Corrected entry: In the scene where Ripley drives the APC into the hive to save the marines a flamethrower accidentally ignites the APC. When this happens Hudson yells "Fire in the hole" to tell everyone that the vehicle is on fire. Any marine would know that this phrase means that an explosive charge has been placed by the speaker and has nothing to do with anything being on fire.

Correction: In 200-300 years this phrase could have changed. Also he may actually be saying "fire in the hull", as in the hull of the APC, not necessarily "fire in the hole".

Corrected entry: When the marines first arrive, the dropship lands for a few seconds, long enough for the APC to drive off, and no alien jumps on. When Hicks calls Ferro down again, we can see that the dropship is back in the transport's hanger. How did the alien get on board?

Correction: They are not back on the Sulaco. Putting aside the tactical lunacy of having their only means of getting off the planet up in orbit, you actually see the dropship taking off from a landing field next to the colony - other than a metallic surface, it bears no resemblance to the Sulaco docking bay.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Ripley is going to rescue Newt, it's very hot in the corridors (as evidenced by Frost and Hudson's exchange earlier in the film), so why do we see the Alien Queen's breath?

Grumpy Scot

Correction: We don't know anything about the Aliens' homeworld and very little about their biochemistry, though it has been shown that some versions can function in a vacuum or survive molten metal. There is no way to predict how they deal with different environments.


Corrected entry: Ripley and Hick's lungs would have been severely burnt by the concentrated acid gas in the elevator while escaping to the second dropship. Their eyes and skin would also be affected. (01:47:40)

Correction: The gas isn't acid - it's the by-product of the liquid acid chemically reacting with Hick's armor. Acid-metal reactions produce water, metal salts, and gases, but not another acid.

Corrected entry: When the marines look at the blueprint of the atmosphere processing plant, you can see that the plant is a smooth cone or dome like structure. You can also see the structure when the marines first arrive at the plant to look for the mising colonists. But when Ripley goes back to the plant to look for Newt, the structure of the plant changes completely to resemble something that looks like an off shore oil rig with spires and towers and pipes going all over the place.

Correction: The processor looks like a dome from the outside. When Ripley goes to rescue Newt the dropship is flown inside the processer's dome, where all the pipes and stuff can be seen, which is why it looks like an oil rig.

Corrected entry: How is it that the marine drop-ship immediately plunges towards the planet's surface when released from the mother ship, but the mother ship itself appears to be in a stable orbit around the planet? One of the two ships is defying the laws of physics.

Correction: We don't know exactly what transpires between the drop-ship and the mother ship. When the latches release, the smaller ship could be forced away by magnetic repulsion, or use a jet of compressed gas, or some other method of propulsion yet unknown to us. Any way you look at it, once it is lower than the mother ship it will continue to drop at a faster rate.

Rooster of Doom

Corrected entry: In the hive, when Hicks puts his shotgun tip into an open egg, watch the camera angle of the camera mounted on his shoulder, the gun is off to the side and it should be in the middle of the screen seeing as how the camera is mounted on the shoulder holding the gun.

Correction: The camera is on Hicks' left shoulder. He is holding the barrel in his left hand. Therefore in the camera's view, the barrel intrudes from the lower right rather than center.


Corrected entry: When Ripley is in the atmosphere processor, trying to get away from the queen and gunning down drones, the camera keeps tracking the ammo counter, and it gets down to really low...about 9. She then shoots lots more rounds (if the previous speed that the counter goes down by is any comparison), far more than she had the ammo for.

Correction: She goes down to 11 on the ammo counter, but this only refers to the rifle. She then fires several grenades and a flamethrower burst, both of which are different types of ammo. Finally, Ripley takes out a drone with the last of her bullets in two short bursts and is empty.


Corrected entry: Ripley and the remaining marines had welded and barricaded every way into the Medical Centre to keep the creepy-crawlies out. They checked all the construction blueprints. Yet they never thought to check the ceiling space, which was covered with a flimsy, lightweight grating that wasn't even bolted or welded down - Hicks merely lifts a panel easily with the tip of his rifle. I always thought that was a hoot.

Correction: The Aliens contorted their bodies to able to fit into the ceiling space, which was naturally quite small relative to the Aliens's overall size. Given their limited exposure to the creatures up to that point, it's not surprising that the Marines would have failed to anticipate this. Even Ripley's exposure to the single Alien aboard the Nostromo in the first film was not so extensive that she would necessarily have thought of it either.

Corrected entry: In the director's cut watch the temperature guages on the remote sentry controls, you only see the temperature change once, regardless of whether the guns were firing or not.

Correction: The temp guages change every time we see them when the guns either start or stop firing. It's only a small change in most cases, but it still changes.

Corrected entry: In the director's cut, the marines had salvaged four robot autocannons with motion-targeting systems, two of which are placed in the access tunnel to the power plant. Right before they close the hatch, Hudson and Vasquez throw in a waste bin to test them; it is shot to pieces. Later, however, these autocannons still have their full ammo load, as seen on the computer counters.

Correction: By the time that we actually see the ammo counters, we already hear the guns going off, so there's no real way of telling how much ammo was already spent, since we don't see the count down for those two guns start off at 400.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, Ripley calls down both elevators to escape the Queen. When they arrive, she gets into the one on the right, leaving the Queen to use the one on the left. When the lifts reach the top, Ripley comes out of the one on the left and the Queen comes out of the one on the right.

Correction: Ripley gets in AND comes out of the right hand lift (Gate 28) leaving the Queen to enter AND exit Gate 27 (on the left)

Chimera Premium member

Corrected entry: When we are shown the screen of the marines names there is a curious omission. It lists the marines by rank first: Lt. Gorman, Sgt. Apone, Cpl.Hicks, Cpl. Ferro, Vasquez, Drake, Spunkmeyer, Cpl. Dietrich, Frost, Wierzbowski, and Crowe followed by the non-marines Bishop, Ripley and Burke. Where is Hudson?

Correction: The list wasn't finished. You can see that it's still loading up as the scene fades out. Its very possible that Hudson would've been next on the list, since he was not the only one missing on it.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the baby alien pops out of the woman's chest, she eventually dies but her head leans to her side instead of hanging forwards as it should do but then in the next shot of her, her head is hanging forwards. (01:09:35)

Correction: She rolled her head to the side as she died, and it slumped over when she was dead.


Corrected entry: Lt. Gorman is supposedly knocked unconcious when an overhead storage compartment in the APC comes loose and dumps a whole hord of boxes on him. I guess he's a pretty fragile guy because if you watch the scene in slo-mo the only part of his body that actually comes in contact with the boxes is his right arm. His head is never hit or even touched by them.

Correction: Gorman gets smacked right on the head when the boxes fall. Besides, for all we know those boxes could've weighed up to 100 pounds.


Corrected entry: The counter on a fully-loaded pulse rifle reads 300 rounds. However, a magazine of the size shown could never contain 300 rounds of 10mm ammunition.


Correction: I don't know where anyone in the movie said that the counter reads 300 bullets, because it certainly wasn't ever said in this film. The counter on the Pulse Rifle only goes up to 99. This is shown when Ripley loads it at 2 different parts in the movie: when Hicks is showing her how to fire it, and when she is getting ready to go find Newt in the hive. There was never any indication that the Pulse Rifle clips hold 300 rounds.


Correction: You sure? Cause, to me, they seemed more like a power source for the smart guns and not the ammo.

Sam Montgomery

The video here shows her loading a full magazine: At the 59 second point, she loads the magazine and the round indicator shows 95, not 99 and definitely not 300. The round indicator only goes to 2 digits.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When the marines and Ripley are inside the big car thing that they use on the planet, they are able to stand up quite comfortably. In that case, how are they taller than it when stood next to it on the outside?

Correction: The big car thing is called an APC. There is no point in the movie where anyone appears 'taller' than the APC itself. When the marines load up into it when they drop towards the planet, you see Apone slide the door open, and the APC is at the very least a foot and a half taller than him, probably more. When they get inside, they hunch over, and never once throughout the entire movie does any marine stand up comfortably in the APC, except for Vasquez, who is considerably smaller than everyone else.

Corrected entry: In the scene where everyone decides to leave and nuke the site from orbit, where was Bishop? He was last seen in the Med Lab studying one of the face-huggers. Yet he was nowhere to be found when everyone decided to leave, when everyone was outside, or when the ship crashed. Then, he's suddenly back saying that he'd check on Lt. Gorman and continue his research back in the Med Lab. Come to think of it, where was Lt. Gorman in all of this too? He was last seen getting knocked out-cold. Nobody was carrying him or helping him in any of those same scenes. Were they just going to leave him and Bishop in the Med Lab while they nuked the site from orbit?

Correction: Bishop was indeed in the med-lab. Since the APC was wrecked, they had no method of getting back to the complex safely. They had to wait for the dropship to pick them up, and then fly them over to the main complex building to pick up Bishop. And also, Hicks and Hudson are carrying the injured Gorman. You can see him quite on the stretcher that they are both carrying.

Corrected entry: In the part of the film where Ripley and Gorman are inside the APC, and Ripley is trying to get the marines to get out of the bowls of the atmosphere processor before anymore get killed, she has the headset on, then in the next shot of her she doesn't, then she does, and then it gets ripped off by Gorman.

Correction: She never actually has the headset 'on' per se. She holds the ear pieces up to her one ear and speaks into the microphone. When Gorman appears to rip it off, you can see that it comes out of her one hand that she was holding it in.

New this month That's completely false, there is a very clear moment where Ripley has the earpiece completely on her head. This mistake is correct, it is indeed a continuity error.


Corrected entry: When Ripley walks into the lab where the face huggers are, she lays her pulse rifle on the bed that Newt is under. Later on she looks through the window and the rifle is now on the other side of the glass outside the lab.

Correction: As we find out later, it was Burke who set them up to be impregnated by the facehuggers. No doubt he crept in and removed the gun from the room while Ripley and Newt slept before releasing the facehuggers in to the room.

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Aliens mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Newt is sliding across the grated floor, Bishop reaches out to save her and you can clearly see he's standing in a hole to make him look cut in half. (02:11:40)

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