Corrected entry: Not really a HUGE mistake, but when Ripley finds Newt in her hole the first time you can see lots of boxes laying round with rations or MRE's in them.But later when the female medic is checking her out she says she is suffering from "Borderline Malnutrition" How is that possible when she had so much left over food?

Correction: The term "malnutrition" does not necessarily mean that you have had too little food, it also includes the bad effects of an improper regular diet. MRE's are not designed to be eaten on a regular basis, but as emergency food when nothing else is available. Newt has eaten MRE's for a very long time, and is suffering from the ill effects from this (most likely constipation and lack of proper vitamins).


Not to mention people who have suffered severe trauma often lose appetite. Even though she has collected food she may not be eating as regularly as she should. With nobody around to counsel her or force her to eat she is probably not getting regular meals or resting as often as she should.


Corrected entry: In the final rescue of Newt, Ripley wisely uses flamethrower bursts to make sure the small hallways are clear of aliens. However in all other scenes involving the Incinerators they leave a flaming wash behind that continues to burn for a while (ex. the APC rescue). Obviously the director couldn't have Ripley wait around for the wash to die down so the bursts burn clean.

Correction: Flamethrowers use a pressurized liquid that sprays out and ignites. In every other scene, the flamer was sprayed directly ON something (like Frost or the APC). Ripley fires it straight down the tunnel to flush out any hiding aliens, so it has nothing to cling to.

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Corrected entry: When Spunkmeyer is loading a weapon into the ship he lifts it up to the ship with the walking forklift. As it is pulled into the ship we see strings holding up the back end of the weapon to keep it level. These strings were not there as he carried the weapon. (00:36:30)


Correction: Not so. The cables are being used by the guys in the background that are guiding a large, black object that is suspended from heavy cables, going from left to right in the distance.


Corrected entry: During the inquest of what happened to the Nostromo and its crew, Van Leuwen refers to Ripley's company ID number as NOC14472 while the data screen in the background displays NOC14672.

Correction: Either the display or Van Leuwen are wrong, but either way, the error is possible within the context of the film, with him being a human and the display being created by information supplied by then entered by a human. Not really an 'error'.


Corrected entry: When Vasquez cuts a hole in the pipe for Bishop to up link with the mother ship to get the other landing plane, the plate from the pipe falls in to the hole. When Bishop is in the pipe, Vasquez and Ripley place the cut out piece back on the hole to weld it in place. The cut out piece is smaller than the hole. It was cut out from the pipe and should not fit over the hole without falling through. (01:40:20)


Correction: They probably just did the very common thing of turning the plate around so the left side was welded to the right side of the hole etc. It wouldn't fall through that way as Vazquez obvioulsy didn't cut a perfectly shaped piece of metal.

Corrected entry: In the first encounter with the alien queen Ripley ignites the eggs, unloads the pulse rifle, and then throws her ammunition harness and grenades into the fire for good measure. However, when they get to the elevator the harness is back on without any grenades.

Correction: This is untrue. Ripley clips on a harness first, then she just puts a bandola of grenades over her neck/one shoulder. Then at the end she just throws the bandola into the flames. The harness remains on throughout.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Newt and Ripley are in the room with the face huggers, Ripley tries to escape by banging a chair against the glass window full force. However, it merely bounces off. But, when one of the marines dives at the window, it smashes. How is this possible?

Correction: It's possible because immediately before Hicks dives through the window, we see (and hear) Hudson put several rounds from a pulse rifle through it.

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New this month In addition, Hicks very loudly yells "Shoot it out!" before Hudson fires.


Corrected entry: When Ripley goes to save Newt, she uses a tracking device to find her. However the only data that tracking device gives her is how far away she is from the receiver. It doesn't give any clue as to direction. For all she knows the receiver can be 50 meters above her, 50 meters behind her, 50 meters ahead of her, below her, to her right, to her left, etc, or even any combination of them. Yet in the maze of levels, sub levels, stairs and corridors of the compound she is able to find the EXACT path to the receiver on her first attempt.


Correction: Ripley already knew which level the aliens took their victims when cocooning them as she had observed this from the monitors in the APC. That solves the up or down direction. When Ripley exited the elevator and started forward through the hallway the distance on the tracking device started counting down which meant she was going in the correct direction. If the numbers start getting larger, then she is obviously going the wrong way.

Corrected entry: At the end, when Bishop gets impaled by the queen's tail, he spews up white blood, some of which lands on Ripley's chin, but in the next shot her face is clean. (02:06:20)

Correction: It is possible that between shots she wiped her face on her sleeve as in an instinctive reaction.

Corrected entry: This isn't a mistake, but a funny little thing: When you look closely to Drake's an Vasquez' Auto-cannons, you can clearly see, that these are modified German machine guns, produced by Heckler & Koch. In some shots, when firing, you can also see the ammo-belts hanging out of the guns (e.g. when Drake is firing his last rounds, just before he drops the gun). These machineguns are also carried by some Stormtroopers in "Star Wars" - almost unmodified.

Correction: The auto-cannons are actually German World War II era MG-42s, according to the special edition DVD.

Correction: The Stormtrooper E-11 Blaster was in reality the Sterling smg, manufactured in the UK.

The original poster was referring to the Star Wars rifle "DLT-19", which is in reality the older brother of the MG-42, an MG-34. Other blaster rifles in the films are based on the MG-42 as well (Dengar's, for example).


Corrected entry: Only six aliens were used for this film, painstaking editing made it look like there were hundreds of them. If you watch carefully, you'll notice there are never more than six aliens on screen at one time.

Correction: This piece of trivia is an extremely common mistake made about the film Aliens. There were actually about 20 alien suits in all. James Cameron corrected this in an interview in the 90's, and if you check the picture galleries on the Alien Quadrilogy DVD, you can see them all.

Corrected entry: During the briefing on the Sulaco Hudson's comment "Someone said alien. She thought they said illegal alien, signed up." was an inside joke. When Jeanette Goldstein was told they were casting a movie titled "Aliens" she thought it was about the U.S/Mexican border. So for her screen test she tried to look and sound as Hispanic as possible. So she was cast as Vasquez.

Correction: This is almost correct. She wasn't cast because she looked and sounded Hispanic. In the first audition, she told them that she had done some body building in the past, which earned her a second chance.

Corrected entry: When Ripley drives the APC into the station to pick up the marines, Hudson is apparently injured since Hicks has to practically carry him out of the alien hive and into the APC. But in subsequent scenes he has absolutely no trouble walking and his only injury seems to be the acid burn on his arm that he got after he made it to the APC. (01:17:10)

Correction: He could have just twisted his ankle a little. I've done it a few times, its painful to put your full weight on it but the pain dissapears in only a few minutes.

Corrected entry: The guns fire 10mm caseless. Each magazine holds 95 rounds (according to the poorly placed counter). A springloaded magazine can only push bullets in one direction, so at most you can have two rounds alternated vertically in a compressed zig-zag pattern. You can't have five rounds side by side in a magazine, as there would be no way of moving them horizontally into the chamber as well as vertically through the length of the magazine. This means that a 100 round magazine would either have to be a drum or cylinder shape like that on a Thompson submachinengun or it would be at least sixty centimetres long.

Correction: Nowhere in the movie it is established springloaded magazines are used, and as it takes place in the future, who knows what they came up with.

Corrected entry: Bishop tells Ripley that she has 19 minutes at the end when she charges off to find Newt, but seconds later as she walks out of the ship the computer voice says there are only 15 minutes left to get to safe distance. Both are computers that would be working from the same data, why would there be such a large discrepancy? (01:50:10)

Correction: The computer in Hadley's Hope is saying that any personnel remaining have 15 minutes to get to 'minimum safe distance' not to when the atmosphere processor will blow. On the Sulaco, Bishop tells Ripley how long until the explosion.

Corrected entry: In several of the wide shots you can see the screens on the motion trackers don't have their normal 'radar' type displays, they're just blank screens with a blinking light behind them. Two such instances are when Vasquez and Hudson are searching the colony for a life sign (which turns out to be hamsters in a cage) and right after the aliens cut power to the colony. (00:39:15 - 01:36:25)

Correction: When I first saw the wide shots I thought so too. But in all of the wide shots the screens on the motion trackers are seen on an angle so the data readouts are hard to see. Also since this is far in the future they could be LCD screens which would make the data hard to see on an angle.

Corrected entry: In the final showdown on the planet, the Aliens have burst in all around the Ops room. As Ripley is making her way to Medical, Gorman is in the upper corner of the screen, firing his handgun. Watch him, and you will see him point and shoot three times, you hear the clicks, but there is no noise, report or flash, just the actor pointing an empty weapon clicking away, as he apparently hits targets. (01:39:25)

Correction: He is firing rapidly until his magazine is empty. In his mindset of trying to kill the aliens he doesn't notice that his magazine is empty or the gun is jammed until he fires it a few times.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the marines are making their first sweep of the complex and Hicks says "looks like they bagged one of Ripley's bad guys here," how do they kill the alien? If they used weapons where are they? Why didn't the marines use them when the drop ship crashed and they only had four pulse rifles with about 50 rounds each?

Correction: They say, during the survey, "looks like small-arms fire" which probably means light pistols, plus there are references to seismic survey charges, which would be small explosives. As to why the marines didn't use them - they never actually found the pistols, and it would be a little difficult to use explosives after the colonists have already blown them up.

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Corrected entry: When Ripley drops the queen into the airlock, look at her just before the queen grabs hold of the cargo loader. Ripley is now a model. She has no face.

Correction: Play it in slow motion or watch closely: she has a face.

Corrected entry: Smartguns and Pulse Rifles being fired both have two very distinct, differing sounds. Yet towards the end of the film where they are fending off aliens, Vasquez and Hudson are both firing pulse rifles that sound just like smartguns.

Correction: Smartguns and Pulse rifles have identical firing noises.

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Revealing mistake: When Newt is sliding across the grated floor, Bishop reaches out to save her and you can clearly see he's standing in a hole to make him look cut in half. (02:11:40)

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[All ammunition has been confiscated.]
Marine: What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?.

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Trivia: The name 'Sulaco' was taken from a novel by Joseph Conrad. The name of the novel? 'Nostromo' of course.

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