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Corrected entry: Ripley and the remaining marines had welded and barricaded every way into the Medical Centre to keep the creepy-crawlies out. They checked all the construction blueprints. Yet they never thought to check the ceiling space, which was covered with a flimsy, lightweight grating that wasn't even bolted or welded down - Hicks merely lifts a panel easily with the tip of his rifle. I always thought that was a hoot.

Correction: The Aliens contorted their bodies to able to fit into the ceiling space, which was naturally quite small relative to the Aliens's overall size. Given their limited exposure to the creatures up to that point, it's not surprising that the Marines would have failed to anticipate this. Even Ripley's exposure to the single Alien aboard the Nostromo in the first film was not so extensive that she would necessarily have thought of it either.


Corrected entry: When the marines and Ripley are inside the big car thing that they use on the planet, they are able to stand up quite comfortably. In that case, how are they taller than it when stood next to it on the outside?

Correction: The big car thing is called an APC. There is no point in the movie where anyone appears 'taller' than the APC itself. When the marines load up into it when they drop towards the planet, you see Apone slide the door open, and the APC is at the very least a foot and a half taller than him, probably more. When they get inside, they hunch over, and never once throughout the entire movie does any marine stand up comfortably in the APC, except for Vasquez, who is considerably smaller than everyone else.


Corrected entry: In the scene where everyone decides to leave and nuke the site from orbit, where was Bishop? He was last seen in the Med Lab studying one of the face-huggers. Yet he was nowhere to be found when everyone decided to leave, when everyone was outside, or when the ship crashed. Then, he's suddenly back saying that he'd check on Lt. Gorman and continue his research back in the Med Lab. Come to think of it, where was Lt. Gorman in all of this too? He was last seen getting knocked out-cold. Nobody was carrying him or helping him in any of those same scenes. Were they just going to leave him and Bishop in the Med Lab while they nuked the site from orbit?

Correction: Bishop was indeed in the med-lab. Since the APC was wrecked, they had no method of getting back to the complex safely. They had to wait for the dropship to pick them up, and then fly them over to the main complex building to pick up Bishop. And also, Hicks and Hudson are carrying the injured Gorman. You can see him quite on the stretcher that they are both carrying.


Corrected entry: When Ripley walks into the lab where the face huggers are, she lays her pulse rifle on the bed that Newt is under. Later on she looks through the window and the rifle is now on the other side of the glass outside the lab.

Correction: As we find out later, it was Burke who set them up to be impregnated by the facehuggers. No doubt he crept in and removed the gun from the room while Ripley and Newt slept before releasing the facehuggers in to the room.

Chimera Premium member

Corrected entry: As somebody has correctly pointed out in another submission, the hangar in the main spaceship is decompressing when the doors are open, and the draft from the escaping air is what causes the mother alien to loose grip on Ripley. How come therefore, when the doors are closed again, Ripley and Newt are able to breathe in the hangar? If all of the air inside the hangar was just expelled out of the airlock door, how come the hangar has air pressure? Admittedly, the hangar is very big, but the door is like 7 or 8 metres across, and the wind blowing is strong enough to push out the alien, so the amount of air lost in the time it is open for is massive.

Correction: While a substantial amount of air has escaped, most external views give the impression that the Sulaco is a huge vessel with an enormous volume of air on board - there is no reason to assume that the hanger is totally isolated from the rest of the ship. As such, even considering the amount that escapes, there would still be a reasonable enough pressure in the hanger once the doors have been closed, enough to breathe, anyway. Also, the ship would undoubtedly carry air reserves, which ought to be automatically released in the event of a serious drop in air pressure.

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Corrected entry: When the Alien bursts in through the window of the APC after rescuing the marines it clearly sprays red blood when it smashes the window, even though the Alien has yellowish acidic blood.

Correction: It's not red blood - the broken glass is reflecting red light from somewhere


Corrected entry: The marines are not allowed to fire in the reactor (which later explodes from damage caused by the APC with a 30 megaton blast), however it is described as a FUSION reactor. Fusion reactors do not cause nuclear explosions if they overheat. They can't. They just turn off.

Correction: Fusion reactors can be cooled by liquid hydrogen. If the coolant pipes are hit the highly flammable and explosive hydrogen will be released, along with radioactive tritium (no explosive value but contamination). Remember, these things are huge so we are talking about large amounts.


Corrected entry: Near the start, Burke gives his phone card to Ripley in her cabin, and his name is spelled "Bourke." But in the credits, his name is spelled "Burke."

Correction: On the card, it reads "Carter J. Burke." It's a bit hard to read because of the design of the card, but it does say Burke.


Corrected entry: When Michael Biehn's character reaches for Newt for the first time while she's cowering in the recess of the hallway, he cries out just before she bites him. (00:45:55)

Correction: We see Newt bite Hicks and it's not until the camera changes from Newt to Hicks do we hear him cry out. But by then, he's already bitten.


Corrected entry: If an alien creature comes from an implanted human, there would only be as many creatures as humans, but there are far too many aliens. Remember the tunnels with the automatic machine guns? Those guns, supposedly, killed hundreds of aliens.


Correction: The aliens were bred from the implanted inhabitants of the colony. There were plenty of them to supply the amount of aliens seen.


Corrected entry: When the marines are in the dropship and ready to go to the planet below, the couplers release and the ship literally drops from the Sulaco which is in a gentle orbit. The dropship should have continued to move with the Sulaco in orbit.

Correction: Assuming that the planet has the same gravity pull as our Earth, all that would be required for the dropship to appear to "drop down" would be for the Sulaco to give the it "a push" and/or the dropship to push back.


I think it's the dropship's own propulsion system which sends it plummeting at high speed towards the planet.

Corrected entry: Bishop's programming about "he is not allowed to harm, or by omission of action allowed to harm, a human being (paraphrased) is the same prime directive of the androids in Isaac Asimov's "Robot's of Dawn" series.

Correction: The rule is invented by Asimov, however it is a widely used rule by other writers/ filmmakers for robots in general, not for androids specific.


Corrected entry: One of the sets for Aliens was later re-used as the Axis Chemical plant in Batman.

Correction: Incorrect. When the crew for Batman went to Acton Power Station (closed down and used for filming), they found part of the old set from Aliens. They didn't actually use any part of that set, they simply found it.


Corrected entry: When Vasquez goes to weld the piece of pipe back in place part of it has already been welded. Look at the right of the screen. The piece has already been tack welded before she fires up the torch. (01:41:05)


Correction: It's not tack welding seen at the right, it's slag from the torch cutting.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Bishop "does the thing with the knife," it appears Ripley is sitting at the end of the table with the rest of the marines. She is watching the events with Bishop and Hudson. However when Bishop sits next to Ripley, she's at a different table and her back is to the other marines. Did I see this right?

Correction: Almost. Ripley has spun round 90 degrees to watch what is happening at the other end. Because the camera is low down it looks as if Ripley is at the same table. In some shots you can see her legs however, indicating she has just swivelled round on her stool.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when Reidecker is discussing Newt's parents' prospecting claim with Al, he refers to them as "a mom and pop survey team" as if he did not know who they actually were by name. However, this remote colony had only 158 members, so they would have all known each other very well.

Correction: He's describing the team. Saying "a Bob and Shirley survey team" doesn't make any sense.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the final rescue of Newt, Ripley wisely uses flamethrower bursts to make sure the small hallways are clear of aliens. However in all other scenes involving the Incinerators they leave a flaming wash behind that continues to burn for a while (ex. the APC rescue). Obviously the director couldn't have Ripley wait around for the wash to die down so the bursts burn clean.

Correction: Flamethrowers use a pressurized liquid that sprays out and ignites. In every other scene, the flamer was sprayed directly ON something (like Frost or the APC). Ripley fires it straight down the tunnel to flush out any hiding aliens, so it has nothing to cling to.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Spunkmeyer is loading a weapon into the ship he lifts it up to the ship with the walking forklift. As it is pulled into the ship we see strings holding up the back end of the weapon to keep it level. These strings were not there as he carried the weapon. (00:36:30)


Correction: Not so. The cables are being used by the guys in the background that are guiding a large, black object that is suspended from heavy cables, going from left to right in the distance.


Corrected entry: When Vasquez cuts a hole in the pipe for Bishop to up link with the mother ship to get the other landing plane, the plate from the pipe falls in to the hole. When Bishop is in the pipe, Vasquez and Ripley place the cut out piece back on the hole to weld it in place. The cut out piece is smaller than the hole. It was cut out from the pipe and should not fit over the hole without falling through. (01:40:20)


Correction: They probably just did the very common thing of turning the plate around so the left side was welded to the right side of the hole etc. It wouldn't fall through that way as Vazquez obvioulsy didn't cut a perfectly shaped piece of metal.


Corrected entry: In the first encounter with the alien queen Ripley ignites the eggs, unloads the pulse rifle, and then throws her ammunition harness and grenades into the fire for good measure. However, when they get to the elevator the harness is back on without any grenades.

Correction: This is untrue. Ripley clips on a harness first, then she just puts a bandola of grenades over her neck/one shoulder. Then at the end she just throws the bandola into the flames. The harness remains on throughout.

Soylent Purple

Continuity mistake: When the Marines first enter the reactor room, the "Mission Time" readout on the shoulder mounted cameras jumps backwards and forwards in time with every cut. (00:54:10)

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[The alien queen advances on Newt.]
Ripley: Get away from her you bitch!

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Trivia: To make the Aliens' blood smoke and burn, the SFX department came up with an idea to put two separate chemicals side by side in bags inside the Alien puppets, on top of the explosives. When the two chemicals mixed together, it created a nasty, acidic burning affect.

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Question: What ever happens to the female doctor that evaluates Newt? She evaluates Newt, says one line or so, then disappears forever.

William Bergquist

Chosen answer: Down in the tunnels, she is the soldier that says "Maybe they don't show up on infrared at all." and is then grabbed and hoisted to the ceiling by an Alien. Later, Hudson says "The Sarge and Deitrich (the female medic) aren't dead. Their signs are real low but they ain't dead." So she was cocooned and played host for new aliens.

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