in the background, but Kane never shows up, everyone else does.

Correction: He appears in a special edition - he doesn't appear because he cropped up in a later part of the briefing which got cut.

Corrected entry: After the Marines are attacked in the atmosphere processor and regroup in the APC, they surmise that Corporal Hicks is now in command. Wouldn't the pilot of the drop ship be next in line? Wouldn't she outrank Hicks even if she was only a warrant officer?

Correction: The pilot of the ship (Ferro) was also a Corporal, and Hicks being the highest ranking marine on the ground (with Gorman incapacitated), Hicks was next in the chain of command.

Corrected entry: It is hard to believe that since people have been living on LV-426 for 20 years, there are only 158. After that time there would have been at least a few hundred.

Correction: These people are they to construct an atmosphere generator (or similar), not to populate the place: its highly likely people would work there and leave after a few years as engineers do in foreign countries here and be replaced.

Corrected entry: There is a scene where Ripley is getting ready to find Newt and takes 3 grenades for her gun. She later loads them and before firing cocks again and fires 4 times.

Correction: In the middle of her loading, there's a shot of the elevator descending, and in that time she could have loaded another one.

Corrected entry: During the escape of Ripley and the marines from Sub Level 3, an alien lands on the APC, and smashes the window trying to get to Ripley. She brakes, then drives over the alien. Not only does the alien's acid blood do nothing in this scene, the next shot of the APC has the window intact.

Correction: The alien that breaks the APC window has red blood, probably having just mauled one of the marines. The alien wouldn't have bled acid from breaking the window, throughout the movie the aliens had to be shot a lot of times or right in the head to actually bleed.

Corrected entry: When Ripley and Newt are waiting to be lifted off the planet, the lift goes down and then comes up again with an alien on it. So the alien must have worked the lift buttons, pressing the right floor number etc. Clever little bugger isn't it?

Correction: They're automatic - they go to the top level by default

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, Ripley rescues Newt amidst the computer voice reminders that the station is going to explode, however she stops long enough to pick a fight with the Alien by shooting a bunch of the young ones. The Alien detaches from the egg sack production line and starts chasing Ripley. If she had just left Mom alone the explosion would kill everything.

Correction: After Ripley rescues Newt, Ripley threatens the eggs, which causes the Queen to signal the adult aliens to back off, and apparently to let her go. As she starts to back out with Newt, one of the eggs opens up and a facehugger starts crawling out. That's when Ripley shoots the Queen a look and starts wasting the eggs.

Corrected entry: When Vasquez says "I just need to know one thing, where they are" in the background of that shot, you can see Hicks (Michael Biehn) mouthing the words "Where they are"

Correction: Michael Biehn's character mouths the words "where they are" to show how well he knows this woman's attitude.

Corrected entry: In the previous movie, LV-426 had a ring system around it, yet in this movie, when the Sulaco enters orbit, the ring is no longer there.

Correction: LV-426 does not have a ring system. It is a moon of a much larger planet that does have a ring system. The planet and its rings can be seen low in the sky in "Alien".

Corrected entry: The crew finds half a dozen face huggers in the med lab, and two of them are still alive. One tries to attach to Burke when he gets too close to the glass case. If a face hugger was able to break the much tougher glass of Kane's space suit's helmet in the first film and attach to him, why wouldn't it be able to break through this less durable glass in this film to get on Burke?

Correction: The creature doesn't break the glass to Kane's helmet, it melts its way in with acid. Presumably the liquid in the container neutralizes the acid somehow. Also, we have no idea what either the helmet glass or the container are actually made of. The container is made of a material strong enough to withstand the strength of the facehugger.


A laboratory jar that is made of material stronger than that of the faceplate of a space helmet that is designed to withstand a pressure differential like that between atmospheric pressure and a vacuum. Yes, that's going to happen.

This is both a futuristic movie and there is a 57 year gap between movies. And it isn't a "laboratory jar", it's some sort of made up stasis device. It is completely plausible that a stasis device would be more durable than a helmet made nearly 60 years prior. But the point is moot because the alien in the first film never breaks the helmet, it melts it.


Even the strongest acid cannot corrode a glass beaker, but it could easily corrode other transparent materials. It isn't a matter of how "strong" it is, it's a matter of chemistry. We don't know what the faceplates of the space suits are made of, but current day ones are made of polycarbonate plastics.

Correction: Probably because the facehugger doesn't have anything to hold on to and break the glass.


Corrected entry: In the part of the film where Ripley and Gorman are inside the APC, and Ripley is trying to get the marines to get out of the bowls of the atmosphere processor before anymore get killed, she has the headset on, then in the next shot of her she doesn't, then she does, and then it gets ripped off by Gorman.

Correction: She never actually has the headset 'on' per se. She holds the ear pieces up to her one ear and speaks into the microphone. When Gorman appears to rip it off, you can see that it comes out of her one hand that she was holding it in.

That's completely false, there is a very clear moment where Ripley has the earpiece completely on her head. This mistake is correct, it is indeed a continuity error.


Corrected entry: When Ripley and the others are trying to figure out what they are dealing with Ripley suggests something is laying these eggs since there must be over 100. But she knows there already are hundreds if not thousands of these eggs so there is no reason to assume something is laying new ones. (01:34:40 - 01:35:15)


Correction: That's exactly what she means. She's saying something must've laid the eggs, and will likely continue to lay more.

Jason Hoffman

But there is no reason for her to say there must be a queen lying these eggs, she knows there are eggs, there have been eggs there for decades.


In Alien, she doesn't know that though. She and the rest of the crew don't know what they've seen and what they're up against. Yes, she knows it's an alien but that's it.

Ripley is making the (correct) assumption that because the colonists are being taken deeper into the colony, and that the aliens have built a hive in the colony itself; that the eggs found there were laid there. If the hive had been built inside the derelict spacecraft, then Ripley likely wouldn't have made that assumption.


But why not think the aliens had taken the eggs from the derelict craft and taken them closer to the incubators, thus inside the colony? I just think it's far-fetched she immediately starts talking about a possible queen whilst there is hardly any reason to do so, where did the queen come from supposedly? All they know is some people from the colony brought aliens inside them into the colony and then all hell broke loose. Her assumption is nothing more than to help the plot along.


I don't think her assumption is far fetched at all. She assumes that the eggs must have been laid by something; which is logical. She then assumes the thing that laid the eggs is continuing to do so; which is also logical. Where the queen came from in never addressed in Ripley's conversation with Bishop. The two are merely speculating that there must an alien lying eggs and it must be something they haven't seen yet. It's quite a bit of a leap to think that the aliens somehow know that there are additional eggs miles away from the colony and they should go get them and bring them back. This borders on clairvoyance. It is much more logical, based on what the characters know and see, that the eggs in the colony were laid there.


But those eggs in the derelict ship have been lying there for an eternity, even if you would only count the amount of time Ripley has been asleep since she encountered them, no reason to think at all new eggs have been laid, no reason. Thousands of eggs were inside the derelict ship, the colonists were exposed to the aliens through those eggs, brought back to their colony inside themselves (they didn't bring eggs). It's ridiculous to think something then came, a queen, and nested inside the colony, unless a queen was brought along by the colonists, but Ripley and nobody in general have any idea how the aliens reproduce. It's more logical to think the aliens can reproduce on their own, not that a queen is needed. That's more of my point, the name "Queen" being used. That's what borders on clairvoyance. We know the Aliens have extrasensory perception (as shown in this movie) so them being able to sense the eggs that far away is a lot more believable to me.


I'm struggling with understanding your reasoning for why it is so unbelievable that Ripley and Bishop deduce that something is lying the eggs. Their explanation doesn't come anywhere close to clairvoyance. They make a logical guess that eggs are laid. They deduced, along with Hudson, that the creatures behaved in a similar fashion to ants or bees. That would mean logically a queen is lying the eggs. Once again, where the queen "came from" is never addressed in their conversation because it is irrelevant. The characters have much more than a general idea of how the creatures reproduce, they know everything pertinent except where exactly the eggs come from. I'm not understanding why you say it to be more logical that "the aliens can reproduce on their own, not that a queen is needed." If you are saying it to be more logical to think of the aliens as closer to chickens than ants (i.e., each creature lays it's own eggs), that doesn't make sense because they are basing their "ants" theory on the presence of a hive.


Well all right they may have guessed how the aliens behave and reproduce correctly, they did see all colonists together and probably incubated, a nest, fine. To me its all about the idea Ripley starts talking about a queen being down there from the fact there are over 100 eggs down there. Again, she knows there are thousands of eggs on the derelict ship already. What we know doesn't work for Ripley who knows nothing about those things. They aren't even sure how the aliens got to the colony and Ripley never mentions the derelict ship that had thousands of eggs again. For all she knows the colonists had already taken eggs from the ship back to the colony, why not think that's what going on? But she immediately jumps to the queen theory, which helps her later on.

Ripley mentions the derelict and the thousands of eggs both in the inquest and again on the Sulaco, both prior to the mission starting. Once they arrive on the planet and discover the hive they deduce that it might work like an ant colony or bee hive. Ripley questions "So what's lying these eggs?" to which Bishop responds "It must be something we haven't seen yet." Hudson is the first to suggest a possible queen. This conversation doesn't help Ripley later on in the movie. She literally just runs into the queen's chamber completely by accident. The conversation is just there to plant an idea in the audience's mind that there is an alien queen. You are arguing that based on what the characters know, they should have come to an incorrect conclusion (the aliens are taking eggs from the derelict back to the colony) rather than the correct one, if they came to any conclusion at all. You also say that "what we know" doesn't apply to what Ripley knows about the creatures, except that isn't true at all. At this point, Ripley knows everything about the aliens that the audience knows. Coming up with the idea that "these things built a hive like bees do. I wonder if that means they have a queen like bees and ants do?" is completely rational.


Let's agree to disagree then. What we know as the audience is that some colonists went to the derelict ship and brought back aliens inside them, Ripley and the marines don't know that as contact was lost and Newt isn't telling anything. Where do the eggs come from? The derelict ship should be the first idea, not that something is lying them, inside the colony even. Sure something once has laid them but that could have been thousands of years ago, where would a queen come from? All this, no logical reason to assume there is a queen. That's my opinion and why I posted the mistake.


Continuity mistake: In the sequence when the APC is fleeing the hive, and the alien punches a hole though the windshield to get to Ripley. The hole disappears in the next shot when the light reflects off of the glass. (01:07:05)

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[The alien queen advances on Newt.]
Ripley: Get away from her you bitch!

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Trivia: The name 'Sulaco' was taken from a novel by Joseph Conrad. The name of the novel? 'Nostromo' of course.

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Question: What ever happens to the female doctor that evaluates Newt? She evaluates Newt, says one line or so, then disappears forever.

William Bergquist

Chosen answer: Down in the tunnels, she is the soldier that says "Maybe they don't show up on infrared at all." and is then grabbed and hoisted to the ceiling by an Alien. Later, Hudson says "The Sarge and Deitrich (the female medic) aren't dead. Their signs are real low but they ain't dead." So she was cocooned and played host for new aliens.

Grumpy Scot
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